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  1. Yesterday
  2. TL;DR - Add configuration open to make the networks behave more realistically, allowing for network traffic to be sniffed. There's not much more to be said here. Add the ability, in configuration at least, to make all packets sniffable. So they behave more like real packets, instead of magically reaching only their intended target and nobody else. In your code listening for network events, you'd just need to check if the target address matched your modem's address. Or maybe add this feature by default to the network library, that you can enable or disable. Preferably, this would include all ports, or at least an open to sniff all ports. It would add some additional challenge for servers, and give the data card more of a use (encryption and decryption). It would also allow for routers to easily sniff traffic, to route it, without it necessarily needing to be the target.
  3. Last week
  4. Hi, So I'm trying to make a simple p2p(?) chat client and i got a weird bug. When I'm writing the messages appear below but when i hit backspace while something is typed all messages disappear. Then next messages are written below the deleted space. Why is this happening and how can i fix it? Code: https://pastebin.com/iPNymcP7 (engrish bad sorry)
  5. I'am having issues to install print3d-examples, I serach for this problem and I see in other forum that only change the config of the timeout form the opencomputers, but I dontknow where I change this, I serch but I dont find anything I need help please
  6. Well, it's only 10 months later than intended, but I finally got around to improving the FRequest daemon. It now uses OpenOS threads, reducing system load, and supports being used as a HTTP(S) proxy. To enable acting as a proxy: Update frequestd via oppm: oppm update all Reboot your server Change iproxy=false to iproxy=true in /etc/fserv.cfg Restart FRequestd: rc fserv restart
  7. Earlier
  8. So, I have been trying to find somebody who's implemented a filesystem for the unmanaged drives. I know what you must be thinking, just use the managed drive then, I'm legit doing what a managed drive does. However, for a few projects, I've wanted or needed an unmanaged filesystem. One example, is an expanded raid with minimal overhead. The simplest sort of raid, just glue all the drives together in one long linear addressable space. That parts easy, just check what section the pointer is on, and forward the operations to the proper disk. The issue is, they require that they be unmanaged, otherwise the "glue" doesn't work. Has anybody seen, or maybe is working on, an implementation of a filesystem for unmanaged drives. I searched here and elsewhere, but couldn't find anything. I'm also terrible at understanding filesystems myself, otherwise I would try and implement this. Thanks for any information you can provide me.
  9. No. Use Optional in 1.12.2 and before. OC needs a major rework for 1.14+.
  10. Hi, I'm trying to implement Environment on my TileEntity and all I'm getting without OpenComputers installed is java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: li/cil/oc/api/network/Environment Is there more modern way of handling this, as for .1.14 Optional is being removed? For ex. capabilities? The docs on the API are 6 years old...
  11. we don't have any bold, italic, underlined formatting in OC - sorry
  12. It's probably showing the built-in 64KB temporary filesystem. See what mount and df say, and whether that address matches computer.tmpAddress().
  13. Thanks for the offer, I think I've got it working properly now (see my edit on the bottom of the OP). If it ends up being an issue again I may call for help
  14. About I recently made a simple DNS system and library for use with standard networking tools. It allows you to contact a server (that you know the address of) and look up other addresses by arbitrary names. For example. I want to make a server for something (eg a chat room) but I don't want people to have to tell their friends the really long address of my server for them to be able to connect. I can create a DNS at the DNS server and people can connect to something easier to remember than a UUID: eg. "mycoolchatroom" or "Codian's Chatroom". Requirements A Network Card is required for both the server and the library. It does not have to be wireless, though it is strongly recommended. An Internet Card is required for installation via pastebin. Installation - I want to host a server: Run the following command to download the DNS Server into your current working directory. pastebin get U9ZSdG77 dnsserver.lua To configure it, edit the file and change the variables as needed. Append any DNS addresses you want to the table "dnsdb". (The file is commented to make it easier to find.) Installation - I want to install the library to use with my programs: Run the following command to download the DNS Server into /lib/ and allow importing via require() pastebin get WqXQFchC /lib/dns.lua After you do this, you can import the DNS libary in your code. Here is an example program: local dns = require('dns') -- import the libary dns.setAddress('4d2e4c6c-b70b-42b0-85db-d3ea1b27b3c0') -- sets the DNS server address dns.setPort(42069) -- sets the DNS server port, the default is 42069 reply = dns.lookup('tutorial') -- look up a dns, in this case "tutorial" points to some address -- will return nil if there is no address corresponding to that dns -- will return false if the DNS server could not be reached -- will return string that contains the address for that DNS if everything went right if reply == nil then print("Couldn't find that address.") elseif reply == false then print("Couldn't connect to DNS server.") else print("DNS Found! " .. reply) end Hope you like it!
  15. So, here's the gist of what I'm doing. I want to read all of the filesystems, and have written this bit of code. (The computer.address comes into play in a moment.) for a,n in component.list("filesystem", false) do pri(0,0,a) end pri(0,0,computer.address()) Pri just happens to be what I named my print command, past outputting on the screen it has no bearing on my code. My computer is simple enough, creative case that houses all tier 1 parts and no hard drive. And that's where the problem comes. So, of course it reports back the floppy disk it's reading from(145), and reports back the computer's address(cd9), but it also reports something before the floppy disk, 8a8cec5-3ebf-4b81-b78e-caf4a4c3f767. Its placement is always random too although that might just be how the filesystem API works rather than anything to do with it. And if I add a hard drive(hypothetically, 638), it properly reports 638 but still has 8a8cec5 in that list. And that's not even the computer address like I initially thought! It doesn't match any components really, but the computer address is cd9, which is definitely different from 8a8. I'm very confused and this frustrates me since this program revolves around you being able to pick a filesystem to use. Does anyone know what is causing this?
  16. i have no idea how to program but i think this is a easy (not for me) thing to do and its a robot that mines 2 block high and checks for diamonds and stops if it finds any and goes back to its charger
  17. I regularly work with MySQL databases. Mainly I operate with self-written Perl scripts on them. If I could help in any way, I would be happy to do so.
  18. maybe make it so you can put custom pictures as your back ground i have a family picture cuz we all play minecraft and want a custom picture for the background that would be awesome :)
  19. Just a heads up, this is going to be a bit of a long post with a bit of technical information mixed in. Forum access over the past few days You may have tried to access the forums over the last few days (13th - 15th of January, 2020) and been met with a message that read something like "Forums are currently offline due to database corruption". Whilst the forums are now back up again, the database corruption is still here. I'll get into the specifics in a bit but first a bit of context: Context: Over the period of the last month, I have been migrating to a new (and cheaper) dedicated server. The forums' files were moved over last weekend but they've been pointing at my database cluster for the past few weeks. Unfortunately, what wasn't apparent to me at the time (and I only realised it yesterday), is that the OC Forums' Database has a mix of InnoDB tables (good, they can replicate) and MyISAM tables (bad, they don't replicate). This has resulted in the database servers printing to their respective consoles, that various tables within the Forum's database are marked as crashed and should be repaired. After a while (or a few requests to the same table, I'm not entirely sure what causes it), it also causes the node that was being accessed to completely crash out, resulting in cutting off anything else that also happened to be using that node at the time. I've limited the forums to one node so the impact is lessened, but it still takes some time when Systemd restarts the downed node and gets it re-synced with the surviving node. I've also tried repairing the tables using various mysqlcheck commands, which didn't succeed. I found an option in the config to use "InnoDB" as the table storage method, but any combination of activating that and converting the MyISAM tables to InnoDB ones just ends up in either more crashes or stuff not even loading at all. Nothing I have tried is getting it back to how it was before all my migrations started a month ago. I do have some backups, but they're either from over a month ago, or already contain the corruption. Going forward, there'll be daily snapshots of the database nodes, but that doesn't help fix things retroactively sadly. What's the TL;DR? As it stands right now, the databases are corrupted and the frequency of the crashes is only going to get worse. One of the tasks that is currently "stuck" (and trying to manually run kills the database) is the cache clearing process. The table it accesses is a MyISAM-backed one. With no way to convert the tables or fix the corruption and the only way to "back up" the data of the forum is to take a snapshot of the (corrupted) database, there isn't a lot of options to be able to do a backup-wipe-and-reload whilst keeping all the data. Future plans and fixes To those of you who have been giving some domains towards the license costs, Thank you! They are a good help. The amount on the sidebar is currently a little off because trying to update the value end up killing the Database node, which is what alerted me to this issue in the first place (it doesn't auto-update annoyingly). So what's the plan? Right now? I honestly don't know. I'm contemplating switching to a different forum software, preferably something free/open source. But moving all the topics, discussions and userdata over is going to be a pain, even more so when the database is in a fragile state. I was looking into seeing if I could get the Wayback Machine to snapshot the entirety of the forums, but their site for snap-shotting everything confused me. (If you know more about this, please @Lizzian me on either the Discord guild or IRC). AFAIK the Wayback Machine allows you to snapshot single pages, so if you want to snapshot random pages/threads, please do. I'll be leaving this topic open for replies (if permissions allow you to reply, I don't know if you can and the database might die again if I try to look), so if you have any questions either reply to this thread or poke me on IRC/Discord. In writing all of the above, the database node that the forums is pointing to has died a total of 5 times so far and even made the container that the node was running in crash. Edit as of 24th of January: I think I have possibly fixed some of the issues? The cache table (which was at a whopping 18GB or so when I was trying to fiddle with stuff last week) has now been manually cleared out. Had to do that 2k rows at a time or the mysql client and server got killed for exceeding the container's allocated RAM amount. The tasks are now running smoothly and so far (it's only been 10 minutes since i did it) there have been no errors in the console! Update as-of 24th of February: Okay, I thought the data was stable but it turns out that it's not. Some posts got lost randomly and I have no idea why. I will be looking into proper solutions now rather than the just-hope-it-fixes-itself approach. I aim to carry over all the topic data I can (posts and such), though user profiles and rankings might not make it. If you want to ask me any questions, poke me on IRC or Discord (preferably in the #oc chat rooms so i don't end up constantly repeating myself for everyone) I've just re-read some of the options with regards to the scheduled tasks that run. From what I can tell, there wasn't enough logged-in users browsing the forums so the "cache" tables ended up filling faster than the cleaning tasks could clear them out. eventually resulting in a table that was too large for the DB nodes to load into memory and then getting killed by the kernel for exceeding their allocated RAM amount. I've now got a cron job set up to run every minute that does the tasks (instead of it being when a logged-in user visits) so I will see how that goes. If it still doesn't fix things then I'll just give up on trying to keep this software going and instead look for another solution.
  20. There is a program for this Click here
  21. A list of mods that aren't hosted on CF that are allowed to be used in CF packs.
  22. Make sure to change password and test side it goes 1-6. All you should need is a redstone card local component=require("component") --references all connected components local r=component.redstone --Choose redstone from components list local gpu=component.gpu --Choose gpu from components local term=require("term") --References terminal commands ---- config section local password="1234" local delay=5 --time the door stays open local side=5 --side of the door, test this ----- local wrong=false while true do term.clear() --Clear screen gpu.set(1,1,"Please enter the password") if wrong then gpu.set(1,1,"Password was wrong, try again") wrong=false end term.setCursor(1,2) local input=io.read() --wait for user input if input==password then r.setOutput(side,15) -- check if this is the correct function os.sleep(delay) r.setOutput(side,0) -- same here else wrong=true end end
  23. How would one go about formatting text in OC, like bold, italic, underline, et al.? (sorry i just had to do that formatting)
  24. I wanted to make a window and I've been scrolling around. I found some stuff related to the term API, but I can't wrap my head around it. How would you use it?
  25. My microcontroller keeps giving me the error bad argument #1 (string expected got nil) What did I do wrong? Everything seems ok https://pastebin.com/x29Bgig
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