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Found 9 results

  1. I want the computer to connect to my flask server on the same computer, but an error occurs after the command r=internet.request('') print(r()) address is blacklisted Did I did anything wrong, or I need to do something else?
  2. I need a redstone program that runs for 20 seconds and stays off for 25 seconds. P.s i'm new with programming
  3. So i started messing about with the internet card, i can get onto google just fine as long as i use http with port 80. But when i try to use anything with a https and port 443 i can't get anything. I keep getting an invalid port or url address. Im pretty sure my address is right but i think my port might be wrong
  4. It seems completely funny but I am actually trying to get through this for the last 2 days: I try to access weather data through the OpenWeatherMap.org API wich seems to work fine with internet.request(url). The problem is just that it returns me the JSON as a table instead of a String. I tried to access fields of that table but everything seems to return nil. I just can't get to access anything from that table. There are tons of JSON serialization librarys out there but they all need the JSON as a String. I am completely lost rn. This is the API response that gets stored as a t
  5. Hi! So, I've set up a tier one computer with all components and installed the OS. i have three monitorblocks as one 1 high and 3 wide screen. How would I do to have something like this: -STATIC TEXT- -sideways scrolling text- or if much easier, just the scrolling text. hugs and kisses
  6. hello, I have been having some issues with creating a functional tree farm using a robot, and i was wondering if anyone was able to lend me a hand and help me try to work this out or create a program for me. i want it to place a sapling then detect when the tree has grown and start to remove the logs once it gets to the top place a sapling since there is no longer one there and wait for the tree to grow again. there is no need for it to remove all the leaves as i have a collection method in place already for this and large trees wont happen as i have blocks above it to prevent huge
  7. Description: I am writing a program to automatically control an iris from sgcraft and as such I am opening and closing the same port alot within the same program. Function: I would like to be able to define ports at the top of the program and have it populate through. For example instead of: local c = require("component") local e = reuire("event") local m = c.modem m.open(123) m.broadcast(123, "HI!") m.close(123) It would be great if we could go like this: local c = require("component") local e = reuire("event")
  8. Given how minecraft has turned into a factory simulator, I'm surprised this isn't already a thing. I mean PLCs are how most factories are automated, and in my current modpack I have disabled all item pipes, so everything is minecarts. I'm currently flooded in scripts for controlling the sorting, routing, and general movement of minecarts and items. Most of my scripts are just a bunch of simple if then statements, and I feel like a PLC would be better suited. Sorry if my word flow seems chaotic, I'm tired and just wanted to make this request before I forget. Thanks for OpenComputers btw, It's a
  9. Hello, I was thinking how useful it would be to be able to have multiple network cards in a computer and to be able to isolate their communication to a side of the computer. This would of course not be possible on servers, but would be nice else where. Thanks, Trevor
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