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  1. Thanks Brisingr that worked like a charm. Can you help with the addressing part as well I cant seem to get it to recognize the dial command thanks
  2. Hi all I am trying to write a program to control sgcraft gates and am having some trouble with the server side of things heres what I have so far: ########################################################################## local c = require("component") local e = require("event") local m = c.modem local s = c.stargate local computer = require("computer") () m.open(20) m.broadcast(20, "Online.") local _, _, f1, port, _, message1 = e.pull("modem_message") if message1 == "s.dial('s.localAddress()')" then m.send(f1, 20, io.stderr:write("Canno
  3. cant answer your first question but I can the second one if you edit the opencomputers files in the .minecraft directory on your pc then go into the game and REMOVE the Hard Drive/Floppy disk that you edited outside of minecraft and then put it back in remember to close the GUI in between it should reread the folder associated with it and your files will be there. I did this yesterday I moved some files from one computer in one world to another in another world. Had to disassemble my creative tablet though because that was what I was editing. Check your local app store on your phone for an app
  4. What you are looking for would go a little like this: local t = require("term") local pass = "12345" if text.trim(t.read({}, {}, {}, "*") == pass then ###code goes here### else ###more code here### end this came from elsewhere and I have not had a chance to test it as I am at work but putting this at the top of your code local e = require("event") e.shouldInterrupt = function() return false end should prevent a ctrl+alt+c interrupt
  5. It's not each and every time I send a message it is at certain points in the code. Here is the program I have:
  6. Description: I am writing a program to automatically control an iris from sgcraft and as such I am opening and closing the same port alot within the same program. Function: I would like to be able to define ports at the top of the program and have it populate through. For example instead of: local c = require("component") local e = reuire("event") local m = c.modem m.open(123) m.broadcast(123, "HI!") m.close(123) It would be great if we could go like this: local c = require("component") local e = reuire("event")
  7. try this c = require("component") e = require("event") t = require("term") local m = c.modem s = c.getPrimary("stargate") t.clear() while true do print(e.pull("sgDialIn")) print("Incoming Wormhole") print("Closing Iris") s.closeIris() m.open(420) --- Choose whatever port you want print("Channel Open") e.pull("sgStargateStateChange") print("Awaiting Signal") m.broadcast(420, "Awaiting Signal.") local _, _, from, port, _, message = e.pull("modem_message") if message == "12345" then --- choose whatever password you want print("Code Accpeted, Opening Iris") s.openIris() os.sleep(2)
  8. when changing the code to include the quotes around the idles the reactor doesn't even turn on
  9. thank you I'll give it a try when I get home and let you know
  10. I'm trying to write a program that checks the power in my Stargate and it's state (connected, idle, etc...) and then turn my reactor on and of accordingly. It works for the power portion but does not seem to care about the of the gate. I also have a config file that is working I'm including it in case anybody notices something wrong with it. here are the codes: config file: c = require("component") e = require("event") ---here in case I choose to write other progams r = c.getPrimary("br_reactor") s = c.getPrimary("stargate") t = require("term") ---here in case I choose to write o
  11. Hi I'm trying to use a Drone as a M.A.L.P. (Mobile Analytic Laboratory Probe) and my problem is that even if i set the drone.move command to stop at the event horizon it goes through the gate, (which is good), but then it tries to immediately go to the point directly behind the sending gate, (which is not so good). How to I tell the drone to stop moving altogether so that it stops on the other side of the gate?
  12. yea im a new member too i just used the edit feature
  13. hi i'm looking to create and run a program that will automatically close the iris when a connection comes into the gate (figured that out) then open it with a message (got that too). the part hat is confuseing me however is how do I filter it so that the program is only looking at what was typed to be sent. e.g. if the code was 12345 how do i get it to read that instead of reading sgMessageReceived "souceaddress" 12345? Code so far: component = require("component") event = require("event") sg = component.proxy("...") --- deliberately put the three dots here as it changes event.p
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