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  1. This is a working clone of Super Mario Bros. (with some missing features ). It was made thanks to the VRAM buffers feature (only available in experimental builds), the game runs quite smoothly and uses the Computronics Sound Card to play music on the same computer. It loads sprites from .bmp files, levels from Tiled (a free level editor) .json file and music is in some custom format that can be converted from MIDI files. This makes the game quite easily moddable. Source code
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  2. Sorry for my English, im just Russian. http://codepen.io/Krutoy242/full/xGOgJG/ This converter allows you to open .vox files from awesome MagicaVoxel program and convert them to format for print3d program. Usage Download and open MagicaVoxel. Make model of your dreams. Save it. Open file in my converter written on JavaScript, and it will instantly generate chunks from model and show result, ready to copy-past in OC file for printing. Converter have options: Split to states will split your model in two by X coor
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