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  1. This is a working clone of Super Mario Bros. (with some missing features ). It was made thanks to the VRAM buffers feature (only available in experimental builds), the game runs quite smoothly and uses the Computronics Sound Card to play music on the same computer. It loads sprites from .bmp files, levels from Tiled (a free level editor) .json file and music is in some custom format that can be converted from MIDI files. This makes the game quite easily moddable. Source code
    4 points
  2. What's Netcoin? NetCoin is a cryptocurrency designed for OpenComputers, a Minecraft mod that adds computers in the game. It follows Bitcoin's original philosophy: a completely decentralized network of nodes, each one maintaining a ledger with everyone's transactions, grouped into blocks that miners need to create solving the proof-of-work (PoW). What's the crypto behind it? It uses Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm (ECDSA) to sign transactions and SHA-256 as a PoW. Cryptographic functions are not implemented by software, but OpenComputers provides a component (Data Card) that provide
    2 points
  3. Hi all! I mentioned this in IRC but realized I should probably post it here as well. I made a new architecture that runs WebAssembly. It’s available here on CurseForge.
    2 points
  4. Hey, sorry for the radio silence - at some point i stopped getting notifications when someone posts here I have just pushed an update that should fix a lot of issues with 1.12.2 (better late than never). It also fixes a bug that messed with the calibration itself (it should actually be accurate now). Now to answer some questions It is not possible to have the GUI displayed on multiple monitors. Output only works to one monitor. I also can't hack that in reliably because there's not enough in-game CPU cycles to draw the GUI twice without flickering and run the contro
    1 point
  5. In September of 2021 I started investigating what it would take to write a LuaPosix compatibility layer for the original ULOS. While it is indeed possible, ULOS's Cynosure kernel simply wasn't designed around that sort of API—it would at best have required a large amount of work and been difficult to accurately reproduce LuaPosix's behavior. There were also a few idiosyncrasies with the system as a whole, and it doesn't work on 256KB of memory, which is unfortunate. Cynosure 2 is my answer to this problem. Its features include, but are not limited to: - Fully pre-emptive multitas
    1 point
  6. A relay system with multiple nodes (like Factorio Roboports) would probably work well. They could take in packages and sort them to send to other nodes.
    1 point
  7. PlotOS What started as a small test, is now a big project! How it all started It all started by me being bored in 2019, and trying to make a small OS. I had been always amazed by MineOS, Fuchas, and all the other great OSes out there! At first, I have tried making something that can just boot. After half a hour, it booted! But, it didn't do anything, it just waited for events, and displayed them. Then, I decided that it wasn't enough for me! So, I started making an actual shell. I have decided to copy as little as possible from OpenOS, and make my own of almost everything! After
    1 point
  8. uncpio is a rather simple binary CPIO extractor (File begins with 0x71C7 or 0xC771, made with cpio -oHbin). To acquire uncpio, run pastebin get YbrVjRwa /bin/uncpio.lua To use, make the directory you'll be extracting your CPIO archive to, cd into it, then run uncpio path/to/your/file.cpio And it will extract to the current directory. Currently only works in OpenOS, as far as I know.
    1 point
  9. Currently, the installer doesn't work and generates an empty file, along with an error message that is shown in the attached image. Maybe the installer works fine for everyone else, but at least for me, it's broken ---EDIT--- I have 256 MEGABYTES of RAM in my computer And i have the latest version of the mod I have 2x computronics magical memory with the config with a max limit to about 256 megabytes, in a creative mode case and a creative mode accelerated processing unit, with a tier 3 HDD, an internet card, a wireless card and a computronics sound card I also ha
    1 point
  10. asie

    Introducing "Lunatic"

    No spoiler in the title. Just watch the video. EDIT: Apparently someone's ComputerCraft fork is more findable on Google than the original OpenComputers repository, so here's the official source code: https://github.com/asiekierka/lunatic86
    1 point
  11. Hi @MaSch An OpenComputers program should never be able to crash your server. Lets do a quick breakdown. Here's your stacktrace: Description: Exception in server tick loop java.util.ConcurrentModificationException at java.util.HashMap$HashIterator.nextNode(Unknown Source) at java.util.HashMap$KeyIterator.next(Unknown Source) at java.util.AbstractCollection.toArray(Unknown Source) at com.google.common.collect.ImmutableSet.copyOf(ImmutableSet.java:374) at elec332.core.grid.internal.GridEventInputHandler.tickEnd(GridEventInputHandler.java:91) at elec332.core.grid.interna
    1 point
  12. Sorry for my English, im just Russian. http://codepen.io/Krutoy242/full/xGOgJG/ This converter allows you to open .vox files from awesome MagicaVoxel program and convert them to format for print3d program. Usage Download and open MagicaVoxel. Make model of your dreams. Save it. Open file in my converter written on JavaScript, and it will instantly generate chunks from model and show result, ready to copy-past in OC file for printing. Converter have options: Split to states will split your model in two by X coor
    1 point
  13. Thanks, that fits with the results I get with my testing! Here's a color table reference that I kinda... over-did (as is my way); it's indexed and includes the 240 main colors plus the 16 greys. Definitely a good resource for anyone who wants to plan color schemes in an image editor before coding them in (feel free to add it to the wiki or wherever, if you like; I happily cede it to you in delayed payment for adding remote component access to the debug card): Yes, if you change the color palette, anything you've drawn in that color will change to the new color. (It's actually
    1 point
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