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  1. Unfortunately I haven't worked on it in almost 2 years. I have a future editor planned but I also have a busy schedule. I understand this is a really nice thing to have and I'd love to continue it, I just don't have the time or motivation at the moment. Feel free to use it in its current state though, or modify/improve it!
  2. After running that command you should be able to just run `shedit <file>` and be brought to the editor, just like `edit`.
  3. That's certainly not right. It says right in the usage "pastebin get <id> <file>". Are you sure your install isn't messed up?
  4. I would, but I have a long list of features I'd like to add. AST generation would be nice, but first I'd like to do some other stuff. Sorry I haven't gotten around to it yet!
  5. Okay, thank you! I searched everywhere for some sort of double buffering API, but couldn't find it on the forums. I'll be sure to check it out
  6. I'm working on a new text editor (from scratch) that will do syntax highlighting on Lua code. I have a proper lexer all ready to go and I'm ready to start on the actual application, but I don't want to skimp on one of the best features: syntax highlighting! I'm looking for a quick and efficient way of drawing syntax highlighting, aka multicolored text. I'm not sure if there's anything more efficient than gpu.setForeground then gpu.set repeatedly, but if there is, I'd like to know! And if there isn't, I'd also like to know.
  7. Thanks, I'm actually planning on recreating it from scratch soon! ;3
  8. The GPU does have a tough life. Very tough life. 3/10 IGN. you would get rid of tabs? How rude! Tabs are people too, you know! /s
  9. Molinko's solution is simpler, probably faster, and probably also more efficient. Just saying.
  10. It's "Lua", not "LUA". To read an entire file, use something like this: To split it into lines (I could probably do this better with patterns, but it works): And, looking at PIL, there's a function called table.remove. "The table.remove function removes (and returns) an element from a given position in an array, moving down other elements to close space and decrementing the size of the array." So just call table.remove(lines, 1). That should get you every line from 2 onwards. You should know how to do the rest. Molinko's solution is simpler, probab
  11. Feel free, just make sure to give me credit if you base it off of my code!
  12. To install: pastebin get 3up32qD5 /bin/tellraw.lua This is my tellraw program, which can be used in combination with the debug card to make Result: You may ask, how does the program work? It's pretty simple and easy, really. Whatever you type will be inserted into the text input. Even keys like tab and enter insert their respective characters (represented in the text box as small symbols like ). You can change the color by clicking on one of the 16 colors. The arrow points to the currently selected color. The quit button does just that, and the run button broadcasts th
  13. I prefer working with tabs. Tab character support is on my to-do list. It'll (probably....) be implemented soon. For now, I just use Atom, an unlisted pastebin, and pastebin run to develop ShEdit
  14. If you're going to be rewriting it, my honest feedback would be I prefer the original Monokai colors, your editor looks like the colors are close enough but not quite
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