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  1. To be honest I actually just screenshotted my editor and colorpicked hahahahha There's the issue with having to change the palette if you want the exact color, though.
  2. I wasn't really trying to mimic it, it happened to be the scheme I was using so I just nabbed most (all?) of the colors from it. I'm rewriting it all now though, so I'm going to add it in.
  3. I guess that there's competition now... Time to polish my editor, I'll be taking inspiration from your code
  4. A modified version of edit.lua that I made for personal use. It has syntax highlighting and when you open a file you can specify which line to jump to. It has a few issues where it misses cases, but generally works quite well. The colors are easily modifiable near the top of the file. I don't think it has any breaking bugs right now. A bit performance heavy perhaps, but that's it. Download: pastebin get LYy2u6HL edit.lua link
  5. I'm taking into account the max resolution based on the screens as well, not sure were you think I should use that instead of something else? The current resolution doesn't matter much since I'm setting the resolution anyways. If you mean that I should use it instead of monitor.getResolutionFromTier, I guess I should've named it getMaxResolutionFromTier cuz that's what it does Forgot to say that monitor.fill() would be what you'd use to fill the screen but maybe you got that Edit: I forgot that gpu.maxResolution() returns the lowest of the two. A bunch of the code
  6. I can get my robot to craft a recipe once, then it can't craft that recipe anymore. It's on a creative singleplayer server, I tried restarting it and I also tried destroying it and placing it again. Is this a (known even?) bug, or am I missing something? I tried searching for it here and on github.
  7. I gave this a whirl and it proved to be a bit more challenging than I thought it would be, and I'm not really content with it. It works to a certain degree, works better for some ratios than others and whatnot. I couldn't seem to find an algorithm that would work properly. https://pastebin.com/Wq60vHuy I tested with all tier screens and a tier 3 graphics card. It should work with tier 1 and 2 graphics cards as well. You can run monitor.test() and break/add some screens to see it in action. If there's any code you're wondering about, feel free to ask Edit: It feels like it s
  8. I copypasted your code and tried it, seems to work for me on OpenComputers-MC1.12.1-
  9. What do you mean by interrupt? That they block execution of code, that they eventually die, or something else? If you could show the code you used to test to show what you mean that'd be spiffing.
  10. As you can see in the second image, the block isn't really 2 blocks straight above the computer. This is because the getX/Y/Z functions return the computer's block position + 0.5 for some reason. Just saying that in case you didn't know, because I definitely didn't I hope I could help.
  11. Is there currently a way of getting the tier of a component?
  12. Thank you, it worked! I will probably create a modified version of OC's HTTPRequest later on because of the huge delay since it's for an interface, but definitely a great help, thanks again.
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