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Found 6 results

  1. I've started making my own libraries for doing certain tedious tasks, and I've considered putting them onto GitHub, but I am not sure if it could be possible to get files from a repository in OpenComputers. Is such a request possible? If so, are there preexisting programs to do so, or will I have to write one?
  2. Hello i am currently trying to download files from github (and yes i know about wget) and i need to know if they exist or not (making a list of all existing files is not feasible, because there is not enough space on the disk for the list). I tried multiple things: 1. wget and filesystem.size always gave a length of 0 even for existing files 2. copying wget in my own program and setting a flag if there is a chunk works ... but not with every file (all files that exist have the same structure and length) and i need all of the existing ones them Now i tried to do it myse
  3. My first big program. It shows: -a randomized message (requested from my HTTP server, and fortune on the server side), -Computer address, used/free/all RAM, energy levels, uptime, filesystem for booting, whether the computer can do HTTP requests, -List of components available Thanks to CptMercury and payonel for some parts of the code. I will make it available through OPPM soon, but for now you will need to get it through GitHub: https://github.com/AugiteSoul/AugiteOpenComputers/blob/master/systeminfo/systeminfo.lua Feel free to send some feedback, positive or not
  4. Ever find setting up a network of computers to be a hassle? Too much distance between them? Perhaps you want to secure your communications against would-be hackers on the server, or be able to communicate with your friends/computers on another server, for that matter. Introducing MCMessaging! A full-blown solution to sending messages to other OpenComputers (ComputerCraft coming soon) over the current internet. Why reinvent the wheel with these silly networks when we already have a massive infrastructure spanning outside of the game? Stop dealing with the knitty-gritty details
  5. Is there any way to send PUT and DELETE requests, or any mods that add this functionality?
  6. MPT - Minecraft Packaging Tool is another package manager goal of which is to simplify program development, and unify other package managers. WEB Interface: http://mpt.magik6k.net/ Installation: wget http://mpt.magik6k.net/api/file/mpt/usr/bin/mpt.lua /tmp/mpt.lua /tmp/mpt -S mpt rm /tmp/mpt.lua Usage: mpt -S package1 --Installs package with dependencies mpt -R package --Remove package mpt -u --Upgrade all packages mpt -v --More output mpt -h --help Web-IDE GitHub: https://github.com/magik6k/MPT2
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