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  3. A simple and compact code lock with a password that can contain digits from 1 to 9. 0 is used as the "enter" button. The length of the password can range from 1 to 255. Steps to use: 1. Arrange the modules in a comfortable configuration (lock the sides if necessary) 2. Set the constants 3. Upload the program to the execution module 4. Set the password Right-click to open the ROM interface In cell 0 set the password length Sequentially set each digit of the password Install the ROM into a casing block 5. To activate redstone, type t
  4. Fixed the link, the header link now redirects to the full url
  5. OC has a default address whitelist that prevents connection to the host the MC server/game is running on, so in situations where the MC server is also hosted on the same server as a database server, it can't be reached from OC. Look in the OC config, there's a setting in there that controls what's on the whitelist
  6. The sides that a pipe/AE2 IOBus is placed makes a difference as to what slots it can access. I believe to pull completed items you need to pull from the bottom of the assembler
  7. Ocelot Desktop is probably the thing you're after, very powerful "IDE" for a lot of OC stuff https://ocelot.fomalhaut.me/desktop
  8. The server you're playing on has most likely turned off OC's internet-connecting ability, which is what OPPM relies on to fetch packages and stuff. You'll need to either convince the owner to enable internet connectivity or manually copy-paste into the OpenOS edit program
  9. I did some digging, and commenting out lines 96 to 99 and lines 127 to 130 in RobotRenderer.scala solves the issue completely. No other graphical artifacts happens with these lines commented out. Not quite sure exactly what these lines accomplishes w.r.t. rendering or if they are doing anything important.
  10. Sounds neat! you should get a separate post for the project so more people can know about it as it appears to be useful for everyone and not just me
  11. When holding or viewing a robot placed in the world, the entire world becomes transparent, and a few other graphical glitches. Forge Only using OpenComputers-MC1.7.10-1.8.3 089dd28-universal No other mods. Logs: https://mclo.gs/U0iSU1j
  12. I have made a program that turns 2d images into 48x48, tricolor images, and then writes instructions on how to recreate them inside opencomputer's hologram projector. I wanted to move on to doing 3d images, using the full capabilities of the projector, but I'm not great at voxel art. If someone could point me to a website, forum, whatever, that has files which are 3 dimensional voxel arrays which I can use with my program to recreate as holograms, I would be very grateful. Thanks in advance!
  13. I got an error message saying that in the "component.inventory_controller.suckFromSlot(sides.front, 1, numList[i])" line "numList[i]" returned a nil value. I tried to code something similar in VS and it worked there. What did I miss or is it a bug in OpenComputers?
  14. Why smart cards? While there are addons that add cards like OpenSecurity they only hold the information to be later presented to a scanner. This is insufficient for application where protection of the stored data is required as with payment cards for example, where one can not guarantee the software running on the scanner is legitimate. So... in order to avoid getting your card details stolen, duplicated and used without your consent we need some zero-knowlede proof of our secret. This could potentially be done in the base game with tablets, datacard and a wireless, but I think a dedicate
  15. Hello, I'm totally newbie in OC and I started with some really simple scripts. I was playing with some api's provided on the official website and I tried to do my very first useful computer. What I mean is to have block analyzed on top of the Geolyzer every 2 seconds and if its ID is one of the among these on the table's, the redstone should be powered. I was trying to use analyze() callback, but I do not really know how to store block data in the table. For now, my code looks like this in attachment, and it outputs this:. I am not Lua expert anyway and still I'm training my s
  16. this programm is autoexiting after entering stargate name
  17. Here you go. https://github.com/ApelSoftCorp/LibGrapes Here's the documentation: https://github.com/IgorTimofeev/MineOS/wiki/GUI-API
  18. Hi, sorry for necroposting. I am currently working on porting the MineOS gui lib to openos (I already have a working version but I have several bugfixes to port), I'll keep you updated on the progress.
  19. Hi, whats the program to just convert addresses to cords? I don't need any of the other stuff lol
  20. Granted, but wishes no longer exist i wish minecraft mods worked for every version.
  21. Bruh this is possible to get a remote shell if a bad actor steals someones server ip.
  22. The bitcoin blockchain would never work in open computers. if you prove me wrong I will be surprised.
  23. Well, my survival world has literally no sheep I could find, and the nearest jungle (acc. to chunkbase.com) is 10km away.
  24. Granted, but you can no longer corrupt people's wishes. I wish for this command to be performed: Do not corrupt wishes
  25. I learned that robot cannot interact with external components. The problem has been solved, thanks.
  26. I want to set ME interface config by a robot, so it need a me_interface component, but it seems that puting an adjacent adapters do not work. By the way, how to use 'setInterfaceConfiguration', what's mean 'database:address'?
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