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  2. you could make an installer that pulls it from github
  3. Earlier
  4. This issue is likely caused because of a issue that was already discussed here are a few links: https://github.com/MightyPirates/OpenComputers/issues/3696 https://github.com/MightyPirates/OpenComputers/issues/3717 https://www.reddit.com/r/OpenComputers/comments/1d7xrsu/oppm_wont_install_even_with_network_card_inserted/ Because OC is on 1.12.2 and that Minecraft version uses Java 8 the cacerts file is outdated. This causes all TLS connections that depend on newer root certificates to fail. The Minecraft Launcher comes with it's own version of Java so would recommend inst
  5. Ohh, I forgot to mention, it will be on github as a zip folder which's contents you can add to a specified filesystem folder in your savegame
  6. it seems i cant install it
  7. .theros

    About ButtonAPI

    I might be a bit late to this, but you can look at how i did it, thought this has no actual "button", its just clickable text.
  8. I shall try my hardest to make it fancy and nice, however it will not be hosted on pastebin, it will be a manual download.
  9. Looks amazing! would like to see this become a thing.
  10. I have created a Mockup of a Potential Operating System for OpenComputers 1.8.x, this OS is based off of the SharePoint and DOS 5 styles. Here are some designs: If you would like to see this become a real OS in OC, please reply.
  11. I think it is modem now since modem_message wont parse on OC 1.8.x
  12. Do you guys have a discord server for players, I would love to find out more!
  13. Since raids are well, 3 drives anyway, you might do better just programming a bunch of servers to replicate the files across 3 drives and then stack a cubic ton of these serves and make up a datacenter.
  14. I want to add a laptop into opencomputers, which is basically a tablet you can put down and I want to add some new Components too with their own features. Where do I start?
  15. I think I uploaded Rough Diamond to my Github, however you will have to import it to a Floppy Disk yourself, I don't feel comfortable making a program that rips from pastebin for security. https://github.com/melanchol69/VEB-For-Banks/tree/VEB_For_Banks-V0.1.0-Rough_Diamond To install it, make a floppy disk in game, add a random file to it and save the file, then go back to the main menu. After that, open the world directory and find the address of the floppy disk under the oc folder, insert the contents of the zip folder into the disk and then go back into your world, change you
  16. Do you have an internet card?
  17. That's easy! Just take the hard disk in your hand and throw it against the ground shift-right click it. You will see the GUI which will allow you to wipe your disk. Also, you can run the command rm / -r , which will wipe all the files on all mounted writeable file storages. This goes without saying - be careful with this command.
  18. Note: main and bleeding-edge are now the same version.
  19. I just set up a tier2 computer case on my survival world and got everything inside, computer launches normally etc, but when i run the install oppm thing it just says "could not connect to the internet. Please ensure you have an internet connection. Unable to connect to the internet. " and then it says "package does not exist." I have not found anything on how to solve this and this does not even happen in oppm install tutorials ive watched, help please? I am on the Dungeons Dragons and Space Shuttles modpack on mc 1.12.2
  20. Notice - This relies on libraries provided in OpenOS. You must use OpenOS for this to work.
  21. I know this question is 2 years old, but still, if anyone else gets the same problem (and since the wiki says almost nothing about it), hopefully this will be helpful. The reason is obstructions. When sending a wireless message, OC checks a random line in a 3x3 tunnel between the source and destination. It then takes a few (inverse root of the gap) random coordinates inside that line and checks if there's a block there, summing their hardness. Then it spreads that hardness evenly across the entire distance, sums it, and subtracts that sum from the signal's strength. For example, say
  22. Have you ever wanted to have an easier experience using your computer? Is MineOS too laggy and OpenOS mayhaps a little too confusing? Introducing TherOS, a minimal (operating system/environment?) that provides basic tools to do what you want. These tools include: A graphical file manager with basic file management and creation abilities A program installer (can install from pastebin or github/literally any website ig) A simple and easy-to-use installer A terminal that can be used to run whatever The OS currently has 2 versions, 1.0.1 and 1.0.0 or bleeding-edge
  23. Hello i am trying to find a program that can intergrate most things from enigmatica 2 exper like draconic evolution mekanism nuclear craft thermal enderIO actually addition and rf tools i wanted to know if there is a program like this because i dont know anything about lua and i am not sure how to create an open computers program that can intergrate everything i want into one
  24. Might have errors if so please comment them I might make a gui for it For this, you will need a linked card, tier 3, tier 2 tablet case Step 1 Place a tier 3 computer case step 2 set up the computer step 3 put a linked card and internet card in it step 4 connect the computer to fission controller step 5 type pastebin get FByuRNGd server.lua step 6 type server.lua or do edit /autorun.lua then type os.execute("/home/server.lua") Now for setting up the tablet get an assembler place a tier 2 tablet case in assembler put a linked card and inte
  25. 1.12.2 I wanted to make sure that the robot could dig out a chunk for resources from this chunk, that is, so that there would be enough of them. For this, I tried: 1) I tried to make a hammer out of Tinkers' Construct, but to fix it, an engineering station is needed, into which the robot cannot stuff objects, but sees the contents of the slots. At the same time, as I understand it, he cannot pick up the finished repaired item from the last slot. How can this be used? 2) I tried to give work to a mining drill with a charger from industrial craft, but the charger does not charge the dri
  26. Because I’m tired of installing a bunch of RAID blocks that also take up space, when there is a server rack in which it would be quite possible to insert something like this, for the sake of convenience and saving space around the PC or monitor. This idea seems pretty good to me
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