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  3. I tried to use the public/private key tutorial for the data card and on both files the deserialize key function throws the error bad argument #1 (string expected, got nil): Thanks for any help!
  4. Earlier
  5. Any ideas on how to setup authentication to increase the number of requests?
  6. You misspelled internet as "interenet" It's rather funny, but it breaks your code
  7. The pastebin command is not functional, please fix it, right now, you have to use wget, here's the wget command wget -f https://raw.githubusercontent.com/IgorTimofeev/MineOS/master/Installer/BIOS.lua /tmp/bios.lua && flash -q /tmp/bios.lua && reboot I'll link to the MineOS github here Suggestion: Better support for tier 2 screens and fix the pastebin
  8. Not possible with this library, unfortunately. Websockets are rather complicated, so a server is likely not possible.
  9. Oh! Great. How to use oc to open websocket instead of connecting as a client?
  10. That issue is because you have your CPU set to Lua 5.2. Take the CPU out of the computer and sneak-right-click with it in your hand to change it to Lua 5.3.
  11. Oh!It's so good.How to use oc to open websocket instead of connecting as a client?
  12. Kaos's last visit to the forums was in 2018, not sure of the status of this server. For now i will mark it as inactive in the topic title. Kaos you can change this if the server is indeed still up.
  13. Looking great, gotta make some apps for it, very DOS inspired, really feels like it would fit into a DOS system
  14. Currently, the installer doesn't work and generates an empty file, along with an error message that is shown in the attached image. Maybe the installer works fine for everyone else, but at least for me, it's broken ---EDIT--- I have 256 MEGABYTES of RAM in my computer And i have the latest version of the mod I have 2x computronics magical memory with the config with a max limit to about 256 megabytes, in a creative mode case and a creative mode accelerated processing unit, with a tier 3 HDD, an internet card, a wireless card and a computronics sound card I also ha
  15. First of al, very great program, using it for almost a week on my server without any issues, but would you think of any way to split your program over multiple monitors, that you display on one the detailed state of your reactor, and on the other the overview of turbines, running it twice hooked up to multiple displayed wasn´t working very well. Would be a great addition. Otherwise perfect program for my usage
  16. So I want a floppy disc to auto mount, then print a text and after 5 seconds to clear the whole screen. The problem is though, that the term.clear() command doesn't work and i don't know why. Can someone help me out? Heres the script: local fs = require("filesystem") local proxy = ... fs.mount(proxy, "/TWIS") print("TWIS successfully installed") term.clear()
  17. So I saw this post whilst trying to find a cool shop system, do you mind explaining the setup a bit more clearly? I cant seem to make it work on my world sadly
  18. Log


    Hey, I would also like to have a repository in the Open Programs organization. My nickname: zgyr
  19. You'll need to take the CPU out of your computer, shift-right click with it in hand to switch it to Lua 5.2 mode and then try again. The bit32 library isn't present in the (now default) Lua 5.3 Archetecture
  20. Guest

    The Guard - security system

    any chance support could be added for security doors?
  21. Guest

    Introducing "Lunatic"

    you can get the repository here; https://github.com/asiekierka/lunatic86 doesn't seem theres a way to install it using oppm as a package tho which kinda sucks. feel free to share if you figure out how
  22. It actually can fully work without OpenOS. Just insert an OpenOS diskette, run the pastebin command and reboot after installation
  23. Guest

    Hologram Editor

    im vary late but when i try i get this https://ibb.co/3WQyHKT
  24. Hi, I've noticed a bug where it doesn't update the server list automatically. My solution was to use a floppy disk and copy the data between computers, which is what I am still doing. You may also want to check if the computers are on the same network, as if they are not, it may cause some problems
  25. Guest

    Introducing "Lunatic"

    so asie your github is ducked like your github is broken no one can install lunatic
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