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  1. Today
  2. Sorry for the late reply, i got bored with minecraft but now i am rebuilding the OS from the ground up, i am gonna make a github repo for it.
  3. zccafa3

    Robot codes

    @Brob721 This is probably the wrong part of the forum for your question, which would be better suited to live in "Home > Code Central > Support > Programming". If you create a new topic over there, I will glady respond to your question. That way the topic and responses will live on (in the correct part of the forum) for anyone else's reference in the future.
  4. Last week
  5. I know an easy way to find out the hardness of a block at any distance in one scan. Accuracy 99.31% When move the robot a couple of blocks, the accuracy will be 100%.
  6. Earlier
  7. It looks like the problem come from the EEPROM, try crafting a new EEPROM (Lua BIOS) and put it inside, it's important to have the "(Lua BIOS)" in the item's name or else it won't work.
  8. I'm unable to get my server to boot anything. I've tried to use OpenOS disks and other methods such as installing MineOS on a secondary computer and then transferring the hard drive to this server, with no avail. Is this server just bugged out or what's happening?
  9. ok thatnks anyways i still woud like this program so dont close this
  10. Because you are a new member, without any approved posts.
  11. why does this have to be aproved
  12. i would like a simple program that is like a warning crash detected screen that's it maybe also a data corrupted one also this is optional but can you do this on it ⚠️
  13. Mod Page Allows computers to determine the entity that is contained in a Mob Imprisonment Tool. Currently does nothing else.
  14. local keyboard = require("keyboard") local keys = keyboard.keys local isEnterPressed = keyboard.isKeyDown(keys.enter) This is for OpenOS.
  15. Just asking cuz it's a cool idea in my opinion:)
  16. local event = require("event") while true do local e = {event.pull("key_down")} print(e[4]) end
  17. I want to be able to detect when the enter/return key is pressed for a UI but I can't find anything on the keyboard codes. Does anyone have a table of chars or codes?
  18. Just released Fuchas 0.7.0! Since the last changelog i posted was about 0.6.0, i'll also post the 0.6.1 changelog! (important changes are in bold) 0.7.0: Core OS: + Security improvements + Fixed Concert + Fushell boot screen is now lighter + New in-OS documentation using OHML + Working shell command history + Working Stardust project: you can run OpenOS binaries on Fuchas + Detachable file handles + Horizontal tab is now an actual tab (not just converted to 4 spaces) + The scheduler is now using an SJF algorithm + "package" and "bit32" are now protected. + Added services : processes that auto-run at start + Added "service" tool to manage services + Added safe mode : non-essential drivers and services are not loaded, press F1 while booting to go in safe mode + Removed zorya-modules folder on the github (wasn't installed anyways) + Added support for reading and writing CPIO and VELX files. + Removed automatic Unicode which turned out to be bad + Improved process piping, fixed a bug and buffered them + Better unicode support in "shell" library, options are now correctly parsed (ex: --a=test or -abc are now possible) Tools: + Added "cpio" tool to package and extract CPIOs + Added "find" command for use with "cpio" tool (and others) + "dmesg" command + "apm info" sub-command + "move" command + Improved "pl" command + Added "-s" flag to sudo, to launch a shell with sudo. + Working editor with (basic) syntax highlighting! Lua API: + print(...) now calls tostring + "string.trim(s)" to remove trailing spaces + io.tounum can now convert result to string using toString argument + Added alwaysResolve argument to shell.resolve, if true it will returns the original path when no resolve was found. Drivers: + The GPU driver can automatically move buffers from and to RAM when VRAM is missing. + The GPU driver now supports OC buffers + New driver using for CC printers + Fixed "ctape" driver Installers: + Fix the OpenOS installer 0.6.1: + Total UAC rework, based on user keys and is now per-process. + PIDs always increase + Improved permissions/security on multitask: process metrics and PID listing + `package.path` + Fixed massive security fault: unprotected A:/Users/Shared could override A:/Fuchas/Binaries in the load order. + Improved "lua" prompt + Support for ANSI colors (try "type Fuchas/ansi_test.txt") + Fushell now supports command piping (e.g.: "dir | more") + Optimized scheduler: Fuchas now consumes less CPU time + Command history
  19. Yes it works with the milkyway gate. Have fun with that
  20. I get the same issue even if the chunk is loaded on remote side. Dialing is fine, wormhole is established and then 1sec later the gate close itself. So I'm definitely thinking it's not a SGCraft fault since I can use nexDHD without that problem. And I can replicate the bug 100% of the time, it's not random. *** EDIT *** Ok after some more test it seem that your program is interfering with other program that are connected to the same stargate. I wonder why since I was using nexDHD and ccDHD without any problem. But as soon as your program is managing the stargate it prevents other program to work properly. And the reasons behind why I do this is simply because every programs have unique features that I need/like from each. Anyway would it be possible also a feature to export/import the addresses with a floppy?
  21. UPDATE - as of a day or two ago, pipes work now. `grep` has been implemented.
  22. I was entering the address wrong so it wasn't working. Also does the multiple screens with the gate and the symbol work with the milkyway gate as well?
  23. i've been using opencomputers for some time, but i am not experienced with its apis. i have seen some oc projects using those graphics, so i also want to make graphics using lua. with the gpu, of course. so, how do people make graphics like that?
  24. Elliot


    I'm playing the warp-drive mod in 1.7 (Using CoFH) and am trying to create my first ship. I have everything powered by a creative energy cell. I put the case by the controller and connected it to a screen and keyboard. There was an error, so I put in a disk, and it isn't Showing the screen
  25. Brob721

    Robot codes

    How do you copy and past a code into the robot or do you have to manually write the whole code?
  26. You'll need an inventory controller to analyze the chest. Though I would recommend using an addon like OpenSecurity, as it has programmable key cards (among other things). I haven't used the Inventory Controller yet, so I won't be of much help with it.
  27. Hello, I’m new to lua so I don’t really know what I’m doing. I’m creating a turnstile where people pay to open a door. Is there a way to make a computer detect that an item was input into a chest and then emit a Redstone signal do open a door?
  28. I wanted to know if there was a Lua code to make a robot or drone just roam around my base.
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