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  4. This is a working clone of Super Mario Bros. (with some missing features ). It was made thanks to the VRAM buffers feature (only available in experimental builds), the game runs quite smoothly and uses the Computronics Sound Card to play music on the same computer. It loads sprites from .bmp files, levels from Tiled (a free level editor) .json file and music is in some custom format that can be converted from MIDI files. This makes the game quite easily moddable. Source code
  5. Unfortunately here, they only share the name and the purpose. For one, the program you've read about isn't even written in Lua, so you can't really expect it to run on OC. The one included in OpenOS cannot, in fact, download directories recursively. Nor do any of the fancy things the other program can. When searching for what an OpenOS program does, documentation for utilities included in a Linux distribution probably won't be useful. Instead, type man programname in the OpenOS shell, or look into the program's source code (edit /bin/programname).
  6. Wget can download directorys Here is a guide from linux.com I'm pretty sure that the both programs are the same
  7. No, it's not possible because: First of all, you can't upload files to a lua bios Second of all, ISO files are just disk copies, you don't boot from them. You flash them, then you boot it from the storage device. Third of all, how are you expecting a minecraft mod to support actual ISO files/actual operating systems? And last, opencomputers runs on lua. If you had a bootable operating system on a ISO, it's not gonna work on a minecraft mod. Also, the max size for OC HDD's is like 8096 kb or something, so sadly it's not possible. Cool idea tho. -TrueDuck
  8. Discovered the "builder disk", and I tried it for my little robot in my creative test world. First, I tried to build an nbt file, but the robot just placed blocks randomly. Then, I tried to find a tutorial, but nothing. After that, I found an "example.plan" (/mnt/[insert disk name here]/usr/file and tried to build it; and it worked! So I tried to do my plan. I was on the logic that the robot wanna place blocs if I set special numbers (for each slot) for them and I worked 1 hour to make it. Finally, I finished the file, which is very long btw for a simple house. I saved it,
  9. Is there a tutorial for using and creating plans ?
  10. I got an error with your eeprom: It says failed loading bios: bios:75: syntax error near 'local'
  11. This error is because of a timeout when the computer don't do anything. For example when the computer waits for an input The only solution is to add something in your code that will make the computer "work"
  12. Hey guys! I was playing technical MC a lot and found out that a power plant based on Immersive Technology's CCGT (gas/steam turbine) cycle is kinda challenging to control. You should pull all the levers in some specific order to set turbines and all other stuff up and pray that all of the machinery will not throttle because of wrong synchronisation or too small fuel buffer. So after 3 days of coding in emulator, I came up with some kind of dashboard for single CCGT core (a setup with 2 gas turbines, 2 boilers and 1 steam turbine). I'm not sure that it is completely correct s
  13. Hi everyone, I'm trying to make a drone delivery service which works using pickup points. The drone departs at the warehouse, then it has to travel 28 THOUSAND BLOCKS to get to the spawn and from there it will either move to the next pickup point and drop off the order there or it will drop it off at the spawn and return to the warehouse. The only problem is that i need a navigation system to send the drone to chosen pickup point, and it will have to charge several times on its way. How would i do this, knowing that even the biggest map possible would not be enough to navigate from the wa
  14. I'm trying to make my robot taking care of the mystical agriculture farm. After the robot swing the crop down, seed, essence, (and probably fertilized essence) will be collected. What confusing me is the order of them. I have tried a few times, and it seems the order is definitely this way(seed-essenece-fertilized essence). This may make the programming easier, but I just wonder whether it is designed this way on purpose, or I just need to try more.
  15. if you'd like to just run the script type lua and press middle mouse to paste if u want to load it off files do insertfilename.lua if you don't already have the script in the files of computer start by doing edit insertfilename.lua and press middle mouse to paste it there then ctrl s and ctrl w
  16. You can append ?recursive=1 to the github api request to get the entire repository tree as I've done here it works as long as the repository tree isn't exceeding the ram of the ingame computer. (which CAN happen)
  17. Boot an ISO file from your computer I don't know if it's possible 1. upload an ISO file from your computer into the lua BIOS 2.boot from the ISO file if that's possible , THANKS :)
  18. Im using this program to control my extreme reactor https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8IycdrAkHE8&t=177s and all I wanna do is be able to connect to it through a link card so that I can see the status of my reactor from anywhere in the world, if its not possible to mirror that same program maybe just another program that runs in another server in the same rack that lets me see what my reactor is doing? but also sends that information through a linked card?
  19. I updated it! The new version can be found at https://raw.githubusercontent.com/OpenPrograms/AdorableCatgirl-Programs/master/uncpio/uncpio.lua
  20. So, I wanted to develop a more unix/linux like operating system for OpenComputers, but of course Linux is a kernel, not an operating system - so I made a kernel, which I can then use for my operating system! Of course, being designed with a unix mindset, I am trying to follow the rule that everything can be represented as a file. Currently, your devices are all represented as folders, in the /dev folder. You can actually interact with the components by opening their files. Each component has a virtual folder with the address its assigned (in a linux format, like "sda") based on the driver
  21. hello i am looking for a file browser with openprinter function so that i can print a file does anyone have anything?
  22. EDIT : Problem solved, It was because the function pct() and number pct had the same name, I thought it don't make mistake but it is xD Salut à tous, Tout d'abord, désolé si je fais des erreurs dans mon anglais, je ne suis pas si bon : / J'essaye de faire un programme simple pour montrer les stat de ma matrice d'induction à partir du Mekanisme mais la boucle ne fonctionne qu'une seule fois, puis fait une erreur "tentative d'appeler une valeur numérique". Quelqu'un peut-il m'aider s'il-vous-plaît ? Voici mon programme
  23. My computer crash and say "not enough energy" randomly when my script is running Someone can help me please? (The computer is connected to a cable of 128kRF/t capacity) (The script: https://pastebin.com/edit/qAAMc2GU)
  24. Basically... I want to have my robot hover over to a chest, count how many occupied slots there are and do something based on that count. What I tried was: Assuming that "ic" is "component.inventory_controller" `ic.getAllStacks(sides.front)` I was assuming that would offer something along the lines of 'ic.getAllStacks(sides.front).slotsOccupied() which would return what I was looking for... I found 'ic.getAllStacks(sides.front).count()' which I thought would do exactly what I wanted! Then I found out that did the exact same thing as 'ic.getInventorySize()
  25. It's might be complaining about "term" not being recognised? You'd have to do "local term = require("term")" I believe
  26. im trying to make an automated turret with the open security energy turret and the motion sensor but i cant figure out how to find the angle between the turrets position and the entitys position
  27. Hello, I am doing GTNH ore processing stuff... I want to write a program that extract exact amount of specific items from the AE2 network to the inventory. Is there a way to do this? After browse from OC official wiki page I found nothing useful for exporting exact amount. The modpack I am currently use is the newest version of Minecraft 1.7.0 GTNH. Thanks!
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