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  3. Sorry for long wait. The older version of opensecurity used to call the doorcontrol block os_door. It is now called os_doorcontrol so you will have to edit the code for it to work
  4. I updated the server to use a new system for saving the files, and a new way of checking the user! Before, it used the name. The problem with that is that if you change the name, you cant use the card anymore. Now, the card uses a UUID! It doesn't change unless you reset the uuid, which will give it a new uuid, rendering the old card useless. Way better over all. Also made it so if a user has the staff pass, it will let them in through ANY door. Also adding images rn
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  6. Is 'special' defined before or after this function? Lua functions / variables / etc must be defined before they are used, similar to C / C++. You can define local variables for functions and assign them later in the file as well.
  7. CSS style for avatar is a little bit off: The reason is that the avatar box is 26 pixels in size, but the CSS dictates a different value: When disabling the "height: 34px" line - everything starts to work as it is supposed to.
  8. Lizzian

    #OC Channel Rules

    Rules updated again. Cut down authorized bots list to just the ones we're running right now, clarified a potential loophole with rule 9, added rule 12 and adjusted the mod/admin list at the end
  9. if my first message here is shown it isn't right anymore i used an other compiler (ca65)
  10. Really cool creation im still using it very often!!1 thx for posting
  11. So, I ran into a problem on my server, since I use a security card system for the roleplay server. We had a MTF base (scp stuff) far away from the main site! What this means, is that if you are out of the main site, you couldn't use the swipe, since the modem doesn't broadcast that far. Well, I figured out just recently that the linked card can span any number of blocks! And so I got the idea, that I could put a network booster of some sort at the site and at the MTF base, whenever one booster receives a modem broadcast, it sends it through the link card. The other booster receives the link ca
  12. I'm a tad rusty, so I need some help on this. My code roughly looks something like this. function specload(file) if (spec==16) then return -1 end local spehand=0 local specdata=0 checkArg(1, drv, "string") local tmp="/special/" .. file if (filesystem.exists(tmp)==true) then spechand=filesystem.open(tmp) tmp="" repeat specdata=filesystem.read(spechand, math.huge) tmp = tmp .. (specdata or "") until not specdata read = load(tmp) read() tmp=0 if not special.type then while true do if(spec[tmp]==0) then spec[tmp
  13. This Community are very awesome and people are very helpful so I was thinking that is to ask a question here about game caption fonts style I see the designing Font style on Fonts Bee website I which I see the very interesting font style please tell me about this if anyone knows about this and proper guide me about this
  14. nice mod. but which tool do u use to compile? and if i try to use component access i got from my compiler (beebasm) boot.asm:5: error: Unrecognised token. .byte 10,5,0,"fill", 1, 1, 160, 50, " " My code looks so: org &0200 .start .byte 10,5,0,"fill", 1, 1, 160, 50, " "; uses the gpu fill method .end SAVE "Thistle", start, end What do i wrong
  15. Probably because referencing an unset variable results in nil, which makes the runtime think that parameter wasn't passed.
  16. I'm not talking about that. You have io.open with the second parameter not being in quotes, which breaks things as Lua thinks you're passing a variable. local fill = io.open("doorSettings.txt", r) The r needs quotes. Both door controller scripts have this issue.
  17. The code uses the Open Computers serialization library. I'm not sure if there is a regular lua serialization library or not, but the code works in the game, so I'm not quite sure.
  18. Loading these files in VS Code shows a large number of syntax errors. I'm using the Lua Language server from sumneko. Some of these errors can be ignored (e.g. os.sleep isn't in base Lua), but a few break the code (e.g. line 129 of the multi door controller is missing quotes around the second io.open parameter).
  19. Looks good. I'm probably going to edit this for my Black Mesa / Aperture Laboratories inspired research facility base.
  20. Fixed the OpenOS database! Not sure if it will work first time however, as I lost some of the newer code for it. I think it works now tho
  21. I am trying to make a "Press any key to continue" for both Plan9k and OpenOS in OpenComputers. I need something like: local term = require("term") term.clear() io.write("Page 1 of text\n") -- system("pause") term.clear() io.write("Page 2 of text\n") but where "system("pause")" is I need to put a Lua function for Plan9k/OpenOS and not a C function for Windows.
  22. The OpenOS and MineOS Database links have identical content. I think you uploaded the MineOS one for both.
  23. According to the chat messages that show up when joining a world, I can't have persistent computer state without native libraries. Do I need to build something to allow this functionality on M1 based systems?
  24. I removed brackets near function name in timer and it started working. But i'm 100% sure that i tried it before and it didn't work.
  25. Trying to run this and getting this am i dumb?
  26. IMAGES COMING SOON Hello! This is my security doorcontrol system I built. It used to be the code from Dustpuppy's program, but I learned off of it and built it up to be more advanced and better! So backstory: I was getting into Open computers when I discovered the open security mod, but I didn't know lua. so I looked on this website and found Dustpuppy's program. It was perfect! But my needs grew, and I added on more functions to the cards (Armory access level, departments, goi and mtf buttons and such), and I even upgraded the actual door system. In total: this is what this new sy
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