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  1. Last week
  2. Update 2.2.2: Added runtime door editing to diagnostic tablet. Only works on versions 2.2.2 and up. The only thing runtime editing cannot do yet is passes. That still requires the auto installer. In order to use runtime editing, you go to the runtime editing app on the diagnostic tablet, choose the door you want to edit, and swipe the red card (admin card) on that magreader. If it is a multidoor, then the first magreader you swipe will always be listed first, then all the other doors connected to the multi door will be listed after that. Another upgrade over traditional autoinstaller editing i
  3. Earlier
  4. Yea, I haven't finished Flarefox and Minesweeper yet and it's still very much W.I.P. and I haven't been working on it since quite some time. Although I'm probably gonna start enhancing Fuchas UX a bit now
  5. UPDATE: I almost got miniOS booting, although it just says "attempt to call a nil value" EDIT: HOLY brick IT BOOTED! I just had to cut the crap out of it, to a frightening degree actually, there's only a few files left, but at last, it booted although edit and a few things are broken, but otherwise? It's cool! and it boots instantly
  6. How am I supposed to make the romfs image that you need to flash, I spent some time trying to find through the lua code and inferring from there: Nothing So I need to know, how tf does this work? EDIT: I have observed that using a Lua 5.3 CPU can break some software, which can be fixed with a Lua 5.2 CPU, I tried both in the context EDIT AGAIN: I figured it out: mkromfs <source folder> <filename to save as>
  7. Finally got it running. How did I install it? I had to download it from GitHub and then edit the hard drive folder by copying in the OS files. It's a bit... buggy in places, for example Flarefox consistantly crashes the OS, and there are weird artifacts everywhere (although this is likely from the text display), plus minesweeper causes an out of memory error, even with way to much memory
  8. Hello, is there a way I can join this group?
  9. Update 2.2.1: Updated diagnostic tablet to combine door diagnostics with accelerated door setup. It also can read all the passes you add to a door. The new diagnostic tablet only works with doors 2.2.0 and up (if you want to see every single door connected to a multidoor, the version must be 2.2.1 and up) Next video will be on the diagnostic tablet
  10. i just found it weird, that the "same" method on computercraft is using 64 bit integers. so i was hoping that there was a way around it with OC
  11. Unless you can get a method to use 64-bit integers, there's nothing you can do.
  12. i am using OC with a mekanism induction matrix. but as soon as the number is higher than 2.147.483.647 - the program "halts", because the number is to big. Is there a way to allow it to have even larger numbers?? as the getEnergy() function of the matrix returns 2.147.483.647 - but nothing higher i would hate to resort to using computercraft if i can avoid it
  13. This is less of a "Do for me" and more of a "Work Together" kind of thing. I am working for fun on a warehouse program with user management, item management, locations for items, pulling, restocking, etc. It's a fun side project, but progress is slow as I figure out how to do this. There is going to be 1 server, then mineos computers that handle the bulk of the work, with 2 seperate apps: one being the actual warehouse program for pulling orders and such, and one being the store where people can sign in and buy stuff. After I finish that I might add in a way to automate pulling with robots, ha
  14. Sorry, pastebin account with installer was deleted because of war in Ukraine. Command updated to wget/github
  15. 4 videos have been made on the system so far, the 4th being about the new modular system features
  16. Added a securityAPI library, so you can make your own programs and link it to the security system.
  17. I've been playing Minecraft with a few friends, and we're playing some Stone Block 2. After manually adding OpenComputers to it, I decided to try and automate a few things. Right now, I'm trying to automate the breeding of better resource chickens (from Roost), and I'm using transposers to do it. The issue is that there doesn't seem to be a way to distinguish chickens by their stats. The best I can get is using getAllStacks(1)[1] to see the chicken in the first slot of the breeding roost on top of the transposer. All this gives me is its name, max stack size, current stack size, intern
  18. A 220 to 12V step-down transformer. Is it possible to boost the voltage by connecting 220V to the 12V end? Can it be boosted to 4000V? Wouldn't the transformer be easily damaged if it could?
  19. I run a MC server called Site 91, which is a minecraft roleplay server. That is the main reason I needed to make a security system. The modpack (with images) is here https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/site-91.1622979 IP is here site91.mcserver.io There are loads of mods so I can't list them yet because I am not at home (blocked by school firewall)
  20. Update 2.2.0 (coming in a few days) will be introducing an advanced pass checking system. The new system will be able to: Allow multiple passes through 1 door Reject certain passes Require two passes to go through (above a certain level and part of a certain group) A supreme pass (kind of like a staff pass) that lets you in no matter what base pass, reject passes, or more you don't have Of course, updating the door control database will not break the system, as now I am taking extra precautions to make it update cleanly, so updating will automatically change config
  21. In September of 2021 I started investigating what it would take to write a LuaPosix compatibility layer for the original ULOS. While it is indeed possible, ULOS's Cynosure kernel simply wasn't designed around that sort of API—it would at best have required a large amount of work and been difficult to accurately reproduce LuaPosix's behavior. There were also a few idiosyncrasies with the system as a whole, and it doesn't work on 256KB of memory, which is unfortunate. Cynosure 2 is my answer to this problem. Its features include, but are not limited to: - Fully pre-emptive multitas
  22. Dude this is a minecraft forum...
  23. Update 2.#.# makes this version obsolete! The new page for updates is the Modular security database. Github is here https://github.com/cadergator10/opencomputer-security-system
  24. I reworked the entire security system in order to make it more user friendly and modular, and I believe I finished it! This system is composed of 1. A server 2. A MineOS database 3. All the doorcontrol systems. Improvements this has over the older system: Modular, non-hardcoded passes, groups, etc, so you can customize it to your own preferences A customizable cryptKey, so the message encryption is unique to yourself Updated autoinstaller, so it detects what version your doorcontrol is and server is (old 1.#.# version or this new 2.#.# version) Even more! I
  25. CR1632, the capacity is 120MAH. If two batteries are connected in series with 6V, and the discharge current is 20MA, how long will the battery last?
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