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  3. That is mighty easy. computer.pullSignal = nil
  4. is there an easy way to cause a computer to crash/bluescreen/whatever its called, without changing any data on the hard drive? if not, what's the easiest way to crash just in general?
  5. Thanks for the effort @BrisingrAerowing . I've just integrated your changes with minor changes and bugfixes on my part into the repo and updated the pastebin file. In order to distinguish it from the old version, I also moved Bundle to version v1.1.
  6. I've modified this to be able to remove either a specific filesystem or the last added filesystem by either passing an address or '.' (for the last added) as the first parameter to the remove command. The second parameter is the forcefully option. so 'rc bundle remove ad432df3 true' (yes, short addresses are allowed).
  7. Thank you so much! It's a shame that I have to change this setting for everyone that will connect to my server, but I can do with that!
  8. This is rather cool. I might mess around with it later.
  9. I had this problem quite a long time ago, and I think I fixed it by also updating the settings client-side to match those on the server.
  10. Earlier
  11. Fuchas 0.6.0: Shell autocompletion OS arguments "buffer" library for buffered streams CPU metrics Concert task manager Architecture-dependent package files (different file depending on having Lua 5.2 or 5.3) Warning displayed when Lua 5.3 is supported but not enabled Optimization of OCDraw (merging) and GPU drivers (avoid setting multiple time the same color) New driver format (less file loading): faster startup time Inter-Process Communication (IPC) FPM has been renamed to Application Package Manager (APM) APM packages are installed on current user's directory by default. New "-g" option in APM for installing in shared/global user directory. Fuchas's Advanced Lua: added string.toByteArray Added OpenUPT library Temporary filesystem mounted at "T:" Released "format" program Fixed many technical issues Added "echo" command Fuchas now implements (almost) every standard I/O function! Including io.popen Non-standard "write" function removed, use "io.write" Improved OS API Support for different standanrd IO streams (stdout, stdin, stderr) per process and for stream piping Replaced "pwd" by "cd" (cd offers same feature, clearer, when runned without arguments) Started "Kabam" interface, this will soon be the default, eventually replacing Fushell Added os.exit() function Removed obsolete/deprecated IO methods Removed AwesomeCatgirl
  12. SirGeneral


    how do i make the computer beep with code?
  13. There's a comma missing at the end of the "fluxGateDrainbackAddress" line
  14. Hello, I still need help! Does anyone knows what I should do?
  15. @XyFreak This is the /etc/draconic_control.cfg file, along with the addresses of each adapter. I don't see a typo here, maybe I missed something? This is the current setup I have for the Reactor, I tried it out manually and it worked, so that shouldn't be an issue.
  16. Hi @KnockOutGamer There is no additional work required for 1.12.2. If you get the message, you propably have a typo somewhere.
  17. I'm using OC and DE 1.12.2- on minecraft 1.12.2. When I run 'draconic_control start' it outputs 'Draconic control service started.' but when I run 'dc_gui' it outputs 'Draconic Control has not been configured yet. Please make sure everything is set up correctly and start this program again.' I followed all the instructions in the link. Is there a different version that works in 1.12.2 or do you have to do additional config in 1.12.2?
  18. There is a new Stargate mod AUNIS that is looking very good,. and has added in Open Computers support. I was wondering if there would be a way to port this program to work with the new mod? Curse forge: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/aunis Git hub: https://github.com/MrJake222/AUNIS/wiki
  19. dear god this was painful to get working Zorya NEO Zorya has returned! Yeah, I finally did it. I finally updated Zorya. With this major upgrade, the game has completely changed. Zorya is now much more modular. Configurations are no longer static JSON files. They're now Lua scripts. Modules are also now compressed and the entire thing loads from an initial ram filesystem. I've also included utilities for configuring and managing your Zorya NEO install. Here's a rundown of the features of Zorya NEO: Multithreading - For when you want to do a lot in the bootloader. Networking support - Minitel, here and now. A fancy GUI - It's discount GRUB. Compressed modules - Less space used! Virtual components - Now you can expose that neat vdev to any OS! Virtual BIOSes - MineOS in Zorya is now possible. Full OEFIv1 and v2 support Modular design - Only loads modules when required. You may be asking yourself, where do I get this godawful wonderful kit of software? Well, just go to the Github and go to releases! Grab the latest release and install. The installer doesn't even require an internet connection. It's self extracting!
  20. Ah I see, thanks :>
  21. Basically, you concatenate the Microtel files from the Github repository to the front of your embedded application, something along the lines of cat microtel-3.lua microtel-4.lua microtel-5-base.lua microtel-5-open.lua yoursoftware.lua > eeprom.lua This will let you use the functions described in the documentation for Microtel, and get the relevant signals.
  22. I probably just too dumb, but how do I use it for embedded devices?
  23. $(MAKE) -C $subdir$ Where $subdir$ is the directory you want to build. GNU Make Recursion Docs has more info.
  24. New version (0.7.0): Layout improvements Minor bug fixes
  25. Oh cool, how do I do that? `cd` didn’t seem to work.
  26. You can have the top level makefile call the makefile in the kernel directory.
  27. https://github.com/Ocawesome101/open-kernel-2 Open Kernel 2 is the successor to the original Open Kernel. It is completely rewritten, slightly stabler, has properly integrated multitasking, and is (partially) OpenOS compatible! It also has proper multi-user support, though no per-user file permissions so its benefits are limited. Build instructions are in the README of the linked repository.
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