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  3. PRERELEASE the system came out of beta, and entered prerelease, a convincing request, everyone who is not lazy to test likeOS and liked well, report bugs and errors in the topic, in the bos, too, it is possible, then other people will not have anything to read)) so it's better to get into the subject to understand the scope of PRERELEASE, check the commits: https://github.com/igorkll/likeOS https://github.com/igorkll/liked os chips the shell is separate from the OS kernel, you can put only the kernel and add an autoloading script there, or you can put the liked d
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  6. U tried just sending the 999 as string and converting it back to number when receiving data? edit: I think u just made typo, it should be nanomachines not nanomashines, if that’s not the case I don’t know what is then
  7. michel

    RFID help

    We need code that u made, or we can't help you, because we don't know what's the problem.
  8. You want to pull the message always or just one time? while true do local _, localNetworkCard, remoteAddress, port, distance, message = event.pull("modem_message") print(message) end or local message while true do local _, localNetworkCard, remoteAddress, port, distance, msg = event.pull("modem_message") if msg then message = msg break end end i think that will work, if not the first one sure will. I hope i helped you
  9. Another thing: you'll also need to give the version of said mods you listed.
  10. RoboticCube

    Ignore this

    because it's in the activity section, and i read everything.
  11. is a LAN IP, you're gonna need to give folks your public WAN IP for them to join you.
  12. N4no57

    Ignore this

    if you come on here why
  13. I have been trying to make an atm system but uh the code gets the error: bad argument #1 (string expected, got nil): stack traceback: [C]: in function 'error' machine:1045: in function <machine:1042> (...tail calls...) /home/create:41 in main chunk (...tail calls...) [C]: in function 'xpcall' machine:799: in global 'xpcall' /lib/process.lua:63: in function </lib/process.lua:59> here is the code: local event = require("event") local component = require("component") local internet = component.internet local card
  14. Update 3.0.1 adds many important changes as well as quality of life updates. Settings button has been moved to the dev module, which looks a little nicer than the foreground container it used to show up. It requires the systemmanagement permission like module installation. You can now edit cryptKey in the settings menu. The main modules.txt file on servertine now only contains links to download the modules.txt files externally. This means, if someone gets verified, I can add their link to the txt file, and they can configure their updates themselves. If someone isn't ve
  15. Next update is going to modify the module installation a little bit. Instead of relying on one modules.txt file in the servertine github, that file will have links to seperate modules.txt files in other repositories, so if you want to create modules for the system that can be auto installed, you can. I might also add a way to connect to another repo through a raw url, so if something isn't officially supported and connected, you can still download it.
  16. uhh no, operating systems don't count as a program as it is a environment for programs and a package of programs, not one itself
  17. what about windows 1.0? could it store that? could it store windows 95?
  18. check the setup info here https://tenyx.de/brgc/index.html#setup
  19. I'm writing a simple threaded network messaging script to manage some drones, but the problem I'm having is that once I've spun off a thread to handle a drone it hangs on sending a message. It sends the message and the drone gets it intact, but the modem.send call doesn't return after sending it. Attached is the full code for the drone manager. It hangs on line 23, just before the "Thread sent command to drone" print statement. Any ideas on how to resolve this one? dronecontroller.lua
  20. I want to right-click and type on the screen directly without displaying the popup. I searched through the docs and the config file but couldn't find anything relevant.
  21. So after it finished downloading br_grid_control nothing happens. Can someone explain what I'm doing worng or what I should do next? Edit: I figured it out. Now I just need some help with running brgc_gui on boot.
  22. Hello, so I was wanting to make a server that my programs can sync up with to download stuff, very much like the App Market on MineOS. I was wondering if there were any tips or information on how you made yours?
  23. there are many ways to do this, first: CHARGE YOUR PHONE FIRST (sorry that was a bit mean) and make the drone get commands from a server on a device it can call to (aka a opencomputers server rack) and you connect the phone to your computer, and (somehow) get it to give commands to the server, which then the server can relay the commands to the drone OR you can study the way ottomated made his computercraft robot remote controlled (although you may have to tweak it with CC and OC's differences in their built-in lua language)
  24. then move it's capacity to 1G, or something lower with a similar capacity, but in megabytes.
  25. Fuchas is completely uninstallable, installing through MineOS causes the system to crash after installation (and not even boot into Fuchas! it boots back into MineOS!) and OpenOS causes a error when it tries to install, it doesn't even download a thing!
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