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  1. Yesterday
  2. I figured it out on my own, you just have to use wget with the URL of the file you want to download.
  3. Last week
  4. I've made two simple libraries for controlling Stargates from the mod AUNIS: Resurrection, they can be found in This GitHub repository and can be used by anyone who wishes to use it. Any feedback on how to improve the libraries would be greatly appreciated!
  5. No, wait, that doesn't seem to work. Just use the classic "turn it off and then back on again" solution.
  6. I've made a library and am trying to save it to a floppy disk so I can put it in an ender chest, to ensure that I don't lose the file until I find a suitable place to upload it. But for some reason when I run cp to copy the file from the hard drive to the floppy, nothing happens. I type "cp -r -v /lib/... /mnt/309/lib/..." into the shell, it prints that the file was copied, but when I run "ls /mnt/309" it shows nothing. No directories, no files. Why isn't this working?
  7. I've started making my own libraries for doing certain tedious tasks, and I've considered putting them onto GitHub, but I am not sure if it could be possible to get files from a repository in OpenComputers. Is such a request possible? If so, are there preexisting programs to do so, or will I have to write one?
  8. Oh. The library just wasn't reloaded since it was last edited. Oh well, if anyone else is experiencing a problem like this, just set the entry for the library that needs to be reloaded in package.loaded to nil. require should completely reload the library the next time it's used.
  9. I'm working on a server that handles connections between Stargates in the mod AUNIS: Resurrection (Now known as Just Stargate Mod) and I created a simple library to make controlling the iris/shield on the connected gate less tedious, but when I attempt to call one of the functions in the library, I get an error which seems to indicate that the "iris" variable referencing the iris library is either nil or nonexistent. Why is this? I have attached the server and library lua files below for debugging. server.lua iris.lua
  10. Earlier
  11. Work is being done on update 2.5.0 (may change to 3.0.0 due to scale of change) The major thing this is doing is completely seperating the security system from the server with modules. This will mean the server itself can be a base for other people's programs to use. The database is also going to be module-fied. It's a lot of work, but fun. The Server is going to be put in a seperate github repo when I finish fully and change up the github page and such. It's going to be called servertine. The security system is still in development, I'm just seperating the two in case people want to make
  12. Hi how to disable Finding? On czech keyboard, [] and {} is wroten with Alt + BN and Alt FG, and with shedit it triggers search. On the normal edit, you could remove the key binding in /etc/edit.cfg
  13. It appears to beep at different frequencies. Every frequency provided on the table increases it's delay by 0.5 seconds (meaning the 4 values cause a beautiful 2 seconds of noise) I assume this is what it is, since I didn't actually know a computer could beep at different frequencies. Well whadoyouknow, I didn't know you could beep at different frequencies! I definitely have to utilize this lol. I've been using computronic's beep card
  14. Update 2.4.0 is pretty much finished. All that's left is a big test of everything and ensuring all bugs are worked out before pulling to main branch and release. The big thing with this update is the Sectors system, the replacement to the forceopen and bypasslock system. What this does is you can create sectors in the mineos database, which you can assign doors to if you like. Then you can control all the sectors from the sectorcontrol program using redstone. You assign certain sector functions to a side and redstone color (bundled redstone only, meaning you must have project red to use t
  15. Each component function (should) also have docs on the function itself, accessible by causing the function to be converted to a string. Else you can just attempt to read the source code to try to understand what it does.
  16. Thanks, the problem was from cloudflare since i didn't made anything on nginx to reject invalid U-A, it does send some U-A tho (that's what cloudflare is saying) which are Java/1.8.0_333 But these were not passing cloudflare's browser integrity check. All fixed now thanks a lot
  17. Update 2.3.1 has been released a while back, so here is a list of what's next. I don't have time frames for any of this. Update 2.3.2 will add in the ability to control doors from the diagnostic tablet. You can tell a specific door to lock open or stay open for a period of time without being near to it or swiping your card. its also good for locking open doors that usually can't. Probably something that won't be used much but helpful when needed. Update 2.4.0 will be adding in Sectors to replace forceOpen and bypassLock. The idea will be that you can create and name sectors (ex: light se
  18. Ah, just noticed your site is behind CloudFlare, this is ALSO a security feature they run.
  19. Your webserver likely blocks requests that don't have user agent headers (This is common with servers running mod_security on Apache, or... whatever the equivalent setup on NGINX is.) I just checked wget.lua and it in fact does not send any user_agent header with the request.
  20. I'm trying to request a file from my webserver using wget but I get a 403 response, however when trying from my webbrowser I can get my file, moreover, my webserver isn't even requested I don't have any blacklisted nor whitelisted url so i don't understand
  21. Compu

    Automated Hotel

    this project is now complete, i've updated the video
  22. Compu

    Automated Hotel

    yeah i've already looked into that, i was gonna use it but someone else offered to help write the GUI and they'd prefer to do so from scratch to reduce dependencies
  23. Thats cool. For the frontend the GUI lib by IgorTimofeev could be used. Its pretty straight forward and has a good documentation. GUI lib: https://github.com/IgorTimofeev/GUI/blob/0fadb161469d404d477dd9babfdc9a5aa42ff203/README.md
  24. It also needs an OS to boot from. Attach a disk drive and insert the OpenOS floppy in it (dark green)
  25. Compu

    Automated Hotel

  26. btw could libgui be used in other projects? and if so could documentation be provided? i'm looking for a library that makes it easier to create graphical interfaces
  27. Robots should not be able to connect to external components, not even wired networks. This is definitely a bug. For now, you can have the first parameter of each message be some unique number and not accept any message whose number you have already encountered in the past 30 seconds.
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