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    Hey, I would also like to have a repository in the Open Programs organization. My nickname: zgyr
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  5. Hey, here is a function that can glue multiple tables together. It will work for your 2x2 setup, but is more flexible. --# x: number of tables on (horizontal) x-axis (2 in your case) --# y: number of tables on (vertical) y-axis (2 in your case) --# step: number of continuing elements from 1 table (8 in your case) --# ... : the tables you want to merge local function merge(x, y, step, ...) local res = {} for i, tbl in ipairs{...} do local hy = (i - 1) // x local hx = (i - 1) % x for j = 1, #tbl, step do table.move(tbl, j, j+step-1, hy * x * #tbl + hx * step + 1,
  6. Well if you want that functionality to be automated you'll need to use a network. Either all the computers that read/write that var broadcast a change to that var over the network while the others listen and update or you have a "server" (single source of truth) that can be signaled to update and publish changes to said var. Does that get your gears moving or should i elaborate?
  7. You'll need to take the CPU out of your computer, shift-right click with it in hand to switch it to Lua 5.2 mode and then try again. The bit32 library isn't present in the (now default) Lua 5.3 Archetecture
  8. Hi DGaming, If you use an analyzer on the computer case, it should give you back the reason it failed.
  9. Earlier
  10. any chance support could be added for security doors?
  11. I'm wondering if there are any successful Discord Webhook programs that work for OpenOS. I can't find anything using google or this forum except a Computercraft program which works successfully, but requires Computercraft's textutils and http APIs. I'm new to programming and have no idea what I'm doing or what I should be doing, but I've tried debunking what CraftOS commands are incompatible with OpenOS and looked at what I can use to replace them, writing CraftOS's bios to an EEPROM (it's too big), booting into CraftOS from OpenOS, and running a CraftOS emulator in OpenOS. The latter few
  12. I have a raspberry pi 4 running a Minecraft server with opencomputers installed and I want the native library to function, however I can't figure out how to compile the library for arm, the version of the gradle wrapper doesn't support arm in any way shape or form, it seems and I am running out of ideas, I tried to compile the libraries manually but that didn't work. So if anyone can point me in the right direction that would be appreciated
  13. I'm a newbie in OpenComputers mod. I have 4 tables with data. How do I glue the tables into one so that they go in this order, how can I do this? Make it look like they are superimposed on each other. And is it possible to translate the resulting table into a two-dimensional array?
  14. I'm trying to figure out how to get a variable shared between multiple computers, but haven't figured it out yet. (This is not a duplicate of the other post I made)
  15. I'm trying to figure out how I could save a variable between reboots, to prevent it being reset when someone restarts the computer.
  16. Everytime i try to start a computer regardless of the tier it says computer halted. Im on minecraft version 1.7.10 and mod version 1.1.5 on a server.
  17. you can get the repository here; https://github.com/asiekierka/lunatic86 doesn't seem theres a way to install it using oppm as a package tho which kinda sucks. feel free to share if you figure out how
  18. What you seem to be collecting in your 'rst' table is component proxies not addresses.. which is ok but not really necessary. Try this.. local component = require("component") local sides = require("sides") local rst = {} for address in component.list('redstone') do table.insert(rst, address) end for i, address in ipairs(rst) do -- same as calling from a proxy but you dont have to store a table.. -- i.e redstone.setOutput(sides.up, 15) component.invoke(address, 'setOutput', sides.up, 15) end
  19. Molinko

    Loading Strings

    The load function (assuming lua 5.2) will take and environment argument as a table. Try like so.. local com = require 'component' -- local var 'com' in this env -- expose 'com' from this env as 'component' in the loaded 'fn' env local fn = load('return component.list(...)', '=fn', 't', { component = com }) print(fn('gpu')) -- should basically be `component.list('gpu')` See lua 5.2 'load' function
  20. You need to capture the args into variables in your script like so.. local args = {...} -- like so. dont forget to use tonumber(args[x]) as all args are passed as type 'string' from the shell print(args[1], args[2], args[3])
  21. It actually can fully work without OpenOS. Just insert an OpenOS diskette, run the pastebin command and reboot after installation
  22. I have been trying to change RAM values in the config file, but no matter what i did, it just wouldn't work, Can someone help me?
  23. I'm still learning Lua, only have a little experience with MatLab and C. I'm creating a "world threat" for my server in the form of a Grey Goo Machine, which infinitly expands and destroys terrain. Todo this, I need to figure out how to make a robot in OC build a small "outpost" to charge/collect the robots. If anyone has any programs/tutorials on how to have a robot copy/build from a template, please point me in that direction. The "outpost" in question should be able to fit in one minecraft chunk (16x16) and include a charger and some machines to feed power/tools and take resources back
  24. The resulting number should be an integer, but in reality this is not the case due to rounding errors, we have to compensate for this a little.
  25. im vary late but when i try i get this https://ibb.co/3WQyHKT
  26. Hi, I've noticed a bug where it doesn't update the server list automatically. My solution was to use a floppy disk and copy the data between computers, which is what I am still doing. You may also want to check if the computers are on the same network, as if they are not, it may cause some problems
  27. @CodeEnder It is more efficient to set up robots seperately because the larger the mined area gets, the further they have to travel to recharge. I suggest you set up 4 robot mining in different directions from a single outpost somewhere on a sea bed.
  28. You need to close your game before adjusting the config, otherwise the running configuration will overwrite what's changed on shutdown
  29. Hi Kay, The event name for modem messages is modem_message
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