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  4. Known bugs (I may update this list with new comments): Special colours (comments for ex.) will be forgotten if their corresponding character is offscreen (this was really funny the first time I found this). Tabulations are written to the screen as "HT", are not highlighted when selected, and cannot be added in. Suggested additions: A way to change the colours associated with keywords without going through the code and changing it (maybe in the config file?)
  5. A security and bugfix release of OpenComputers, version 1.8.3, has been released for Minecraft 1.7.10 and 1.12.2. It should be available on major mod distribution platforms within about an hour (this post will be updated accordingly): Modrinth: Download CurseForge: Download GitHub: 1.7.10, 1.12.2 This version contains a proper fix for CVE-2023-37261: SSRF to cloud (f.e. AWS, GCP, Azure) service metadata services (IMDS) and local IPv6 addresses not blocked by default, as well as enhancements to the Internet Card's connection filtering system. As such, upgrading to this
  6. Most of the features in OC-Staging, with the exception of renderer rewrites, have been merged to OC 1.8.0+. This should no longer be used.
  7. Thx for the correction! Glad you like it
  8. To access the remaining slots you need to connect through character's head.
  9. This isn't a question, but an answer looking for a question. Here are my findings of the player's inventory. The numbers indicate which slot they are from the transposers point of view.
  10. "instalation" apart from that, this looks cool!
  11. I agree! Also, their modpack isn't "light" by any definition!
  12. Ok... sounds like port forwarding... y dad works in government IT, and so has lots of firewalling and stuff.
  13. Yeah thats a valid IP. I don't know if your server is offline atm or not, but it doesn't show up on https://mcsrvstat.us/server/ Either something isn't port forwarded, firewalls not open on PC, different port than 25565, or possibly the ISP is blocking the port in most extreme case. I would try checking through all the possible snags and checking on the status checker to see if it's visible.
  14. --IP address: aparrently
  15. Hm, says for me that it was posted at 2:03 AM, but I don't know your timezone, so not exactly sure.
  16. There is no way for me to connect to your server without the WAN IP. You provided the local IP (192.168.xxx.xxx) and it's also not an actual IP to connect to your server with. I would look up a tutorial on "setting up a dedicated server" and follow it through. A couple necessary things to do is to make sure the IP to the computer hosting the server is port forwarded in the router. Another note is your ISP may block certain ports, prohibiting hosting a server.
  17. Can you try to log in now? I set offline mode to false. Also, can you use a WAN IP to address a machine on your LAN network? (I am modestly sure that our WiFi and Cat5e/6 are on different vlans)
  18. 5hs behind... So, it's 7am over there? (at the time of writing)
  19. I know... we only have 1 IP according to my dad
  20. Yeah. localhost can only be used if you are joining on the computer you are playing on. The 192.168.x.xxx is the ip that is used to connect on the LAN. A WAN IP is necessary to join a server over the internet, grabbable by searching My IP on google.
  21. i know this meme is dead by now, but that's SUS I thought IC2 was Lightweight though? (and plus, with a modpack as big as that, i don't think the modpack can even run on my absolute potato computer anyway)
  22. Isn't the server IP only possible to be used when on your own computer or on LAN? we can't join you if your server doesn't have an actual domain.
  23. I know: My network has sevre firewalling and vlan setups. it's hosted on a potato too, but if you get the latest mods, you SHOULD be fine, bu the mod versions used are listed in the original post now.
  24. I'm not gonna join the server, but you're missing key details: the versions of the mods and the server IP
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