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  1. Last week
  2. also posted a pastebin for the rfid reader version. Here's the command: pastebin get gKF0bZCg
  3. t this is what happens after the computer restarts
  4. Thanks ill try that later when i get on minecraft
  5. My objective with this it to make the robot very efficient, even tho I did not go on in making it mine
  6. Thank you, I tried to make easy to understand, but at the end of the day, it's about statistics, applied to geolyzer
  7. Earlier
  8. I don't believe it's possible. A program has to be specifically designed for that and its not easy to add that feature later. I highly doubt that he added it without mentioning it anywhere.
  9. I cant upgrade the opencomputers version, but i have to somehow get a newer openos version on my computer the current openos version is 1.4. Thanks for anyone whho tries to help.
  10. Never mind. I fixed the code myself, the (hopefully) fully functional program is here: https://pastebin.com/eG6xVuLD I also added support for a redstone I/O block, so a button on the back of the reader would open the door too.
  11. Is it possible to use this program with Extreme Reactors? I mean, I can run it, and it sets up things, but for some reason, it runs turbines on 800 rpm and this I'll get only about 1-2 KRF per turbine, while they could produce much more.
  12. Michiyo

    SGCX on 2 Screens ?

    Moved to proper category.
  13. I'm trying to make my own simple-ish (only does what I specifically need it to do) security server using OpenSecurity. It works, technically, but there are a few major bugs right now. The main one is this: There is an event timer (timer0) set to trigger forever every 0.1 seconds, but it seems to be suspended for some reason (never actually executing) until any of the currently 4 event listeners fire. Here's the pastebin link containing the code, please excuse my unforgiveable use of tabs instead of spaces, I was editing this in Notepad++: https://pastebin.com/BBXybCA8
  14. Hi I am currently trying to build a Stargate Map. And for one detail I need opencomputers. But I don't know much about programming at all. So my question is: is it possible to display the SGCX program on two screens on one PC so that you can interact with it on both screens? I have spent the last few days looking for a solution but have not found anything. Thanks in advance for any help. (Sorry about my English, it would have been in school but it was not always the best.)
  15. This US server has existed for a few months but we are looking to branch out by getting some more people playing and we have just started a new world around 1 week ago. Most players focus on the OpenComputers mod but we also have other tech-related mods to work with while still keeping the pack somewhat light. There is no whitelist or banned items so you can just download the latest version of the pack and hop in! IP: box.home.srnd.net:48008 Pack Download: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1qxamSHjZu8sgST4t_O5Hu2qh5YFHAh7e?usp=sharing Discord Server: https://disco
  16. Okay i have it now. The script shows like this now: local component=require("component") local component=require("component") local os=require("os") local term=require("term") local gpu=component.gpu local aw = require("adWrite") local INV1 = component.proxy(component.get("6d4ec642")) local INV2 = component.proxy(component.get("32cea986")) local INV3 = component.proxy(component.get("703dad1e")) local INV4 = component.proxy(component.get("a75045ea")) local INV5 = component.proxy(component.get("29aa1a01")) local INV6 = component.proxy(component.get("38c6659a")) local color = { gree
  17. Greetings dear oc community. I have a big problem. I have from applied energistics 2 a me network with 6 me drives cases and per case i have 10 cells. I want them to show me stats from the cells on a computer screen, such like used bytes, stored items in the cell (but not what is exactly in the cell). I have wrote an script that are working, but i want the list to be colorful. This is my script local component=require("component") local component=require("component") local os=require("os") local term=require("term") local gpu=component.gpu local aw =
  18. I uploaded an updated version for 1.12.2, basically fixed one line of code changing os.door to os.doorcontroller in the door controller program here's the command to get it pastebin get Mzjra2MT door
  19. Hello everybody, I am very new and inexperienced in the field of OpenComputers and LUA programming. Before I try to implement my idea, I would like to ask the experienced among us whether my idea is possible or possible. I would like to program a kind of fire alarm system with OpenComputers, because a realistic construction with redstone is almost impossible or space-intensive. The signal transmission will probably happen with Redstone, among others ProjectRed and ElectricalAge. All in the game version 1.7.10. I would like to implement the following as one or more programs:
  20. It's referring to the ':' symbol provided by lua, which lets you use 'self' in a given function. The topic is explored here and here There is also an explanation of how to use the library provided at the start of the library itself. This line shows you how to encode a table
  21. GTOC KilaBash's OpenComputers programs for digitization of gtce. A program for GTCE machines monitoring and controling, based on the CS framework. github: https://github.com/Yefancy/GTOC Abilities Monitor the power, load and running status of the machine. Control the running state of the machines by group or type. Additional The server and client are many-to-many relationships. A client can display up to four server-managed machines, and a server can connect to any number of clients. Download pastebin run Eppz6ZzT OR wge
  22. There is already Lukyt and if you plan to make a OC architecture (which is better than modifying the mod itself), beware that you MUST sandbox and limit the Java code, or else you might end up with malicious programs that will shutdown the server or even corrupt it.
  23. Actually even using ccDHD cause the stargate to immediately close once the wormhole is open. Only SGCX is able to dial correctly without issues even with the other programs connected to the gate. The problem arise only when it's another program try to use the gate when SGCX is connected to it. But if I disconnect SGCX from the gate, all other programs works well together (ccDHD, nexDHD, StargateControl (by Bysokar)). That's why I guess something wrong inside SGCX only. Otherwise the problem would appear between the other programs too which is not the case. I made sure that
  24. Faster infinite quarry This is program for robot quarry. It uses a special pattern thanks to which it is up to 40% faster than the default dig.lua. The pattern also stretches into infinity, so if you equip the robot with a chunk loader upgrade you never have to worry about it again. The robot also remembers its position, so it the quarry can be easily resumed. Usage Assemble a robot (see Requirements below). Set up power, tool supply, etc. (see Setup below). Place the robot and turn it on. Copy the minified program (squashed onto a single line). In th
  25. Hold on i just reaized The tape is longer than the data on the tape I mean I could use audacity to stretch the audio I replaced the tape with a 2 minute one (the audio is 1:43) and made it check if tape position is equal to the tape's size minus 1 also extended it
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