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  3. There also is Ocelot. https://gitlab.com/cc-ru/ocelot/ocelot-desktop/-/tree/master Edit: Oops, didn't notice this post was almost 3 years old
  4. I was using you lib, but I can't use because, when i call the function goTo it say "z got a nil value"
  5. PlotOS What started as a small test, is now a big project! How it all started It all started by me being bored in 2019, and trying to make a small OS. I had been always amazed by MineOS, Fuchas, and all the other great OSes out there! At first, I have tried making something that can just boot. After half a hour, it booted! But, it didn't do anything, it just waited for events, and displayed them. Then, I decided that it wasn't enough for me! So, I started making an actual shell. I have decided to copy as little as possible from OpenOS, and make my own of almost everything! After
  6. Is it possible to access the return value of a function used in a thread? The below code works, but I like my functions to explicitly return values rather than abuse the "everything is global" feature of lua. thread = require "thread" function foo() bar = 1 return bar --How to access this? end t = thread.create(foo) thread.waitForAll({t}) --Wait for thread to end before obtaining return value print(bar) -- 1 Somewhat related, Right now I am using threads to achieve a non-blocking io.read(), so I can receive inputs while my timer events still run. Is this good practice or is t
  7. you need to set up waypoints with the name i2
  8. Made this because I wanted to use Makefiles to automate right inside of OpenOS. Thought other people might find it useful, too. It currently only support macros, targets, dependencies(no file dependency as of yet) and some more basic features, but should be enough for most stuff you'd want to do. GitHub repo: https://github.com/atirut-w/bake Demo video:
  9. Steven

    RFID help

    I was trying to program 2 security doors to open when someone with a allowed rfid card gets close to the rfid reader. I have tested that my setup works but manually input the scan code myself. I looked everywhere to find code that will run I but couldn't find it. Can anyone help me with the code?
  10. Welcome to TooMa inc, we present Quarry Services. This program is designed to mine chunks perfectly, and it will only mine those areas that you want through its client and server based system. Recomend download the installation file and save it in a floppydisk. Features: - Mine a full chunk except the central one. - You can use more than one robot to do the work. - You control how many chunks are mined or not. - The only expensive part is the robot, prepare some dimonds, gold and endstone. Recomendations: Only one mod quite usefull, a Mining World
  11. This is program for robot quarry. It uses a special pattern thanks to which it is up to 40% faster than the default dig.lua. The digging pattern also stretches into infinity, so if you equip the robot with a chunk loader upgrade you never have to worry about it again. The robot also remembers its position, so it the quarry can be easily resumed. Source code and detailed explanation can be found on Gitlab: https://gitlab.com/vitSkalicky/oc-column-quarry Usage Assemble a robot (see Robot requirements below). Set up power, tool supply, etc. (see Setup below). Place the
  12. hi all, I'm on the Enigmatica 2 Expert Modpack and trying to get a simple wireless network up and running. I wrote two programs in MineOS to send and receive broadcast messages. Unfortunately, the receiver seems to randomly drop some. This is the recevier: local event = require("event") local comp = require("component") --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- modem = comp.get("modem") modem.open(1) -- modem_message signature: type: string = "modem_message", localAddress: string, remoteAddress: string, port: number, distance: number, ...
  13. Thank you, mystery person from 6 years ago, for making this web app that is exactly the thing I needed! Thank you very much.
  14. how to clear screen pls help
  15. hello everyone, im trying to write my own custom operating system. so far everything is working, i can print things to the screen etc. I mostly learn how to do things by looking at the source code of of openOS. but one thing i cant figure out is how i can read user input. im currently writing a terminal but how do i read the keyboard and mouse input. i don't see the keyboard in the components section of the site and i don't understand the implementation in openOS. can someone help me with this ?
  16. is there a way for the computers to see the in-game chat? i want to write a program that sees when a dog dies and then messages me on discord or something about the death.
  17. hey I'm trying to make a menu based os that you navigate with the arrow keys and enter button it should look like this command programs [shutdown] reinstall it's bringing up this error too long without yielding: stack traceback: machine:809: in function 'xpcall' /lib/process.lua:63: in function </lib/process.lua:59> here's the code I can't for the the life of me figure out what's wrong local kb = r
  18. Let's say i try to change tier 1 RAM module from 192kb to 256kb in the application.cfg file, when i do that, it only comes up as 192kb. How can i change that?
  19. Hey, can you add some documentation for this? I want to use this for a OS I'm building
  20. MaxPKjj

    help with code

    I for some reason cant figure out why it wont work for me. My Code is here. https://pastebin.com/vtphSCm0
  21. Newest update adds in support for Intercom doors (although I know you prolly won't use it. It's something on my server) Will add in Staff doors soon
  22. For some reason my network code does not work. sender code: https://pastebin.com/YvKt0U2T receiver code: https://pastebin.com/zDa52ykR how the servers are setup: I have checked multiple times the the main server is on the back side of the rack and the network card is on the bottom. I have version OpenComputers on 1.12.2
  23. local term = require("term") local event = require("event") term.clear() io.write("Page 1 of text\n") event.pull("key_down") term.clear() io.write("Page 2 of text\n")
  24. Sorry for long wait. The older version of opensecurity used to call the doorcontrol block os_door. It is now called os_doorcontrol so you will have to edit the code for it to work
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