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Found 4 results

  1. There was no IRC library for OpenComputers, so I've made one. Here's a demo bot that uses it: local com = require("component") local event = require("event") local thread = require("thread") local gpu = com.gpu local irc = require("irc") local events = irc.events local env = setmetatable({ irc = irc, events = events, }, {__index = _G}) local client = irc.builder() :connection { host = "irc.esper.net:6667", throttling = { maxDelay = 2, maxThroughput = 5, }, } :auth { nickname = "oc-finger-irc", username = "fingercomp", realname = "OpenComput
  2. Lizzian

    IRC Webchat

    Since we don't have an easy way to create custom pages, welcome to the IRC Webchat page! If you find issues with it please make a post in the feedback subforum!
  3. I noticed a bug about the IRC client on the issue tracker stating that not all users were listed. I looked at the client itself, but couldn't see why that would be. Anyways, I noticed that the client seemed to be homebrewed, and was wondering if using an available third-party one would fix any issues. I located only one pure-lua IRC parser system, called Lua-Irc-Engine. I can port the official OpenOS IRC client to use it and see if any issues are fixed, if you want. Actually, I may just do it now and see what happens.
  4. I've decided to post the logs from third person hour on the forums. This is #oc's grand tradition, and it might have even been going on for a full month by now! [02:01] <PsychokenesisKat> Such a grand tradition we have created. [02:01] <DeanIsaCat> ^ [02:01] * Vexatos likes Traditions [02:02] <DeanIsaCat> No other channel has this [02:02] <DeanIsaCat> we are legion [02:02] <DeanIsaCat> we do not forget
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