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  1. Mod Page Allows computers to determine the entity that is contained in a Mob Imprisonment Tool. Currently does nothing else.
  2. local keyboard = require("keyboard") local keys = keyboard.keys local isEnterPressed = keyboard.isKeyDown(keys.enter) This is for OpenOS.
  3. You'll need an inventory controller to analyze the chest. Though I would recommend using an addon like OpenSecurity, as it has programmable key cards (among other things). I haven't used the Inventory Controller yet, so I won't be of much help with it.
  4. @mememan @SavageNoob Your Java installs are likely out of date. You should update to the latest.
  5. A bit late, but Galacticraft (and by extension Extra Planets) machines are sided, so automation can only extract from one side. That's the root of the issue here.
  6. One quick question, what MC version are you on? If you're on 1.12.2, then your out of luck, as the integration only exists on 1.7.10.
  7. The service is mostly used for the routing feature, AFAICT.
  8. This was quite an interesting read. Good work!
  9. OpenOS has a serialization library that turns tables into a string that can be sent over the network. you could also use something like MessagePack, which may end up being slightly smaller.
  10. Quick question: Is there a system similar to OpenOSs RC system (i.e services)? I want to port Minitel to Fuchas, but it requires a service to work.
  11. Middle click works for me on FF 76.0.1 on Win10, as does Ctrl click. I would presume this was a browser bug.
  12. You're reading into a variable called i, but are comparing a variable called input. Also the password needs to be surrounded by quotation marks (").
  13. A couple of things. You may want to allow specifying a path to create the database instead of a hard coded path, and allow multiple databases to be created per program. You can do this by having flatdb.connect return a database object that contains all the other functions (other than the createDatabase method).
  14. OK. This is awesome. EDIT: Have your first (and second) reputation points. EDIT2: Also, I would recommend using Bundle to store the database file, as it can store files across multiple filesystems.
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