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  1. I just checked this out and it seems this problem is rather complicated. Unfortunately life keeps me very busy at the moment, so I will probably not have any time to fix this soon. Sorry for the that. But I am going to come back once I have enough time to analyse it thoroughly.
  2. Thanks for the effort @BrisingrAerowing . I've just integrated your changes with minor changes and bugfixes on my part into the repo and updated the pastebin file. In order to distinguish it from the old version, I also moved Bundle to version v1.1.
  3. Hello everybody! I just finished the work on Moon, a library for Lua 5.3 that provides a class system along with the corresponding functions inspired by the one of Python. It supports multiple inheritance by using a MRO, operator overloading, properties and metaclasses. However, it is rather optimized on flexibility than performance since creating a lightweight class system ought not to be troublesome in Lua. I recommend just using it when you already know what OOP means in general but not necessarily in Python. I included an introduction of the concepts that are not present in the most common OO languages in the documentation. You can download it from github or pastebin (id: RgzJxwVF). If you encounter bugs, please report them on github. The documentation is on github as well. I hope it is able to clear all your questions. An example can also be found on pastebin (id: sxrQPdjL). If you like Python you might also be interested in this post.
  4. Perhaps gpu.bind(address, false) does what need. Otherwise it might be an option to let just one library handle the graphics stuff if I understand your problem corretly.
  5. I'm sorry to hear that. However, I need some more pieces of infomation in order to help you. Could you send me your version of Lua and OpenOS on your Minecraft Computer and a step-by-step description how you set the system up, please? An error message or a screenshot would be helpful, too.
  6. I just finished the first version of bundle - a rc application which virtually merges multiple filesystems into a bigger one. You can use it whenever a RAID full of tier 3 HDD isn't enough for your needs. On the picture above, for example, you can see 10 RAIDs with 30 tier 3 HDDs which yield a virtual HDD that can store over 200MB of data. You can also use filesystems of different size and create files bigger than any of the used filesystems since bundle is capable of storing a file on multiple HDDs. If you encounter any bug, please report it on my github repository. Also check out the wiki page. How to use it First of all you can download it from pastebin (id: TmeSNidd) or my github repository and install the file in the directory for rc script (/etc/rc.d/bundle.lua). Before using it you should configure the constants at the top of the script in accordance with their descriptions. Otherwise Bundle might work incorrectly. Then you need to add some filesystems by executing rc bundle add [address] in the shell. Please replace [address] by the address of the desired filesystem. Doing so wipes the added filesystem. However, Bundle never incorporates filesystems automatically. Next you should allow bundle to run in background by executing rc bundle enable Just reboot the computer and it should be listed by df Note that the label of the first added filesystem and the filesystem provided by Bundle are always equal since that's the way how bundle stores it. You can also view the added filesystems by executing rc bundle list You can also remove added filesystems by rc bundle remove [forcefully] Currently, this just removes the last added filesystem, however. If the removal causes the lose of data this fails except you set [forcefully]. Usage notes Don't install the OS on a Bundle filesystem since Bundle requires some functions of OpenOS. Bundle uses a virtual copy of the file structure. On the one hand this makes "hardware" operations faster, on the other hand it might lead to errors when running out of memory. Bundle works with Lua 5.2 as well as Lua 5.3. Known bugs Seek operations that set the current position to a value that is bigger than the size of the file cause the file the become bigger than its actual physical size. This is also the case on filesystem components of Open Computers but with bundle it might cause internal errors. That is it for now, have fun using Bundle.
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