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  1. Hello everybody! I just finished the work on Moon, a library for Lua 5.3 that provides a class system along with the corresponding functions inspired by the one of Python. It supports multiple inheritance by using a MRO, operator overloading, properties and metaclasses. However, it is rather optimized on flexibility than performance since creating a lightweight class system ought not to be troublesome in Lua. I recommend just using it when you already know what OOP means in general but not necessarily in Python. I included an introduction of the concepts that are not present in the most common OO languages in the documentation. You can download it from github or pastebin (id: RgzJxwVF). If you encounter bugs, please report them on github. The documentation is on github as well. I hope it is able to clear all your questions. An example can also be found on pastebin (id: sxrQPdjL). If you like Python you might also be interested in this post.
  2. Perhaps gpu.bind(address, false) does what need. Otherwise it might be an option to let just one library handle the graphics stuff if I understand your problem corretly.
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