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Found 8 results

  1. Hi, I am writing an ticket system for Railcraft, and I've wrote some libraries to split my code into different files. But I have a problem that, because I am using multiple screens I need to rebind my GPU, but that causes them to reset to their default resolution. Is there a way to persist it? (To have them keep their resolution instead of reseting on every gpu.bind()?) MC 1.7.10 OC Much thanks Kamilos
  2. So basically I have a server and I want it to output to a screen and remote terminal at the same time, like if your there you can go to the screen, but if your away from it you can still access it. (Note: I am using Minecraft 1.7.10 OpenOS 1.6.1)
  3. So this is more of a two-part question. Is there a way to draw a grid on screen of a certain number of squares (based on a number fed to it) while also scaling to the resolution of the screen? Eg. Draw a grid of say 7 squares, and fit them to the resolution of the screen. Is there a way to draw a sprite on the screen without manually having to feed each pixel in. Two approaches I was thinking of was either grabbing the texture from the block itself, or loading in a sprite to fit the size required. Eg. I want to draw the lava texture on the screen at a specific p
  4. I wrote a program that basically needs to read/write a file and trigger one of 9 note blocks, this file is managed externally. Because of the 9 note blocks I am running out of component space. The perfect solution to this would be to boot my program without a screen (it doesn't need a screen to function). I tried booting OpenOS without a GPU/Screen, but it seems to freeze at some point and OpenOS will not run any programs I've configured to autorun. Preferably I'd like a minimal setup, which only loads what I need and runs without a GPU/Screen, I have the following requir
  5. The text that some programs output is way to large to fit on the screen currently I have some problems with ls (in direcotrys with a lot of stuff in it) and components Is there a way to scroll up or display it in a way where you can read everything or save the output in an file? or some diffren solution to the problem?
  6. So, my actual computer has an odd resolution, so I need to use tier 2 screens because of the resolutions, but I want more colourscolors. I need to know how to change resolution in the autorun script. Any help is appreciated. -TheScoutPro
  7. I have two computers. Each one has a screen and keyboard on top of each, and the two cases, but not the screens, are connected by a network cable. When the computers start up, the text appears on one screen, then the default OS screen appears on the other screen. This ends up being really confusing! I tried writing an autorun script that told each computer to set its respective screen as the primary screen component, but it didn't work. If anybody could help me out, that would be great!
  8. I writing a program which scans ground and detecting ores using geolyzer, It works on server, to which 2 remote terminals are connected. I have 2 GPU in this server and want to split terminals programmaticaly. Does it even possiable to connect remote terminals to different GPU's ?
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