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Found 5 results

  1. Hi! I have two screens and two graphics cards on my server, I want it to use one of them every time I boot the computer. As it is right now it chooses one of the two graphics cards randomly whenever I boot and binding them or changing the primary component with rc doesn't seem to fix the issue. Right now I simply spam click the power button until it selects the right monitor.
  2. I wrote a program that basically needs to read/write a file and trigger one of 9 note blocks, this file is managed externally. Because of the 9 note blocks I am running out of component space. The perfect solution to this would be to boot my program without a screen (it doesn't need a screen to function). I tried booting OpenOS without a GPU/Screen, but it seems to freeze at some point and OpenOS will not run any programs I've configured to autorun. Preferably I'd like a minimal setup, which only loads what I need and runs without a GPU/Screen, I have the following requir
  3. I writing a program which scans ground and detecting ores using geolyzer, It works on server, to which 2 remote terminals are connected. I have 2 GPU in this server and want to split terminals programmaticaly. Does it even possiable to connect remote terminals to different GPU's ?
  4. I'm currently working on a state machine like function set to maximize efficiency with GPU calls. It is meant for usage with a program that builds its interface dynamically (user input, config file) where thinking about efficiency will give you more then just headaches. It is called like the gpu.set/fill command and returns a id for the given command so you can undo it. if you add commands or remove commands it will take care that the other commands are displayed correctly and given the case that a command would be displayed just to be overridden within the same render sequence its not callin
  5. I've been trying for hours to get my computer to use two screens. I have two gpu's, and I've tried doing component.gpu.bind on the secondary screen, and that works fine when I have only one gpu in the computer, however when I add a second one and do the same command, it looks like it does the same thing, making both gpu's stop using the primary screen and using the secondary one. However, I have to go to the primary screen to type in what I want, but it only shows up on the secondary screen. I have very little lua programming knowledge, so any help would be greatly appreciated.
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