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Found 8 results

  1. Hi everyone. I'm new to OpenComputers but i have some programming skills. I would like to ask HOW to use multiple screens with OpenOS. I have two Tier III GPUs installed but still only one screen works. So how can i make two or more screens to work with one or even two GPUs installed?
  2. Hi, i'm trying to run a program with graphics on 2 screens simultaneously. I found some solutions here, but they didn't work. Can someone show me a program which can mirror the screens fast? I'd like to mirror that program. Its called Auspex Gate Systems (Stargate control for Aunis Mod).
  3. Hey guys, I am working at the train station, and I want to add multiple information screens, but don't want to have a lot of cables around, it is also easier to have it connected three or four screens to three our four computers or servers. I looked on the forum and found only one answer where the script wasn't working Anyone have a script or tip how to do it? Thanks, Jacob
  4. Hi! I have two screens and two graphics cards on my server, I want it to use one of them every time I boot the computer. As it is right now it chooses one of the two graphics cards randomly whenever I boot and binding them or changing the primary component with rc doesn't seem to fix the issue. Right now I simply spam click the power button until it selects the right monitor.
  5. Hi! I have a elevator program that controls a elevator though buttons on a screen. I have a new screen on each new floor that gets re-bound to the gpu every time to save computer resources. These other screens are never turned off, they only sit there until the elevator is on the same floor as it. So my question is: Does it drain less power (rf/t) to turn off the screens when they are not in use? Or does it not matter whenever they are on or off. In real life if you turn off a computer screen you will save more power, but I'm not sure how it is in OpenComputers.
  6. Ah, yes. I am a noob when it comes to Lua, so if there is a very simple and obvious solution to this problem let me apologize in advance. Alright, here is the problem: I have this mod Thut's Elevators installed so you can make realistically working elevators in Minecraft. I have this program to control the elevator through buttons on a tier 2 screen. But due to how the mod is made you can't have a screen on board in the elevator, so I need to have a screen on each new elevator destination. The buttons are working and can send the elevator from one screen, but I can't switch it to another
  7. hallo some one no (or can make a mod) that add's more screen. more screens i mean a mod that add "higher resolution" screen's??? --please
  8. I've been trying for hours to get my computer to use two screens. I have two gpu's, and I've tried doing component.gpu.bind on the secondary screen, and that works fine when I have only one gpu in the computer, however when I add a second one and do the same command, it looks like it does the same thing, making both gpu's stop using the primary screen and using the secondary one. However, I have to go to the primary screen to type in what I want, but it only shows up on the secondary screen. I have very little lua programming knowledge, so any help would be greatly appreciated.
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