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    • Discovered the "builder disk", and I tried it for my little robot in my creative test world. First, I tried to build an nbt file, but the robot just placed blocks randomly. Then, I tried to find a tutorial, but nothing. After that, I found an "example.plan" (/mnt/[insert disk name here]/usr/file and tried to build it; and it worked! So I tried to do my plan. I was on the logic that the robot wanna place blocs if I set special numbers (for each slot) for them and I worked 1 hour to make it. Finally, I finished the file, which is very long btw for a simple house. I saved it, ran it with builder, and... GOT A WALL So I haven't been discouraged and tried to remove the letters (why did I type letters ??) and to change them by a zero, and still a wall (The robot is placing then breaking the blocks) Finally, I searched again for a tutorial in the wiki of ComputerCraft and the official website, but nothing   If a moderator sees that, please don't ignore me. I just want a tutorial to use YOUR APP because there is no way to find how to use it correctly.
    • Is there a tutorial for using and creating plans ?
    • I got an error with your eeprom: It says failed loading bios: bios:75: syntax error near 'local'  
    • This error is because of a timeout when the computer don't do anything. For example when the computer waits for an input The only solution is to add something in your code that will make the computer "work"
    • Hey guys!  I was playing technical MC a lot and found out that a power plant based on Immersive Technology's CCGT (gas/steam turbine) cycle is kinda challenging to control. You should pull all the levers in some specific order  to set turbines and all other stuff up and pray that all of the machinery will not throttle because of wrong synchronisation or too small fuel buffer.  So after 3 days of coding in emulator, I came up with some kind of dashboard for single CCGT core (a setup with 2 gas turbines, 2 boilers and 1 steam turbine).  I'm not sure that it is completely correct since I didn't test it in game on real power plant yet, but at least it worked with mocked components :) I hope somebody will find this application useful and give me some kind of feedback on it (or even contribute, what would be just a magic). All the code and instructions on how to launch the dashboard are in the repo: https://github.com/thedeadferryman/ccgt-control   Thanks for attention ;)
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