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    You're not obligated to donate anything, but anything you do donate will be much appreciated. :)

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    • Programming and technology related survival server   Start with basic stone tools and a golden shovel to create GriefPrevention claims.   You can connect from this IP: codersnet.pw   You can install the modpack from Technic Launcher: https://www.technicp...ersnet-official   Also join our Discord Server!   Mods:   Applied Energistics 2 AutoRegLib Baubles BetterFPS BiblioCraft ComputerCraft: Tweaked Chisel Chisel & Bits CodeChicken Lib CoFH Core CoFH World Compact Machines Computronics ConnectedTexturesMod EnderCore Ender IO Extra Cells 2 Extra Utilities Forgelin Forge Multipart Hwyla Inventory Tweaks Iron Chests Just Enough Items LibrarianLib Mantle McJtyLib MCMultiPart Mekanism Mekanism Generators Minimal Peripherals MrTJPCore NoMoreRecipeConflict OpenComputers OpenSecurity PeripheralPlusOne Plethora Peripherals ProjectE Project Red (Link to the wiki containing all links of all mods) Psi Quark Oddities Quark Redstone Flux Refined Storage Refined Storage Addons RFTools Random PSIdeas Tinkers Construct The Framework Thermal Mods (Link to the download page containing all links of all mods) Tinkers' Tool Leveling Wawla The Weirding Gadget Xaero's Minimap  
    • Oh, I see! Thank you  I am on multiplayer server and I guess it is not updated to latest version.
    • 1.7.2 had some serious bugs - not sure why you're not using latest builds.use our latest release build on curse ,or even better, try our latest dev builds https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/opencomputers/files https://ci.cil.li/  
    • Hi! I am new to the OpenComputers mod and to LUA in general. The OC version I am using is Minecraft version 1.12.2 I have a Tier 3 Computer Case and Screen setup with these inside: I have already installed OS and OPPM and it was working after that. Everything was working before I logged off for the night (and I turned off the energy source for my computer and I shut the computer down by typing "shutdown").  Now that I am back in my server, I get the error: Unrecoverable Error, Computer Halted. I had used the "shutdown" way to turn off my computer, and it would still turn on, but now it is not. Not only my computer is not working, but my robot and Tier 1 computer too have ceased working. Tier 3 Computer: Robot: Tier 1 Computer: Tl;dr , All machines have computer halted error even though they were working fine before I logged off. Is there any way to fix this error besides making a new HDD and new robot?
    • I'm not super familiar with this library so you may have to adjust the code as it is untested. local GUI = require("GUI") local component = require 'component' local thread = require 'thread' local event = require 'event' local reactor = component.reactor_chamber local currentTemps = reactor.getHeat() -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -- Create new application local application = GUI.application() -- Add panel that fits application application:addChild(GUI.panel(1, 1, application.width, application.height, 0x262626)) -- Add smaller panels application:addChild(GUI.panel(4, 2, 23, 4, 0x880000)) application:addChild(GUI.text(5, 3, 0xFFFFFF, "Current Reactor Temps")) -- Grab a reference to the text object you need to update local gui_temp = GUI.text(5, 5, 0xFFFFFF, currentTemps) application:addChild(gui_temp) -- Create a timer that will run every 3 seconds, forever. local tid = event.timer(3, function() gui_temp.text = tostring(reactor.getHeat()) -- overwrite the text data gui_temp:update() -- notify the app that the state of gui_temp has changed end, math.huge) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- application:draw(true) application:start() event.cancel(tid) -- cleanup the timer after application:start returns  
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