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  1. depends on if you're on a multiplayer server or not by the way, IRC working sounds like more of a OPPM issue on your end
  2. Sounds neat! you should get a separate post for the project so more people can know about it as it appears to be useful for everyone and not just me
  3. Granted, but wishes no longer exist i wish minecraft mods worked for every version.
  4. searching up "convert image to ascii art" will work for whatever you are trying to do
  5. i want to make a GUI based OS (hopefully one with a windows GUI instead of a MacOS one..) but i realised i can't actually figure out the screen or GPU APIs. (too complicated and doesn't give enough information) so i need your help! what i require: a way to import images (MineOS paint images, custom painting tool or something) ability to show text alongside images (clock and other cool stuff) stuff that isn't required but you can add if you allow it: ability to scale images (not required but could be cool) transparency please create a framework f
  6. "instalation" apart from that, this looks cool!
  7. i know this meme is dead by now, but that's SUS I thought IC2 was Lightweight though? (and plus, with a modpack as big as that, i don't think the modpack can even run on my absolute potato computer anyway)
  8. Isn't the server IP only possible to be used when on your own computer or on LAN? we can't join you if your server doesn't have an actual domain.
  9. I'm not gonna join the server, but you're missing key details: the versions of the mods and the server IP
  10. I mean, the carpeted capacitor exists, not sure how useful it is though.
  11. Sangar's post was around 9 years ago. it has probably already been implemented.
  12. we already do... kinda. asie (the person who made the computronics mod) made a 8086 emulator for opencomputers. the emulator can run extremely old versions of windows (like windows 3.0) but really couldn't run anything newer because of opencomputers limitations (also the computronics mod's magic memory allows the computers to run with 64MB so that would help too)
  13. we are one step closer to running windows on opencomputers
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