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    Sydney, NSW, Land Down Under
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    lua, minecraft, java(I am interested, but can't do it), electronics, Raspberry Pi

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  1. --IP address: aparrently
  2. Can you try to log in now? I set offline mode to false. Also, can you use a WAN IP to address a machine on your LAN network? (I am modestly sure that our WiFi and Cat5e/6 are on different vlans)
  3. 5hs behind... So, it's 7am over there? (at the time of writing)
  4. I know... we only have 1 IP according to my dad
  5. I know: My network has sevre firewalling and vlan setups. it's hosted on a potato too, but if you get the latest mods, you SHOULD be fine, bu the mod versions used are listed in the original post now.
  6. SPC TwofFruits, SPC Beans, SPC Canned Spaghetti
  7. You can disable the power need to make all checks if the computer/D.U.T has enough power to forcibly return true.
  8. ME: tries project ME: causes edison to bayonet adapter to go poof
  9. wate dyd u juhst shay dhe sherva hazz lez dan 1019032813071289371973185347613526741278645872 nodz? impossible?
  10. Is it OK if I put the colours in palette order and repost them?
  11. Has the mods: OpenComputers1.8.0+9833087, OpenSecurity-1.0-93, Railcraft 12.0.0, Computronics 1.6.6, Mekanism, industrialcraft-2-2.8.222-ex112. --IP address: aparrently
  12. Still online? Maybe I need to buy minecraft and not pirate it...
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