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  1. There is already Lukyt and if you plan to make a OC architecture (which is better than modifying the mod itself), beware that you MUST sandbox and limit the Java code, or else you might end up with malicious programs that will shutdown the server or even corrupt it.
  2. It looks like the problem come from the EEPROM, try crafting a new EEPROM (Lua BIOS) and put it inside, it's important to have the "(Lua BIOS)" in the item's name or else it won't work.
  3. Just released Fuchas 0.7.0! Since the last changelog i posted was about 0.6.0, i'll also post the 0.6.1 changelog! (important changes are in bold) 0.7.0: Core OS: + Security improvements + Fixed Concert + Fushell boot screen is now lighter + New in-OS documentation using OHML + Working shell command history + Working Stardust project: you can run OpenOS binaries on Fuchas + Detachable file handles + Horizontal tab is now an actual tab (not just converted to 4 spaces) + The scheduler is now using an SJF algorithm + "package" and "bit32" are now protected. + Added services : processes that auto-run at start + Added "service" tool to manage services + Added safe mode : non-essential drivers and services are not loaded, press F1 while booting to go in safe mode + Removed zorya-modules folder on the github (wasn't installed anyways) + Added support for reading and writing CPIO and VELX files. + Removed automatic Unicode which turned out to be bad + Improved process piping, fixed a bug and buffered them + Better unicode support in "shell" library, options are now correctly parsed (ex: --a=test or -abc are now possible) Tools: + Added "cpio" tool to package and extract CPIOs + Added "find" command for use with "cpio" tool (and others) + "dmesg" command + "apm info" sub-command + "move" command + Improved "pl" command + Added "-s" flag to sudo, to launch a shell with sudo. + Working editor with (basic) syntax highlighting! Lua API: + print(...) now calls tostring + "string.trim(s)" to remove trailing spaces + io.tounum can now convert result to string using toString argument + Added alwaysResolve argument to shell.resolve, if true it will returns the original path when no resolve was found. Drivers: + The GPU driver can automatically move buffers from and to RAM when VRAM is missing. + The GPU driver now supports OC buffers + New driver using for CC printers + Fixed "ctape" driver Installers: + Fix the OpenOS installer 0.6.1: + Total UAC rework, based on user keys and is now per-process. + PIDs always increase + Improved permissions/security on multitask: process metrics and PID listing + `package.path` + Fixed massive security fault: unprotected A:/Users/Shared could override A:/Fuchas/Binaries in the load order. + Improved "lua" prompt + Support for ANSI colors (try "type Fuchas/ansi_test.txt") + Fushell now supports command piping (e.g.: "dir | more") + Optimized scheduler: Fuchas now consumes less CPU time + Command history
  4. Technically, with the newly-added GPU buffers, MP4 decompression and custom OC video format compression, combined with huge dedication, this could be possible, but with 2fps videos (i should maybe try that programming challenge)
  5. Last demo video: No, it does not currently run modded minecraft (albeit it runs plugins made for this server), but one experiment i want to do for later is recreating a bit of OC mod in Lua, to make it run in this server, so that you can run Minecraft server in Minecraft server in Minecraft server in Minecraft server in ... until it crashes your PC lol.
  6. And it now even saves your buildings!
  7. Not a Minecraft server about OC, but a Minecraft server running on OC. More specifically an 1.15.2 Minecraft server. (btw sorry for low video quality, but 2 Minecraft instances with one modded is CPU-intensive, so..) Installing Just look at the github: https://github.com/zenith391/OCMCS
  8. Ctrl+Alt+C is made so that, in case of error or bug that cause the program to stop responding, you can still close it. So i wouldn't accept removing it (even for temporary). What you could do however is setup a service which restart the program whenever it isn't alive anymore.
  9. Zen1th

    OpenOS IRL

    what's shown on the video is a Linux running on opencomputers emulator, so if you wish to have same, just have any Linux installation and run a terminal emulator like OCVM on it.
  10. Zen1th


    BIOSes already exists in OpenComputers, in fact you can customize them using the "flash" command on OpenOS. However you cannot overclock, undervolt or overvolt OpenComputers CPUs because they don't work that way.
  11. There has been many changes ranging from security to services without forgetting Fuchas now can read and write (it's the first software and OS to do so on OC) CPIO and VELX. All of it is in the github changelog.
  12. Yea if other computers need a service to run on the Fuchas computer in order to do routing, then a service is appropriate for that feature, however the rest would be more appropriate as a network driver.
  13. I didn't really thought about that, i think i'll make a quick way to autorun processes on start they should already be implemented by the time you see this. However, network drivers (like Minitel) are ported using "network" library, it provides a common library for programs to easily interact with any network stack. However again if it really needs a service (like some sort of heartbeat signals or periodic events that really require it), you can use the newly made services feature.
  14. I added a program: "Project Stardust", it allows using OpenOS software on Fuchas ! you just have to "sudo stardust <path of openos program>"
  15. A while ago i made a JVM in Lua with the first goal of running Java on OC, just because i like Java and we all know it's a good programming language. So here's the JVM running a program that fills GPU: Oops, made a typo. Ok at first this might not seem impressive at all, but now you can interact with components using Java! That's an awesome thing for Java-ers like me! Race to first Java OS in OC? Anyone? Here's the (simple) code i used above import lukyt.oc.Component; public class ComponentTest { public static void main(String[] args) { String gpu = Component.getPrimary("gpu"); Component.invoke(gpu, "setBackground", new Object[] {0x2D2D2D}); Component.invoke(gpu, "fill", new Object[] {1, 1, 160, 50, " "}); System.out.println("Filled screen with RGB 0x2D2D2D"); } } Here's GitHub page (to download and use on your favourite OC computer): https://github.com/zenith391/lukyt
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