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  1. Ctrl+Alt+C is made so that, in case of error or bug that cause the program to stop responding, you can still close it. So i wouldn't accept removing it (even for temporary). What you could do however is setup a service which restart the program whenever it isn't alive anymore.
  2. Zen1th

    OpenOS IRL

    what's shown on the video is a Linux running on opencomputers emulator, so if you wish to have same, just have any Linux installation and run a terminal emulator like OCVM on it.
  3. Zen1th


    BIOSes already exists in OpenComputers, in fact you can customize them using the "flash" command on OpenOS. However you cannot overclock, undervolt or overvolt OpenComputers CPUs because they don't work that way.
  4. There has been many changes ranging from security to services without forgetting Fuchas now can read and write (it's the first software and OS to do so on OC) CPIO and VELX. All of it is in the github changelog.
  5. Yea if other computers need a service to run on the Fuchas computer in order to do routing, then a service is appropriate for that feature, however the rest would be more appropriate as a network driver.
  6. I didn't really thought about that, i think i'll make a quick way to autorun processes on start they should already be implemented by the time you see this. However, network drivers (like Minitel) are ported using "network" library, it provides a common library for programs to easily interact with any network stack. However again if it really needs a service (like some sort of heartbeat signals or periodic events that really require it), you can use the newly made services feature.
  7. I added a program: "Project Stardust", it allows using OpenOS software on Fuchas ! you just have to "sudo stardust <path of openos program>"
  8. A while ago i made a JVM in Lua with the first goal of running Java on OC, just because i like Java and we all know it's a good programming language. So here's the JVM running a program that fills GPU: Oops, made a typo. Ok at first this might not seem impressive at all, but now you can interact with components using Java! That's an awesome thing for Java-ers like me! Race to first Java OS in OC? Anyone? Here's the (simple) code i used above import lukyt.oc.Component; public class ComponentTest { public static void main(String[] args) { String gpu = Component.getPrimary("gpu"); Component.invoke(gpu, "setBackground", new Object[] {0x2D2D2D}); Component.invoke(gpu, "fill", new Object[] {1, 1, 160, 50, " "}); System.out.println("Filled screen with RGB 0x2D2D2D"); } } Here's GitHub page (to download and use on your favourite OC computer): https://github.com/zenith391/lukyt
  9. Fuchas 0.6.0: Shell autocompletion OS arguments "buffer" library for buffered streams CPU metrics Concert task manager Architecture-dependent package files (different file depending on having Lua 5.2 or 5.3) Warning displayed when Lua 5.3 is supported but not enabled Optimization of OCDraw (merging) and GPU drivers (avoid setting multiple time the same color) New driver format (less file loading): faster startup time Inter-Process Communication (IPC) FPM has been renamed to Application Package Manager (APM) APM packages are installed on current user's directory by default. New "-g" option in APM for installing in shared/global user directory. Fuchas's Advanced Lua: added string.toByteArray Added OpenUPT library Temporary filesystem mounted at "T:" Released "format" program Fixed many technical issues Added "echo" command Fuchas now implements (almost) every standard I/O function! Including io.popen Non-standard "write" function removed, use "io.write" Improved OS API Support for different standanrd IO streams (stdout, stdin, stderr) per process and for stream piping Replaced "pwd" by "cd" (cd offers same feature, clearer, when runned without arguments) Started "Kabam" interface, this will soon be the default, eventually replacing Fushell Added os.exit() function Removed obsolete/deprecated IO methods Removed AwesomeCatgirl
  10. Fuchas 0.5.1: Added a clipboard library that can use OC's clipboard event alongside Fuchas generated events with Ctrl+V. Events are pulled from a per-process queue, also allow to push events only to a certain process. OCDraw supports render targets, those are use as a target for the drawing and can be shown, they are basically just images. Unicode support in Fushell and "shell" library. CSettings program Ability to launch programs from Concert Increase startup speed (with Voodoo3 magic) Full support of the UAC system. Interfaces start with no permission and must login (as command in Fushell) to a admin account to have permissions Decreased Fuchas size by deleting some unused files Added process operations, they are like sub-processes that can end whenever they want (these are not threads!) Fixed many technical issues Removed AwesomeCatgirl
  11. Sorry for being a bit late, but Fuchas 0.5.0 is available since a month, it offers MANY MANY features: The component access is restricted and driver library must be used (unless having root permissions). This allow for more safety to potential viroooses. A secondary bit32 library on Lua 5.3 to have compatibility between the two in bit operations Directory attributes (currently not settable, only gettable). Which brings 5 attributes: System, Protected, Read-Only, Hidden and No Execute. Support for Protected (R/W only with perm) and System (R without perm, W with perm) directories. Unmanaged drive drivers for OC drive and Computronics tape (which could theorically allow any FS to be on tape without program changes) Shin32 is now gone and has been spread into many libraries. Updated OpenOS and MineOS installers, you can now select to install Fuchas from dev or stable branch. Alphanumerical directory listing OCDraw supports drawing ovals. OEFI2.1 support hwinfo command, for OEFI information and well.. hardware info Started UAC system. Used only in 0.5.1 / 0.5.0 dev branch. Event timeouts are back. Editor program (which currently can only view and not scroll, but pff that's coming) Removed AwesomeCatgirl
  12. Zen1th

    4 Choices

    d) Attempt to punch through the wall You attempt to punch through the wall... except you're not in Minecraft, you just hurt yourself. Do you: a) Continue punching b) Continue walking c) Get back d) Look around
  13. 4/5 Very great game! Everything is handled greatly and makes a great building game overall. A smooth scrolling could be implemented with little GPU intensive activity. - Zen1th Magazine
  14. You can use the port that is not 80. since i said "SHOULD" and not "MUST". But i'll try to change this for better clarity
  15. I really like this, i suggest we could also add a card:isAbstracted() to know if the network is abstracted or not. So that compatibility for config can be easily made. And for the bandwith, i think this could bring up to cables with mutliple tier (even if this feel like it belongs more to an addon than stock OC). And if i'm not wrong with frequencies, it should be better that the higher frequencies that transmit farther (even if, again if i'm not wrong, higher frequency = lower radius) should have slower bandwith and frequencies that have low range should have higher bandwith. Another thing for switching between the current system and your system, would be doing like drives, which is that when right-clicking, it opens a GUI where we can choose Unmanaged or Managed, here we would choose Complex or Simple (better names needed!), this avoid your thing applying to all networks or no networks at all. However one problem: Wouldn't it end up like unmanaged drives? Projects that are meant to use it, but else never see the day, or are limited (like msdosfs) ? Or is it just that unmanaged filesystems is something people are working on since some times only. But i don't want this to suffer from the same problem.
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