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  1. A few minutes of googling led to this: https://github.com/Electrical-Age/ElectricalAge/blob/2cb44c3aa6ef985ae24715010f087c7b577399a6/src/main/java/mods/eln/simplenode/computerprobe/ComputerProbeEntity.java
  2. Hello everyone! In this topic, I present you my own development - set of network protocols called OpenComputers Network Stack. This version - OCNSv1 is still considered Alpha, so don't pay attention to details. Brief: OpenComputers Network Stack (OCNS in a short way) is the TCP/IP-like network protocols stack aimed to standardize network interconnections between OpenComputers machines. The first version of the stack, to which this note is attached, is Alpha-version - there are plenty of imperfections, some protocols are not what they are intended to be, however, I've decided to share
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