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  1. I would like to execute both if statements in the same time so that it can light up both redstone lamp at the same time I would like to execute both if statements in the same time so that it can light up both redstone lamp at the same time
  2. if x<5 then x = x+1 else x = 0 end if y<5 then y = y+1 else y = 0 end in this commands how can i make them work in parallel or in the same time?
  3. Can i have a library of elnprobe or Eln Computer Probe lua for commands
  4. VISIT https://oc.cil.li/index.php?/topic/814-suggestions-my-new-detailed-suggestions/ for my new FORUM PLEASE CLOSE OR DELETE OR DISABLE OR WHATEVER THIS FORUM
  5. “Make it a realistic mod Project†OPENComputer updates suggestions (HARDware) 1. TYPE OF UPDATE: ADDITION and MODIFICATIONS ITEM or BLOCK: MOTHERBOARD (Like the tier 1 to tier creative servers) BEHAVIOR: Acts like a server but inserted on a computer case and only can be inserted per case. FUNCTION: (1) The heart of the computer; (2) Slots for CPU, RAM, Storage and other CATEGORY: Computer (basically Personal Computer) SPECS: ITS ALL UP TO YOU 2. TYPE of UPDATE: ADDITION ITEM or BLOCK: LAPTOP BEHAVIOR: A Portable PC which can be use like a tablet, handheld (no world placement) or as a Computer, (need to be place and use, you can get it again) FUNCTION: Portability PC which can be bought all around the world TABLET DIFFERENCES: FASTER THAN TABLETS COMPUTER DIFFERENCES: WEAKER THAN PC but Portable 3. TYPE OF UPDATE: MODIFICATIONS ITEM or BLOCK: COMPUTER CASE BEHAVIOR: The shield of the motherboard, power supply, cooler and more. FUNCTION: (1) It protects the Motherboard (2) Casing CATEGORY: Personal Computer 4. TYPE OF UPDATE: ADDITION ITEM or BLOCK: Power supply BEHAVIOR: A bit noisy, cooling the computer case FUNCTION: It cools the Computer case from inside. CATEGORY: Personal Computer Tier 1: FAN COOLER Tier 2: LIQUID COOLER 5. TYPE of Update: ADDITION ITEM or BLOCK: Solid-State Drive BEHAVIOR: STORING, READING, WRITING FILES – Tier 2 and above Storage Slots FUNCTION: READS, WRITES Files in a fast way 6. Type of Update: Modification Item or Block: Hard Disk Drive Behavior & Function: Storing Reading, Writing Files Modification: Slower than SSDs 7. Type of Update: Modification Item or Block: Graphics Card Modifications: (1) More Graphics Cards per tier (More Specs) (2) Multi-GPU Support (SLI or CROSSFIRE Support) Program Request: Graphics Card Control Panel (Nvidia, Intel HD Graphics, AMD type) Program Function: Easier to change settings on Graphics Link of Request: http://https://oc.cil.li/index.php?/topic/813-suggestions-my-program-suggestions-for-my-requested-updates-on-opencomputer/ 8. Type of Update: Modification Item or Block: Central Processing Unit Modifications: Different CPUs for Tablets (Weaker than Laptop Tier 3 Only) Different CPU for Laptop (Weaker than PC Tier 3 Only) Different CPU for PC (Weaker than Server) Different CPU for Servers (Strongest of All) MULTI-CORE SUPPORTED BRING BACK Multi-Processor (CPU Slots) Supported 9. Type of Update: Modification Item or Block: Accelerated Processing Unit Behavior: Tier 1 APU = Tier .5 CPU + Tier 0.5 GPU Tier 1.5 APU = Tier 1 CPU + Tier 0.5 GPU Tier 2 APU = Tier 1.5 CPU + Tier 0.5 GPU Tier 2.5 APU = Tier 2 CPU + Tier .5 GPU Tier 3 APU = Tier 2 CPU + Tier 1 GPU Modification: Different APUs for Tablet (Tier 1 to Tier 3) Weaker than Laptop Different APUs for Laptop (Tier 1 to Tier 3) Weaker than PC Different APUs for PC (Tier 2 to Tier 3) Weaker than Server Different APU for Server (Tier 1 to Tier 3) Strongest of ALL Multi-Core Supported Multi-Processor (CPU Slots) Supported Multi-GPU Supported (If above is supported) 10. Type of Update: Addition Item or Block: Range Extender Function: Adding Range for Access Points 11. Type of Update: Modification Item or Block: Monitor Modification: Monitor support Extended, or Projector Type (Extended and Projector Type Supports on tier 2 and 3 GPUs) Program Request: Graphics Card Control Panel (Nvidia, Intel HD Graphics, AMD type) Program Function: Easier to change settings on Graphics Link of Request: http://https://oc.cil.li/index.php?/topic/813-suggestions-my-program-suggestions-for-my-requested-updates-on-opencomputer/ 12. Type of Update: Addition Item or Block: Sound card and Speaker Function: Sound card helps on music playback and sound processing Speaker produce the processed music 13. Type of Update: Addition Item or Block: Projector (2D Non-Hologram) Function: Produce and Outputs Video Behavior: Projects until range of 20 Blocks, wall project type 14. Type of Update: Addition Item or Block: Wireless Monitor Function: Monitor Function Behavior: Wireless Receiving Monitor Needed Item: Wireless GPU Function: Transmit Wireless Data to Wireless Monitor Behavior: Supports only at GPU Tier 2 but weaker like Tier 1 15. Type of Update: Addition and Modification Item or Block: Redstone Card Tier # Addition: 3 (Wireless Redstone Transceiver) Behavior: Limit Range of 50 Blocks radius and Support Different Channels Function: Transmit and Receives Wireless Redstone Signals Needed Block #1: OepnRedstone Receiver (Your own Redstone Receiver) Function: Receives Signal Outputs to Redstone Wires Needed Block #2: OpenRedstone Transmitter (Your own Redstone Transmitter) Function: Transmit Signal Inputs from Redstone Wires Mod Support: Wireless Redstone Chicken Bones Edition Program Needed #1: Wireless Redstone Open Control Panel (The name of your Redstone version) Program Function: Turns on or off Signal on different channel of your wireless redstone version Program Needed #2: Wireless Redstone CBE Control Panel (Chicken Bone’s Edition Control Panel Program) Function: Turns on or off signal on different channel of CBE Version of Wireless Redstone) 16. Type of Update: Addition of Tier Item or Block: Floppy Disk Tier # Added: 2 Tier # Item or Block: Compact Disk ReWritable Behavior: Using Laser Reader Type Function: Storing of Files of until 700 KB Needed Block: Compact Disk Writer and Reader (Tier 3 PC and Motherboard has built-in reader only) Tier # Added: 3 Tier # Item or Block: Universal Serial Bus – Flash Disk Behavior: Fast and non-laser type Function: Various of Flash Disk Memory (512 kB – 64 MB) Needed Block: External USB Slots (Tier 2 PC and Motherboard has built-in Slots) Tier # Added: 3.5 Tier # Item or Block: OpenComputer Card Disk Similar TO: Micro SD Card Behavior: Tablet External Storage Function: Storing Data with Various Memory Storage (1 MB – 128 MB) Needed Block: Motherboard of Tablet has built-in OpenComputer Card Disk Slot For PC, needs OpenComputer Card Slot Tier # Added: 4 Tier # Item or Block: E-HDD Similar TO: Hard Disk Drive Behavior: Extra Storage USB Type Function: Storing More than USB Capabilities with Various of Capacity (64 MB to 1 GB) Tier # Added: 4.5 Tier # Item or Block: E-SSD Similar TO: Solid State Drive Behavior: Faster Digital Efficient Storage Function: Faster than E-HDD but Lower Capacity (32 MB – 512 GB) 17. Type of Update: Addition Block or Item: Internet Block, ISP Block or Modem Block Function: it is a modem which connects to the internet Needed Card: Internet Card (For me: Network card is only needed if this is implemented) Needed Program: Program Downloader (Pastebin.com) Internet Browser Youtube Player MY REQUEST FOR EQUIVALENT PROGRAMS https://oc.cil.li/index.php?/topic/813-suggestions-my-program-suggestions-for-my-requested-updates-on-opencomputer/
  6. OPENCOMPUTERS PROGRAM SUPPORT EVERY EACH OF MY IDEAS 1. BIOS (Basic Input Output System) (Motherboard Implemented) Function: Control the Motherboard, CPU, and FAN Speed 2. Operating System Description: It is a Windows or Linux Style of OS. MacOS Like OS is already produced the MineOS. For Tablet, it is good to imitate Android or iOS. For Servers, Windows Type Function: Interactive File Management, Live Time and Date (if possible), Control Panel Settings and etc. 3. GPU Control Panel (nVidia, Intel, AMD) * IF NEW UPDATE IMPLEMENTS MY IDEA* Description: An interactive, better and easier settings for GPU. Function: Resolution Changer, Brightness and Contrast, Text Enlargement, Color Settings, Second Monitor Settings (Extended, Projected) 4. Sound Card Control Panel *IF UPDATES OR ADDON IS MADE* Function: Adjust Volume of music playing (Only Support if Sound Card and Speaker is implemented) 5. Chat Function: Chatting around the switch of same networks Description: An interactive and easier way to chat MY REQUEST IS FOUND ON: https://oc.cil.li/index.php?/topic/814-suggestions-my-new-detailed-suggestions/
  7. A type of Chat Programs i meant for the computers around the same switch are connected and able to chat each other without having hard time Like Yahoo Messenger but only pc connected on the same switch
  8. I HOPE FOR BETTER NON BLOCK TYPE OF TEXTURES, like MONOBLOCKS Multicore CPU will improve more for better background programs support but if needed only Multi CPU slot can support like Multicore CPU but expensive Computer Case should be separated with Motherboard, it would be better CD will have tier 2 Capacity USB will have tier 3 Capacity SSDs will be cool but i think there will be no difference in the game cause there is no write limit and read limit set on HDD implemented on the mod Flatscreens will be better design I ALSO WOULD LIKE A CHAT LIKE PROGRAM if you know one program for it please don't hesitate to reply to me, thank you and also for BIOS and better OS to see...
  9. MAKE IT A BETTER MOD Computers in the game Suggestions: *Only for Update [uPDATED] 1. Motherboard (NEW) - where you place RAM, CPU, CPU FAN, HDD, Expansion Cards 2. Computer Case (MODIFIED) - Power Supply Slot, Motherboard Slot 3. Multiblock type (MODIFIED) - Which you can just right click the part which is equivalent to the SLOT - LIKE HOW YOU SETUP A REAL COMPUTER CASE 4. COOLANT for COMPUTER 5. Computer not for coding but also gaming and multimedia player like Web Display 6. BUILD TYPE RATHER THAN TIER 1 - 3 BUT BASIC TIER, PROFESSIONAL TIER, HEAVY TIER *Either Addon or Update 1. CD (Tier 2 version of Floppy Disk) (NEW) - Higher Capacity (70 KB rather than 700 MB) 2. USB (Tier 3 version of Floppy DIsk) (NEW) - Various Capacity (200 KB rather than 2 GB) 3. CD Disk Drive - READER 4. USB Slot - READER 5. Internet Block / ISP (Partner of Internet Card which connects to the real internet) 6. Different CPU (Multicore) MORE VARIOUS POWER 7. Customizable Slot [NEW UPDATE] 8. LAPTOP (Weaker than PC) CUSTOM BUILD or AUTO BUILD FOR T1 to T3 (DIFFERENT TYPE OF CPU and GPU needed) 9. BETTER OS and BIOS (windows for OS and ASUS for BIOS) 10. Solid State Drive (GOOD IDEA but Useless) 11. MultiGPU support (NVIDIA SLI type) 12. Multi Monitor (Extended will be useless, Projector Type is better) 13. PROJECTOR (UNTIL THE WALL) - NON 3D 14. MOUSE (why not but useless with touch screen) 15. SOUND CARD (Music .ogg Playback with Different songs outside minecraft) 16. SPEAKER ( sound card is useless without a speaker) 17. Wireless Monitor and Wireless Transmitter (Touch screen is not compatible and lower graphics) 18. Wireless Transceiver (Touch screen is compatible) THE COMPLEX THE MOD IS THE BETTER IT IS MY NEW REQUEST FORUM: https://oc.cil.li/index.php?/topic/814-suggestions-my-new-detailed-suggestions/
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