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  1. I would like to execute both if statements in the same time so that it can light up both redstone lamp at the same time I would like to execute both if statements in the same time so that it can light up both redstone lamp at the same time
  2. if x<5 then x = x+1 else x = 0 end if y<5 then y = y+1 else y = 0 end in this commands how can i make them work in parallel or in the same time?
  3. Can i have a library of elnprobe or Eln Computer Probe lua for commands
  4. VISIT https://oc.cil.li/index.php?/topic/814-suggestions-my-new-detailed-suggestions/ for my new FORUM PLEASE CLOSE OR DELETE OR DISABLE OR WHATEVER THIS FORUM
  5. “Make it a realistic mod Project†OPENComputer updates suggestions (HARDware) 1. TYPE OF UPDATE: ADDITION and MODIFICATIONS ITEM or BLOCK: MOTHERBOARD (Like the tier 1 to tier creative servers) BEHAVIOR: Acts like a server but inserted on a computer case and only can be inserted per case. FUNCTION: (1) The heart of the computer; (2) Slots for CPU, RAM, Storage and other CAT
  6. OPENCOMPUTERS PROGRAM SUPPORT EVERY EACH OF MY IDEAS 1. BIOS (Basic Input Output System) (Motherboard Implemented) Function: Control the Motherboard, CPU, and FAN Speed 2. Operating System Description: It is a Windows or Linux Style of OS. MacOS Like OS is already produced the MineOS. For Tablet, it is good to imitate Android or iOS. For Servers, Windows Type Function: Interactive File Management, Live Time and Date (if possible), Control Panel Settings and etc. 3. GPU Control Panel (nVidia, Intel, AMD) * IF NEW UPDATE IMPLEMENTS MY IDEA* Description:
  7. A type of Chat Programs i meant for the computers around the same switch are connected and able to chat each other without having hard time Like Yahoo Messenger but only pc connected on the same switch
  8. I HOPE FOR BETTER NON BLOCK TYPE OF TEXTURES, like MONOBLOCKS Multicore CPU will improve more for better background programs support but if needed only Multi CPU slot can support like Multicore CPU but expensive Computer Case should be separated with Motherboard, it would be better CD will have tier 2 Capacity USB will have tier 3 Capacity SSDs will be cool but i think there will be no difference in the game cause there is no write limit and read limit set on HDD implemented on the mod Flatscreens will be better design I ALSO WOULD LIKE A CHAT LIKE PROGRAM if you know one pr
  9. MAKE IT A BETTER MOD Computers in the game Suggestions: *Only for Update [uPDATED] 1. Motherboard (NEW) - where you place RAM, CPU, CPU FAN, HDD, Expansion Cards 2. Computer Case (MODIFIED) - Power Supply Slot, Motherboard Slot 3. Multiblock type (MODIFIED) - Which you can just right click the part which is equivalent to the SLOT - LIKE HOW YOU SETUP A REAL COMPUTER CASE 4. COOLANT for COMPUTER 5. Computer not for coding but also gaming and multimedia player like Web Display 6. BUILD TYPE RATHER THAN TIER 1 - 3 BUT BASIC TIER, PROFESSIONAL TIER, HEAVY TIER *Either Addon or Upda
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