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  1. Looks like it requires this graphics library to work properly: https://github.com/IgorTimofeev/GUI Also, from reading the installation instructions, it looks like you will need to modify the code so it accesses the correct sides of the computer.
  2. There is a function called filesystem.exists(), which takes a path string and returns a boolean. You could use this to check whether the file exists.
  3. Try rebooting the computer. If that doesn't work, craft an Analyzer (if you don't already have one) and Sneak+Click on the computer case. It should show the error.
  4. Can I see a screenshot of the computer case GUI to try and figure out why it isn't booting?
  5. Could I see a screenshot of a directory listing of the root directory after the drive is reinserted? I would like to see if the directory is gone.
  6. This operating system is already one of the best OpenComputers operating systems I have seen. When will there be a text editor/file creation?
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