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  1. Rebooting doesn't help it. Also, this is the error message I get with the analyzer:
  2. Well, I tried to turn my computer back on to take a screenshot, but... I didn't do anything to my computer besides shut it off after taking the screenshots before. I have a chunk loader on top of my computer, as well, so I don't think that would have been the cause of this issue.
  3. so from a fresh start, I install OPPM and OpenOS to the same (unnamed) hard drive. Here is a screenshot of what the df command says after I do so. after that, I run the mount command on a different hard drive (named bigboi), and it works just fine. Here's a screenshot of that. Then, following the tutorial, I cd into the folder that was created and make the autorun program specified. I wrote it exactly like the tutorial, besides that fact that I am using my own names. After saving and exiting, I make sure that the file is there, which it is. But when I take ou
  4. I have tried to follow the tutorial, but no matter how much I try, hard drives will not automount between reboots or hard drive reinsertions. Furthermore, I have tried to write an autorun program at the root directory, but the program just deletes itself when I reboot my computer. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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