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  1. i can not seem to find this in the config file of opencomputers. where exacly is this located?
  2. yes the database is needed because i use a exportbus from ae2 with this setExportConfiguration(side:number[, slot:number][, database:address, entry:number):boolean function
  3. I am currently working on a bigger project with open computers and have now run into as serious problem: due to the size of the project there are random tick skips of up to 500 ticks (no that is not a typing error and no it is not constantly lagging) due to these skips some of my robots and computers decide to throw the error "to long without yielding". I know that this is to prevent open computers from going through infinite loops, but in my case i can not get rid of it(and yes they are sleeping and even printing out something). What i think is happening is that open computers checks wh
  4. OK so i tried integrating your code into my program but very fast i noticed something: i can not download all items because the database upgrade only allows, as far as i know, 81 entries and i have way more ( i remind ~64000 items). now that i am back at my PC i can give you my original code for going through the items: local c = require("component") local s = require("sides") local event = require("event") local db = c.database local ex = c.proxy(c.me_exportbus.address) local me = c.proxy(c.me_controller.address) local r = c.redstone local m = c.modem args = {...} m.open(111) m.set
  5. ok thanks i will try it out as soon as i am back at my pc
  6. i get these labels just with for y=0,ydim do for x=0,xdim do for z=0,zdim do label = string.format("%d-%d-%d",x,y,z) -- if in ae do something -- else do nothing end end end and they are just the displayed name of the item (they are OC 3dprints made with the setLabel function)
  7. I am currently in the midst of building a larger open computers project for which i need to go through a lot of blocks with very specific labels (x-y-z, where x,y and z are integers, 0-5-99 for example), which is the only difference that can be found between the blocks without looking at them, that are stored in an ae2 Me system. The problem: I only know the maximum values for x,y and z, but not which individual block exist. My question is now if there is a way to do a "fuzzy" search (something like "-32-" to find all items containing that string in their label) within the ae2 integration
  8. Maybe try connecting it to a ME-Core directly, it only worked for me in that case with in my program. The interface gave me no items at all.
  9. Hello i am still working on my 3dprinting programm but found a problem: I can not print colored glass!! In the attached image you can see different kinds of glass(right) and their result when i use the texture in an 3dprint(left full block): they turn untinted. they also can not be tinted again using the tint feature of the 3dprinter: They are just a solid block with the assigned color.
  10. then i would like to change my question into how the tint setting works
  11. now i only have to wait for a solution of my other problem
  12. thanks again the code now works and you probably tried to use the files with the included printer program but they are not designed for it (wrote a custom simplifying algorithm to print them)
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