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Found 17 results

  1. I have created a Mockup of a Potential Operating System for OpenComputers 1.8.x, this OS is based off of the SharePoint and DOS 5 styles. Here are some designs: If you would like to see this become a real OS in OC, please reply.
  2. Kiirox

    About ButtonAPI

    Hi, i would like to know how we can do a text that when we touch it execute some code. Thanks for your help! main.lua local component = require("component") local event = require("event") local computer = require("computer") local gpu = component.gpu local term = require("term") local version = "1.0" local h, w = gpu.getResolution() API = require("buttonAPI") local function base() gpu.setBackground(0x0000cc) gpu.fill(1,1,h,1," ") gpu.set((h / 2) - 5,1,"TopiGui v"..version) gpu.setBackground(0xcccccc) gpu.fill(1,2,h,w, " ") while true do gpu.setBackground
  3. MineOS is a GUI based operating system for the OpenComputers Minecraft mod. It has extensive customisation abilities as well as an app market to publish your creations among the OS community. For developers there is wonderful illustrated wiki with lots of code examples. List of main features: Multitasking Double buffered graphical user interface Language packs and software localization Multiple user profiles with password authentication Own EEPROM firmware with boot volume choose/format/rename features and Internet Recovery mode File sharing over the local n
  4. Hi everyone. A while back I promised more releases, so here you go: Big Reactors Grid Control is a multi reactor/turbine controller for Big Reactors and Extreme Reactors. Mission goal: Be the best big reactors controller there is. Nothing more, nothing less. First things first - here's the website: https://tenyx.de/brgc/ NOTE: Due to a bug with OpenOS 1.7.4, BRGC will not work with that version. Please update to 1.7.5. Main features Active and passive reactor support Support for multiple reactors and turbines at the same time (n:m) Control
  5. Compu

    Automated Hotel

  6. This is a simple GUI for OPPM: Usage: Klick a Package to set it's status: White: Package is not installed Yellow: Package will be installed Green: Package is installed. Red: Package will be removed. Click "Apply" to apply changes. Right click a Package to get more Information. Instalation: oppm install mynaptic
  7. I am trying to program an info board with options for players to choose. Each button opens up text to give info to the player. local event = require("event") local comp = require("component") local term = require("term") local colors = require("colors") local computer = require("computer") local gpu = component.gpu term.clear() term.setCursor (1,1) gpu.setBackground(colors.green) gpu.setForeground(colors.black) gpu.setResolution(width: 2 , height: 2, true) print(" Welcome to Technopolis " ) term.setCursor(1,3) gpu.setBackground(colors.brown) gpu.setForegr
  8. Cell is a graphical file manager for OpenComputers that allows you to browse files and open them in other programs, such as the editor or simply running .lua files. You can also customize what programs can be used to open files through the programs.cfg file. Tutorials: Browsing files/directories Select files/directories by clicking on them in the panel on the right side of the screen If a directory contains a large amount of files or sub-directories, use the arrow buttons to scroll through pages To go up a sub-directory, click the up arrow
  9. I haven't been here in a long while, mostly because life, the universe, and everything has been getting in the way of fun. Also, I'm usually an eternal lurker, but hey today I have a small contribution, As I have been playing I wanted a gui interface to easily turn on and off the different nanomachine flags. So I built a small application to do it. Right now it is super basic, but I hope to flesh it out a bit more and give it proper displays ect, so I dont have to do things as janky as I did here. Long story short, I'm bad at lua/coding/scripting in general, so its a little hamfisted and
  10. Just working on a fork of Igor Timofeevs' double buffering library. Making some changes to work better in OpenOS.
  11. This is my first time using OpenComputers and I seem to have a strange issue. I put in the OS floppy to a robot and booted it up. To my surprise, the interface screen was completely unreadable. There are a few pictures attached. Any thoughts on how to fix this? Thanks!
  12. ivskran

    Vintage green GUI

    I don't know if something like this has been tried before, I certainly haven't found a thing. I was wondering if it was possible to make a mod, or a feature for OpenOS, when running on Tier 1 hardware (specifically graphics card and monitor), to run in a greenish hue, as in phosphor screen, reminiscing of Apple II computer and the like. Kudos for adding it's booting sounds (that distinctive floppy drive sound). I've tried this myself but I am virtually incompetent when it comes to programming, and all my attemps returned nothing . Is merely aesthetical, and I think it would add a nic
  13. Hi! I have a problem with the Creative computer case/ any other Computer case! So, what happened is any time i open the GUI for the cases, Minecraft would crash. Always, i have my crash log here: ---LOG--- Also btw i am using MultiMC http://paste.ee/p/nkfep This is getting really anoyying! I need help! Thx - JackHydra
  14. Hello everyone, I finally made the last huge step in developing my GUI-API to give you a usable BETA to play around with. And I have a tech_demo for you! It already works quite stable, as far as I tested it, and runs on top of OpenOS. I made a gif of the tech_preview on my github. Simply put the GUI.lua and shapes_default.lua in the /lib folder and the tech_demo in / and execute it to see how it is running (or use download code in update August 18). (Or you can try it on the server where I play, "Proton Colony", http://protoncolonygen2.enjin.com/) ------------- Update June 15:
  15. I've started a very simple GUI library for open computers has I had some time available. only 4 controls are implemented (window, button, text and input) but i'll be working on more. the git repo is at https://github.com/mcCURS0R/myOcPrograms/tree/master/curlib the readme.md with an example is at: https://github.com/mcCURS0R/myOcPrograms/blob/master/curlib/README.md screenshot: we code is alpha quality code and the implementation of the inputbox is not properly reviewed as some key_down events are being missed probably because of the drawtime of the control or something. if s
  16. Guess who! It's me, Gangsir, back again with a large update to my old base manager program. I've made some tweaks to it, and given it a gui instead of it just being a list of text. In an attempt to keep this post organised, I've broken it up into sections, delimited by large title lines. I decided to do this after looking at the disaster of the original thread. At the bottom are the screenshots, computer requirements, and place to download. Due to it's size after this update, it is too large to copy+paste in one operation, so wgetting it is required. What is this? This is a simple base
  17. Tis I, Gangsir. I've written a gui program for managing a mob farm's redstone. This program can control lights, doors, modded mob spawners, and a killing mechanism. (Such as grinders from MFR) This is a program that I myself use in my survival world, so I figured I'd share it. ---------------------- Update v1.1: +Added all off and on buttons +Edits to gui. ---------------------- Update v1.2 -Removed all off and on buttons, deemed not necessary +Changed gui library to TankNut's, better lib with more functionality +Tweaks to gui, due to above change -Removed beeping ---------------
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