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Found 17 results

  1. A simple and compact code lock with a password that can contain digits from 1 to 9. 0 is used as the "enter" button. The length of the password can range from 1 to 255. Steps to use: 1. Arrange the modules in a comfortable configuration (lock the sides if necessary) 2. Set the constants 3. Upload the program to the execution module 4. Set the password Right-click to open the ROM interface In cell 0 set the password length Sequentially set each digit of the password Install the ROM into a casing block 5. To activate redstone, type t
  2. Hello, (I don't speak english very well, sorry in advance for errors) I need a program to controll an iron with the in-game time. But i d'ont know how to ask to the computer the in-game time, someone can build a simple program to turn on redstone signal at 6AM, and turn it off at 8PM ? I need the program will be easy to understand, and esay ton configure, annotations are good for this Thank you in advance, bye !
  3. I want a program on my tablet that when activated, sends a message to a server using a linked card and the server then activates some redstone around a redstone I/O. Can anyone make that?
  4. This program allows generate redstone signal by sides Installing: pastebin run x6SJq5wg and the installer will install all needed files Minimal System requestments: ONLY TIER 2 SCREEN AND VIDEOCARD 2 TIER RAM: 512kb CPU: 1 TIER Redstone card: 1 or 2 tier Credits: Laine_prikol - Author this program Zer0Galaxy - Author gui lib (http://pastebin.com/iKzRve2g)
  5. local rs = component.proxy(component.list("redstone")()) local ceiling = 14 --/15 local floor = 1 local intervalSeconds = 10 local capSide = 4 -- http://ocdoc.cil.li/api:sides local rsLevel = 0 local capLevel = 0 function sleep(timeout) local deadline = computer.uptime() + (timeout or 0) repeat computer.pullSignal(0) until computer.uptime() >= deadline end while true do capLevel = rs.getComparatorInput(capSide) if capLevel >= ceiling then rsLevel = 1 elseif capLevel <= floor then rsLevel = 0 end rs.setOutput(capSide, rsLevel) -- debug stuff
  6. I'm working on a small bit of code that reads from a IC2 power storage block and displays it's current and maximum storage. I also want it to toggle a Reactor based on either a keypress or a CLI menu option. As the code has to refresh a LOT, I think a keypress option is the easiest way, but I can't, for the life of me, figure it out. Here's what I have so far... os.execute("cls") -- Hook the component local component = require("component") local term = require("term") local side = require("sides") local keyboard = require("keyboard") local event = require("event") local rs = componen
  7. I am using something like this: function pulse(rsComponent, side) rsComponent.setOutput(side, 15); rsComponent.setOutput(side, 0); end pulse(thirdGenerator, sides.bottom); pulse(secondGenerator, sides.bottom); Both "thirdGenerator" and "secondGenerator" are Redstone I/O block cpmponents connected to the computer via cables. Running this will make them give a short pulse at the bottom of the blocks but there is like a 10 tick delay between them. How can I manage to make both of them activate at the same time? Also, is there a way to set a fixed amount of ticks (a re
  8. AND HIS NAME IS... GANG SINA! Gangsir here again, I've made a simple script that opens a door when a entity from a list moves near an attached motion detector. This acts as both a method of security and an easy way to automatically open a door. It outputs a redstone signal on the top of the computer/RedstoneIO block when a valid entity moves near it. Usage: proxdoor [-abli] <time to stay open> [Person1] [Person2]... Switches: -a : Accept all mode, door will open for any motion. Whitelist has no effect. Cannot use with -b -b : Blacklist mode, all provided names the door will ignore, ac
  9. This is the program. local component = require("component") local sensor = component.motion_sensor local sides = require("sides") local io = require("io") local term = require("term") local event = require("event") sensor.setSensitivity(0.2) local range=1 ------ Functions ----- function close() local rs1 = component.proxy("bebe4c8f-a23e-4e7a-baec-be0124a0b598") rs1.setOutput(sides.right,0) os.sleep(1) for address in component.list("redstone",true) do local rs = component.proxy(address) rs.setOutput(sides.top,15) end end function open() for address in c
  10. local component = require("component") local upright = component.proxy("ced03056-f8ea-432b-94c0-a89b9d1b3336")--Change the addresses to match with your Redstone I/O's local upleft = component.proxy("182fc96d-d245-4bed-a69c-71469b286418")-- local downright = component.proxy("3d65cc84-e08d-4d32-9c65-b9c9aba60a18") local downleft = component.proxy("fc7ebe48-702b-4e1e-9911-5c09c602588c") local downright2= component.proxy("1a760530-540e-438a-8cc5-803c75a5767e") local downleft2= component.proxy("9de1f13e-4347-408a-bb0a-46f7b2241a15") function close() downleft.setOutput(1,15) downleft.setOutput(3
  11. In my Sky Factory 3 world, I would like to fully automate a farm for the Pam's Harvestcraft crops and trees. The problem became how to automate harvesting the nuts/fruits (since EnderIO and similar mods just break the trees). I didn't want to line an orchard with mechanical users, so I turned to OpenComputers after noticing I can program a robot to do it for me. I've spent the past few days trying to learn how to build/program a robot, and finally managed to harvest vanilla at all (by jamming a bunch of move and use commands in one .lua ). The next step was suppose to make it react to a r
  12. Hey! I've programmed a ticket system for a train station so I have to make an if query... ..but this if query doesn't work.... [Note: I will check if the redstone signal on the bottom of the computer turned on.] !! Important: No error is displayed !! So whats wrong with my code? Can you help me? local sides = require("sides") local component = require("component") local rs = component.redstone ## Code here while true do if rs.getOutput(sides.bottom, 15) == true then ## Code here end end Thanks in advance! -
  13. Hello everybody i guess i am wrong here, i moved it to support, programming Well, for the first let me tell you, i'm a bloody beginner in OC and lua, so i hope to get some help here I'm trying to modify a code for my world but when i do, i just get errors So, please, can anybody help me to get this work.... The "buttonAPI" is the part in the background and the "aufzu" is the working part where the functions are told. buttonApi.lua local API = {} local button={} local component = require("component") local colors = require("colors") local term = requi
  14. I am trying to make a program that will output a redstone signal to a light grey cable (from project red) so i can get enhanced portals 3 to activate a portal, but i can't get the redstone to work and i prefer using the computer. (uploading screenshots wouldn't work) error: /home/initialization:4: attempt to index field 'redstone' (a nil value): stack traceback: /home/initialization:4: in main chunk [C]: in function 'xpcall' machine:751: in function 'xpcall' /lib/process.lua:78: in function </lib/process.lua:71> stack traceba
  15. Hi, I'm new and I need some help on opencomputers. Can anyone post or make a tutorial on redstone cards? Because I cant find any tutorials on redstone cards which aren't outdated
  16. Introduction Are you creating the secret underground base? A pyramid maze with all kinds of traps? Or just your high security door lock? Then it's very likely that you are using redstone. More complex designs require bigger circuits or computers. (redstone computers?) Programming with redstone cards or blocks is quite straightforward, but it can be quite annoying to always repeat yourself: local component = require("component") local sides = require("sides") local colors = require("colors") local rs = component.redstone rs.setBundledOutput(sides.north, colors.blue, true) --close entr
  17. Tis I, Gangsir. I've written a gui program for managing a mob farm's redstone. This program can control lights, doors, modded mob spawners, and a killing mechanism. (Such as grinders from MFR) This is a program that I myself use in my survival world, so I figured I'd share it. ---------------------- Update v1.1: +Added all off and on buttons +Edits to gui. ---------------------- Update v1.2 -Removed all off and on buttons, deemed not necessary +Changed gui library to TankNut's, better lib with more functionality +Tweaks to gui, due to above change -Removed beeping ---------------
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