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Found 3 results

  1. Hello. I’m entirely new to Opencomputers and Lua scripts. I’m not familiar with the language nor can I code. I would like ask how to create a automatic door to open with a passcode. I have all the components just don’t know how to make it all work! Thanks in advance ;)
  2. This is a simple door opening script that requires a password to be entered. That being said it took me a ridiculously long time to work out all the bugs. It works by taking an input from one computer and sending it to another to check if the password is correct. This makes it much harder to simply look at the file to check what the password is. It also now has the ability to automatically encrypt your password if you have a T1 data card along with the server asking you to input a password on the first run. These ideas came from the user RandomRedMage Requirements: At least 2 computers with basic parts 2 Network cards or Wireless Network cards Redstone T1 card Data card T1 (optional) The pastebin id for the server version is 8Y2y9xH3 The pastebin id for the client version is F5P5V05P Source code for both here Currently it needs to be placed into /home/bin and named door.lua to work but editing the 4 spots where os.execute is called will let you place it wherever with any name Also you need to enter the password twice the first time it is booted in order to have both computers recognize each other this can be circumvented via hard coding the address of the modem of each system into the other or adding a file into each /home/bin called MAC.psd with the modem address of the other. It is currently set up for only one computer but it could easily made to work for multiple by making the address var into a table and having a loop check thru them though that may slowdown the process.
  3. AND HIS NAME IS... GANG SINA! Gangsir here again, I've made a simple script that opens a door when a entity from a list moves near an attached motion detector. This acts as both a method of security and an easy way to automatically open a door. It outputs a redstone signal on the top of the computer/RedstoneIO block when a valid entity moves near it. Usage: proxdoor [-abli] <time to stay open> [Person1] [Person2]... Switches: -a : Accept all mode, door will open for any motion. Whitelist has no effect. Cannot use with -b -b : Blacklist mode, all provided names the door will ignore, accept all others, cannot be used with -a -i : Inverted redstone mode, turns redstone on by default and off on detect. Good for piston doors. -l : Logs all door activity to a file. Useful for security So, if I wanted the door to stay open for 2 seconds, and allow both me and Sangar to open the door, I would run: proxdoor 2 Gangsir Sangar You can have an almost infinite whitelist, limited by your RAM. If you have a very large whitelist, it may be more efficient to run the program in accept all mode or blacklist mode, see above. When setting up, ensure that there is a motion detector on both sides of the door, or it can be seen from both sides. Also ensure it has line of sight, and is within 3 blocks from the door, so that it can trigger. This range can be modified in the program. Screenshots: Requirements: The program can be found here: https://github.com/NoahNMorton/Gangsir_MC_LuaPrograms/blob/master/OpenComputers/HeadlessPrograms/ProximityDoor.lua Or, Wgetted: wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/NoahNMorton/Gangsir_MC_LuaPrograms/master/OpenComputers/HeadlessPrograms/ProximityDoor.lua proxdoor.lua As a quick p.s., the program is headless, meaning you can remove all graphics components and it will still function fine. Also recommended if using for security that you protect the blocks around the door, the door itself, and the motion detector to prevent people just busting down the door. I recommend the block protector from RFTools, or Thaumcraft warding. As always, make sure to like or comment if you enjoy my programs, I'm always happy to see that. Changelog for those who care: V1.0 Added the program. --- V1.1 Added accept all mode and inverted mode, made whitelist lookup faster. Numerous optimisations. --- V1.2 Added blacklist mode --- V1.3 Added file logging on option ---
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