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Found 8 results

  1. Hello all, I'm here to announce the release of OpenSecurity! Build Status: Downloads: https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/OpenSecurity Change Log: http://ci.pc-logix.com/job/OpenSecurity/changes Source: https://github.com/PC-Logix/OpenSecurity OpenSecurity adds Items and Blocks that are useful for the security of your worlds or bases. Documentation has been moved to GitHub: https://github.com/PC-Logix/OpenSecurity/wiki
  2. The Guard - security system The Guard is a base security control program I've written in 2016. It allows you to use some of the security devices from the OpenSecurity mod. It has modular architecture - all features are implemented in independent modules that can be replaced. It has action-driven - you can specify how everything behaves using the action system. Features modular architecture action-driven configurable behavior redstone support (Redstone I/O blocks) support of security devices from OpenComputes: keypads biometric readers RFID card readers turrets entity detectors motion sensors alarms Further reading The guard has its own wiki, on which you can find the installation instructions as well as the example configuration and other information. If somebody is interested in writing a new module, I can create a wiki page with API documentation (basic information is provided in the_guard.lua file). WIKI Disclaimer Although I have tested this program, a few issues might have slipped through. In that case feel free to report them in this thread or, even better, on the issue tracker if you have Gitlab account. If there's an error, be sure to include log contents (logs button on the right side of the program's interface) containing that error. Screenshots
  3. Security is lacking in our devices. in a server that supports this mod, anyone can just walk up to a pc and mess it up and learn stuff the owner wants to keep private.
  4. /This is my first program what it does is when you boot up the computer it asks for a password the install it: (Type these in the computer) 1. pastebin get 036sY9DN PassBlocker 2. edit .shrc and add /home/PassBlocker to the code 3. edit PassBlocker 4. find the code that says "Set Password Here" and replace that with the password you want 5. reboot and try it! An installer for this program will come. eventually. if the password is correct, it just goes to the shell if the password in incorrect, it turns the pc off, forcing the person to re-confront the password system, making it impossible to crack it. (in person anyway. you probably could get past it remotely) thx to anyone who tries it any support with the installer is appreciated Edit: Thanks to Molinko for the new version here! https://pastebin.com/1t0iM9t8
  5. I have been playing with the robots and have really been enjoying it. I wrote a little program make a robot follow a wall around and around until it detects an entity then it takes a swing at the detected entity. It is pretty amusing to watch the little guy swing it's sword at a group of creepers and zombies. lol Anyway, the program is far from complete. However, before I continue down this path I would be interested in any ideas for a different approach. Right now the robot has to do a detect in every direction. Since it can only detect in front, above and below I am having it check every direction before it moves forward. This involves turning 4 times and detecting with each turn until it is back to the way it was facing. It works but it is slow. Is there any other way the robot can detect an entity around it without having to turn a full circle? As amusing as it is, it is pretty slow having to spin a circle with every step.
  6. Shuudoushi


    Introduction: Hello, as some of you may know, I'm a regular on the IRC chan, and I go by the name Shuudoushi (Shuu for short). For sometime now, I've been steadily building something of an OS, SecureOS (SOS for short). But haven't wanted to put it up here as I'm not really happy with it as it sits, but I don't think I'll ever really be happy with it, so here it is! Goal: The main goal of SOS was to provide better security for OpenOS through a program suite of sorts, but has steadily evolved into it's own little beast. Now the goal is to provide better security and a more unix like feel (well... mostly just a unix like feel, the upgraded security is just a nice side effect) without throwing off new users or users that are already really used to OpenOS. Features: -Mostly working permissions system through an 'is root' salutation and a file blacklist, not the best way of getting the job done, but it works. -Software based sha256 password hashing, no need for the data card for secure passwords. -Multi-user login system. -Independent update system from OpenSecurity (the add-on that SOS is shipped with). -Other misc things that I can't think of off the top of my head... How to get it/help out: The project is on my Github, any bugs found should also be filed there please. The repo is also split into two branches, a release branch and a dev branch (stuff on the dev branch is almost always broken, just a heads up ). You can now run "pastebin run 20EcMQ7C" to get SecureOS on a computer that already has OpenOS installed. Also, please note that some files would appear to be missing. They're not, just aliased to programs I've made to replace said other programs.
  7. AND HIS NAME IS... GANG SINA! Gangsir here again, I've made a simple script that opens a door when a entity from a list moves near an attached motion detector. This acts as both a method of security and an easy way to automatically open a door. It outputs a redstone signal on the top of the computer/RedstoneIO block when a valid entity moves near it. Usage: proxdoor [-abli] <time to stay open> [Person1] [Person2]... Switches: -a : Accept all mode, door will open for any motion. Whitelist has no effect. Cannot use with -b -b : Blacklist mode, all provided names the door will ignore, accept all others, cannot be used with -a -i : Inverted redstone mode, turns redstone on by default and off on detect. Good for piston doors. -l : Logs all door activity to a file. Useful for security So, if I wanted the door to stay open for 2 seconds, and allow both me and Sangar to open the door, I would run: proxdoor 2 Gangsir Sangar You can have an almost infinite whitelist, limited by your RAM. If you have a very large whitelist, it may be more efficient to run the program in accept all mode or blacklist mode, see above. When setting up, ensure that there is a motion detector on both sides of the door, or it can be seen from both sides. Also ensure it has line of sight, and is within 3 blocks from the door, so that it can trigger. This range can be modified in the program. Screenshots: Requirements: The program can be found here: https://github.com/NoahNMorton/Gangsir_MC_LuaPrograms/blob/master/OpenComputers/HeadlessPrograms/ProximityDoor.lua Or, Wgetted: wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/NoahNMorton/Gangsir_MC_LuaPrograms/master/OpenComputers/HeadlessPrograms/ProximityDoor.lua proxdoor.lua As a quick p.s., the program is headless, meaning you can remove all graphics components and it will still function fine. Also recommended if using for security that you protect the blocks around the door, the door itself, and the motion detector to prevent people just busting down the door. I recommend the block protector from RFTools, or Thaumcraft warding. As always, make sure to like or comment if you enjoy my programs, I'm always happy to see that. Changelog for those who care: V1.0 Added the program. --- V1.1 Added accept all mode and inverted mode, made whitelist lookup faster. Numerous optimisations. --- V1.2 Added blacklist mode --- V1.3 Added file logging on option ---
  8. Potato Security Suite Alarm.lua : The central part of the alarm suite, this program will be on the look out for a message from a sensor that will trigger the alarm. Requirements for this program: T1Microcontroler or T1 Case, 1x T1 RAM, 1x T1 CPU, 1x Network or Wireless Network Card, 1x EEPROM to flash the program to. Default Port is 1. Extra Versions: BeepCard: Uses the beep card from Computronics for a different alarm. Extra Requirements: T2 Microcontroler or T2 Case and Beep Card. OpenSecurity: Uses OS's Alarm block. Extra Requirements: T1 Case. Extra Info: Must turn back on alarm to turn off the alarm block. Motion Sensor: Worried that the bad guys might sneak in? Worry no more! This program will use a Motion Sensor to detect any bad guys, or your pets and send a message to the alarm to set it off! Requirements for this program: T1 Case, 1x T1 RAM, 1x T1 CPU, 1x Network or Wireless Network Card, 1x EEPROM to flash program to. Default Port is 1. Redstone Sensor: Have a door or other area you want to protect, but can't use any other sensor? With the Redstone Sensor , you can wire up some redstone and hook it up to a microcontroler or computer running this program, and it will tell the alarm to do what it does best! Requirements for this program: T1Microcontroler or T1 Case, 1x T1 RAM, 1x T1 CPU, 1x Network or Wireless Network Card, 1x EEPROM to flash program to, 1x T1 Redstone Card. Default Port is 1, Default Redstone Input is Top(1) Support: You can find me on the IRC Channel (#oc on esper.net) Or my own channel (#PotatoTrumpet on esper.net)
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