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Found 8 results

  1. I don't understand the boot achievement description. How to get the achievement? Thanks. Game version: 1.7.10
  2. Hello all, I'm here to announce the release of OpenSecurity! Build Status: Downloads: https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/OpenSecurity Change Log: http://ci.pc-logix.com/job/OpenSecurity/changes Source: https://github.com/PC-Logix/OpenSecurity OpenSecurity adds Items and Blocks that are useful for the security of your worlds or bases. Documentation has been moved to GitHub: https://github.com/PC-Logix/OpenSecurity/wiki
  3. Hikooshi


    when i want to transfer items from first chest to second and from slot for example 5 I call "component.transposer.transferItem(sides.east, 0, _, 5, 1)" and there are items in slots 1 and 5 in source chest. In that case transposer transfer items from slot 1 but no from slot 5. What is wrong? Minecraft version is 1.7.10
  4. I've gone through this loop several times where I install Oppm, try to run it, it says it isn't installed, try to install it, it says it's already installed. Is the command to run Oppm NOT just 'oppm' (no quotes) as I was under the impression? I've seen a good number of people asking this on tutorials but no answers. I don't know LUA in the slightest, I'm just following tutorials and what it says on the doccumentation website. I'm running Minecraft 1.7.10 with other mods.
  5. Currently I am in my modded Minecraft server and have been having a few issues with OC and it's boot os.... This doesn't happen in single player but when I try to boot up an OC device this error shows: I have trying to resolve this issue but can't seem to fix it..... I need your guys help please....... Edit: Was doing some testing then found out that if I install OpenOS on a hard drive then place it in a computer or robot the device will error out: Mod version: OpenComputers-MC1.7.10-
  6. LeadCraft is a custom 1.7.10 modpack server specialized in Technology, WorldGen, and Decoration mods. It aims to create a well-integrated, but still fun and balanced gameplay. We believe we have achieved this. Launcher Download: http://leadcraft.us/launchermodpack/ Needed to play on the server. (Legit and cracked accounts supported) Website: http://leadcraft.us IP: play.leadcraft.us Videos: YouTube Channel LeadCraft Mod Feature Trailer LeadCraft Launcher Tutorial LeadCraft Short - Throw Ze Svitch! LeadCraft Short - A Farmer's Life Server Features: Custom Launcher! - Us
  7. Hello! Yuon Survival is a 1.7.10 Custom Modpack Survival server looking for players! Features: Custom Modpack: The modpack is custom designed around a good balance of tech and magic to open as many options as possible! Balanced Rules: Beyond some rules to prevent extremes, the server is open to many different play styles to foster a wide community. Online 24/7: Hosted on a professional server to ensure maximum uptime Whitelisted to ensure the safety of all players Clean Map: While the map has been around for a while, it is virtually untouched If you have questions or want to join, f
  8. MC Version: 1.7.10 Forge Version: Mods Ae2 rv0 10 AsieLib 0.2.6 Carpenter's Blocks dev v3.2.5 CodeChickenCore Computronics 0.5.1 EnderStorage immibis-core 59.0.1 immibis-microblocks 59.0.0 ic2 2.2.505 Open Computers redlogic 59.0.2 Config: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/z2rhh32dzo5bbqv/AABud8lH1ZXy9WU02fdjJ5xVa IP: ocd.xalni.net Mumble: mumble.xalni.net There will be a wipe after beta, this is mostly testing to make sure everything works as they should in a survival environment.
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