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Found 3 results

  1. LeadCraft is a custom 1.7.10 modpack server specialized in Technology, WorldGen, and Decoration mods. It aims to create a well-integrated, but still fun and balanced gameplay. We believe we have achieved this. Launcher Download: http://leadcraft.us/launchermodpack/ Needed to play on the server. (Legit and cracked accounts supported) Website: http://leadcraft.us IP: play.leadcraft.us Videos: YouTube Channel LeadCraft Mod Feature Trailer LeadCraft Launcher Tutorial LeadCraft Short - Throw Ze Svitch! LeadCraft Short - A Farmer's Life Server Features: Custom Launcher! - Us
  2. General Information GATES is a modpack about the exploration of new worlds and dimensions. To help you with this, mods are added that give you a wide range of weapons and technology. This will help you conquer the harsh and unforgiving worlds you will encounter. In the stargate series, some aliens were very technologically advanced, the tools they used sometimes seemed magical. To simuate this, there are a number of technological mods and a few magic mods in this modpack. The best and most fun way to play GATES is on its official server. A vast stargate network has been set-up with stargat
  3. This server is closed, move on to the next My server uses a custom modpack. If you feel that any mods are missing, please request them to me. You may request on this thread or in-game. (If I'm online on the server then ask me there). The modpack can be downloaded from here: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/zpshvcdcu98bat2/AltPack.zip If you prefer, you can also use the Technic Pack located at http://www.technicpack.net/api/modpack/alteniuss-server IP: altenius.ml Port: 25565 The server has 4 GiB of RAM allocated. Is there a problem? My Skype username is alakazard12 Mod
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