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  1. Possibly, but quite a few of our regulars are cracked. Also, we're down for the current time due to the owner having some personal issues and being at a transition point in his life.
  2. LeadCraft is a custom 1.7.10 modpack server specialized in Technology, WorldGen, and Decoration mods. It aims to create a well-integrated, but still fun and balanced gameplay. We believe we have achieved this. Launcher Download: http://leadcraft.us/launchermodpack/ Needed to play on the server. (Legit and cracked accounts supported) Website: http://leadcraft.us IP: play.leadcraft.us Videos: YouTube Channel LeadCraft Mod Feature Trailer LeadCraft Launcher Tutorial LeadCraft Short - Throw Ze Svitch! LeadCraft Short - A Farmer's Life Server Features: Custom Launcher! - Us
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