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Found 24 results

  1. SGCX - SGCraft Stargate Controller Stargate controller based on GML library. Showcase: Installation steps: First download the package manager that will be used to download the application and all required dependencies: wget https://gitlab.com/d_rzepka/oc-equipment/raw/master/installer/arpm.lua Use the package manager do download SGCX: arpm install sgcx Run SGCX with an additional argument - init. This will allow you to pick a stargate interface address from list. It is required only during the first star
  2. You are bored of playing alone and you have no friends, there is a solution, you can play on my server, called iamkirillSERVER IP : For lazy : https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1VR7TNZkokA30vOlIdtHyFXfVHB45IPZ4?usp=sharing Required mods BuildCraft Buildcraft Fuels for IC2 Chisel Industrial Craft Iron Chests MalisisBlocks MalisisDoors MrCrayfish's Furniture Mod OCDevices OpenComputers OpenFM OpenGlasses2 OpenLights Open Modular Turrets OpenPrinter OpenPython OpenScreens O
  3. "We're back after that short commercial break!" One of Kaos Networks finest servers has been reborn, this time with more of everything! SMP has never had more options allowing you to pick and choose how you want to get things started. Explorers, Warriors, Magicians, Engineers, or some mix of them all, will find pure entertainment in the Project Beta 2 server. kaos-network.com Modpack (Click Me!) Credits: - dannysmc95: Server host - roger109z: Chief BugSquasher/ServerManager - cyborgtwins: Creative Director Curr
  4. Hi! I am new to the OpenComputers mod and to LUA in general. The OC version I am using is Minecraft version 1.12.2 I have a Tier 3 Computer Case and Screen setup with these inside: I have already installed OS and OPPM and it was working after that. Everything was working before I logged off for the night (and I turned off the energy source for my computer and I shut the computer down by typing "shutdown"). Now that I am back in my server, I get the error: Unrecoverable Error, Computer Halted. I had used the "shutdown" way to turn off my computer, and
  5. OHML v1.0.3 OHML is a markup language based on the eXtensible Markup Language (XML), it is a simpler and OC-graphics adapted version of HTML. Why OHML? It all started when i noticed that most network programs/libraries were either DNS system, or Website system. However it is very important to maintain an universal language for webpages. It is the first step of having a stable and universal "OCranet", which will follow with server and client implementations. Protocols, etc.. Concepts HRef: Shortcut for Hyperlink Reference Document Versions OHML patch versions
  6. i want to make a timer call some function after a little bit of time i use event.timer local event = require'timer' event.timer(2,function() print("do something"),3) that is my code and i get an unexpectet symbol error at ')' wheres the unexpectet symbol how do i need to make that
  7. I had an idea to use 3D models to make a nice transition between my wall and the floor, but as all 3D models all have in common is that they usually become a bit darker than their original counterpart. I have tried a bunch of solutions to fix this; giving it a light level, placing a light source behind it, changing the tint. You guys got any tips I could try to possibly fix this issue? Otherwise, I will have to do another solution other than 3D prints.
  8. My first crack at Lua and opencomputers. This is a small program that monitors reactors and turbines. I'm having an issue with the screen flickering as stats get updated, otherwise it works great. - Monitors multiple reactors and turbines - Can auto shutdown turbines when buffer fills and restart at a set energy amount - Can auto set Turbine flow rate and adjust accordingly when blades are added or removed - Can power on or off individual reactors and turbines - Insert or retract reactor control rods (multiples of 10 only) - Many machine stats displayed
  9. I am trying to write a login program and have put it into the /boot directory but I get this error: /lib/tools/boot.lua:71: /lib/term.lua:104: attempt to compare nil to number Here is my Code: local io = require("io") local term = require("term") term.clear() while true do io.write("Password:") pass = io.read() if pass == "pass" then print("Welcome!") break else print("Try again") end end I am new to lua so I have no idea what this error is telling me. Can someone please help.
  10. CodersNet IP codersnet.cf Welcome to CodersNet! A friendly PvE Survival server to play with friends for Minecraft 1.10.2! Each player can create claims to protect their houses thanks to GriefPrevention! Rules: Don't grief. Don't deface the world. Don't exploit, use hacks or cheats. Don't spam and flood. Don't overload and crash the server. Don't crash ComputerCraft threads with your dirty loops without yield ComputerCraft/OpenComputers hacking and viruses are allowed. Have fun! Mods: ComputerCraft 1.80pr0 CC
  11. So, basically what I want to do is make it so that a computer waits for a message to be sent to it, but doesn't get stuck forever waiting for a response. For example, I'd have a computer send a request for data to another computer that's constantly receiving, but the computer that requested the data only listens for responses for 2 seconds, and if it doesn't get anything sent to it, it would result to a default value.
  12. I'm playing FTB Beyond and I feel pretty dumb right now. Everything I'm reading states to slap a me interface next to an adapter and off you go. When I do this and list the components I see nothing. So I stick a inventory controller in the adapter and then I see an inventory_controller listed in the components, but no way to interact with it. when I use the LUA interpreter and type in =component.inventory_controller it returns nil Any guidance on what I'm doing wrong would be great
  13. Hello folks!, i've been browsing, searching for hours now, tried and tested, done whatever i could do, i have been trying to find/make my code read from another file, that it also eventually should save to, but havent gotten that far yet ^^, the reason i want to do it with another file, is because, the server i play on crash, or if the area aint loaded, the computer needs to be rebooted, and i would like to be able to add new Todo's as i go. I must admit, this is a stupid and hard wall, and its properly VERY simple, once i get it :b, none the less, heres the code im at. --[[
  14. OC crashes my minecraft on mods load and this versions 1.7.10 1.8.9. If someone know why this proceed and know how to decide this pls write. This mod crashes with other mod packs or single installed Crash Report ---- Minecraft Crash Report ---- // I blame Dinnerbone. Time: 3/4/17 7:30 PM Description: There was a severe problem during mod loading that has caused the game to fail cpw.mods.fml.common.LoaderException: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/typesafe/config/ConfigMergeable at cpw.mods.fml.common.LoadController.transition(LoadController.java:163) at cpw.mods.fml.common
  15. I know that OpenComputers has 3D Printers. I really like them but what I always wanted is a printer that can print text onto paper. There would be 3 tier's of ink. Black and white, Grayscale, and full color. It will use a simple printing API also. I would be really happy if OC added this! EDIT: It would also be nice if they could print images
  16. Keasion A brand new server, built from the ground up. My staff and I have been working hard on this server for weeks now, and I present to you: Keasion. It has mods, which is why it has Forge. Including OpenComputers, and 21 more. We have a number of Estates, and islands, and our own currency. Come and join us today! Server IP: server.keanu73.me:25565 Technic Launcher Pack: Click here Or if you want to download it directly (make sure to install Forge in your minecraft client, then set the folder with these contents as the directory for the profile): Click he
  17. Crow

    IE coke furnace

    so I'm trying to automate Ie steel but dropintoslot and suckfromslot are both returning nil, "no inventory" for the coke furnace. Is there a way around this? Using direwolf 20 1.10 pack.
  18. Seems I'm forced to make an account here, because no amount of googling or forum-combing has helped me figure out why I can't power a goddamn case. Any IC2 cables I try simply won't connect with the power converter. Help?
  19. TREE command Updated Added a new rewritten file called tree2.lua. You can test both tree.lua and tree2.lua. tree2.lua is a bit slower version but it shows the tree properly unlike the other version (tree.lua). At the moment the command does not sopport parameters. You can help to add things to the command if you like. Even though this is a little program, you could give some ideas for display or parameters. @GreaseMonkey Thank you for your comment There is still one problem with piping even thouth I changed to io library from "term". I thought "tree | more" or "tree | less" would work
  20. NexCore is Shinexus 2.0 Last Update: 08/01/2016 -> 00:50am (GMT 0) I am sorry I have abandoned this website, so I am back and I shall try and be more active!! Here is the current server. We have a new website!!!!! NexCore Website UPDATE NEW SERVER UPDATE: The new server is out and usable, we have only started the Survival server, but as we add more servers you will be able to access them more and more. We have ~ 90 mods and a heap ton of new server software and MOAR RAM. I would love to make a nice community so please jump on and join in! Read below for more info. please note the serv
  21. General Information GATES is a modpack about the exploration of new worlds and dimensions. To help you with this, mods are added that give you a wide range of weapons and technology. This will help you conquer the harsh and unforgiving worlds you will encounter. In the stargate series, some aliens were very technologically advanced, the tools they used sometimes seemed magical. To simuate this, there are a number of technological mods and a few magic mods in this modpack. The best and most fun way to play GATES is on its official server. A vast stargate network has been set-up with stargat
  22. Prot3ch is a small community custom modpack server that has existed since the first release of tekkit classic. The server is completely freebuild, meaning you are free to build in nearly any location you choose. For protection against greifers we use greifprevention and prism ontop of daily world back ups in case there are severe griefs. The fact that the server is whitelisted also helps with filtering out greifers. Our modpack Protonus is quite varied and has mods such as ThaumCraft, MineFactoryReloaded, IC2, Mekanism, Biomes O’ Plenty, ComputerCraft, OpenComputers and much more! A comp
  23. When i try to save files with the Filesystem and the Filestream from Filesystem.open i get following error: /lib/filesystem.lua:467: attempt to index local 'self' (a nil value) stack traceback: kernel:730: in function '__index' /lib/filesystem.lua:467: in function 'close' stdin:1: in main chunk [C]: in function 'xpcall' kernel: 725: in function 'xpcall' /bin/lua.lua:62: in main chunk (...tail calls...) I typed this in lua console: fs = filesystem.open("/mnt/da0/adsfk","w") --da0 is HDD fs.wr
  24. Hello, I would like to query howto get the blockid of a block I am facing or above, that is not in my inventory. Note I do not wish for the string ID I want the actual numerical minecraft ID
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