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Found 3 results

  1. Alright. Try as I might I can't get the time to learn how to do this or find the appropriate tutorials for specifically what I want. That being to take two or more actively cooled nuclear reactors and run alternating on/off cycles to allow for the systems to do their repairs without loosing precious heat. I know about the up/down times for it, but I've no idea how to get Open Computers to cycle them on and off. I'd like to have the Redstone I/O ports do the dirty work and one central processing computer to run it all as well as have an emergency off switch of sorts in case they start over heat
  2. i want to make a timer call some function after a little bit of time i use event.timer local event = require'timer' event.timer(2,function() print("do something"),3) that is my code and i get an unexpectet symbol error at ')' wheres the unexpectet symbol how do i need to make that
  3. I'm putting together an autorun for a program that lives on a floppy. It started like this: local fs = require "filesystem" local os = require "os" local proxy = ... fs.mount(proxy, "/mst") os.execute("/mst/portal.lua")Unfortunately, this doesn't work; the first few lines from the program show up, and then the OpenOS banner suddenly tramples over it to present me the shell prompt, because that's obviously what I wanted to have happen when I ran os.execute.This thread seems to describe exactly my problem, and I attempted the suggested solution like so: local fs = require "filesystem" loc
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