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  1. oh... i wasnt aware of that well ok!, thanks for the response looks usefull !
  2. It would be cool if you'd give them some names so we know whats what, and do what mostly for us lazy ppl :b
  3. Hello folks!, i've been working on this little program for a few days, and think im at the final stage i want it to be in. - This is the first program i share on here, hope you will enjoy it ^^ PASTEBIN //Plazter ADDED FAILSAFE FUNCTION, Note: In the Vars you're able to set a temperature you want it to turn off at, and set it on or off. The fail safe is on by default. Picture + code:
  4. function checkDust() top = trans.getInventorySize(chest) for i = 1,top do inventory = trans.getStackInSlot(chest, i) if inventory ~= nil then for k,v in pairs(inventory) do if k == "name" then if v == "minecraft:cobblestone" then trans.transferItem(chest, hammer, 1,i, 1) os.sleep(.5) trans.transferItem(hammer, chest) elseif v == "minecraft:gravel" then trans.transferItem(chest,hammer, 1,i,1)
  5. Cwest = chestwest.getInventorySize(sides.west) For i = 1,Cwest do Check = chestwest.getStackInSlot(sides.west, i) For k,v in pairs(Check) do If check ~= nil then If k == ''label'' then -- this can be name aswell, comes out like ''minecraft:stone'' --func End End End End This should get the name in the way u want ^^
  6. Hello folks!, i've been browsing, searching for hours now, tried and tested, done whatever i could do, i have been trying to find/make my code read from another file, that it also eventually should save to, but havent gotten that far yet ^^, the reason i want to do it with another file, is because, the server i play on crash, or if the area aint loaded, the computer needs to be rebooted, and i would like to be able to add new Todo's as i go. I must admit, this is a stupid and hard wall, and its properly VERY simple, once i get it :b, none the less, heres the code im at. --[[
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