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  1. Well you can, just edit the programs code. Lua doesnt get compiled, so its wide open to see. Just read through the code, and rename the buttons that you need to.
  2. O_O Wow, this is far and away a big step forward from the old api. And the window manager you've put together is essentially a rather functional shell to go over openos. Especially with that terminal window you got there. I'll definitely have to dig around in this and learn how it works. Such awesomeness happened while I was taking a break from minecraft stuff.
  3. Nano machines are very lucksack on what abilities you can get. But it sounds like you might have too quickly activated/deactivated a flag. since the nanos can only accept one commands every second or two. One of your flags may have appeared as off in the program, but actually have still been on. By default the safe number of On flags, is 2. if you have 3 on, even if none of the flags actually have an effect, you will take damage. I fired up my program on an updated install, and still works fine for me. Give it a second or so between changing flags, I'm pretty derp when it comes to coding in lua, and while I can do some things, this program is very poorly optimized. And there really isn't any built in failsafe to check if a command went through properly or not. reinstall nano's and try again. I lucked out on my second use of nanos and basically became invincible.
  4. Really simple, but a great start. I would at the minimum change this so that the server program when booted for the first time, asks for the password you want, encrypts it. and stores the encrypted password in a file.
  5. Ahh, nifty, I'm good with pricing things together and can generally understand what I read when looking at code, but Im still pretty bad at coding myself. So I think making an api would be way outta my own league here lol.
  6. I would, but they would be useless to anyone other than me, in my current world, with my current set of nany machines. Nanomachines are randomized, so upon ingesting them, the different abilities you can get are completely random. For example, If I activate flag 5, and flag 7 I get Night Vision, Absorption, and Fire Protection. Someone else, may just get, water breathing or or haste. So it's best to test out what you can get and be careful. Instant damage is also a potential effect, and that can be a bit deadly. I had good resources to work with
  7. RandomRedMage

    Boot error

    No, just type the program. The file just goes down line by line executing each command in the list. So if you end it with an application it will launch the application. Super simple.
  8. RandomRedMage


    It is, in the program showcase forum section, there is the Chen Thread Image Format post, that has an image viewer. And there is a converter to convert your images to the CTIF format to be viewed with it on an OC computer.
  9. RandomRedMage

    Boot error

    In the /home folder, type ls -a, this will list all files in the home folder, one of them should be ".shrc" edit that file, on the last line, type the name of your program. It should launch the program at boot.
  10. If you look on oppm there is a file called drone sort. Download that and look through the code. That should give you some idea on how to work with them.
  11. Simplified html, or something of that nature would likely be best, but the idea of hosted lua scripts is nice too.
  12. hrmm maybe, I was more along the lines of a wrapper to more facilitate a multi screen interface, but with the second screen code provided by the link in your original post, it would be easy to do things like cash registers with a customer facing display for the tally. hahaha.
  13. Ok I missed that bit, yea, if your trying to automatically pull the resolution, then it shouldn't be erroring in in the render function first, I couldn't get the program to work in my game, the test program for whatever reason was failing to pull the uiApi file. I wonder if it would be easier to build a wrapper to pass normal gpu functions to a second gpu without going whole ham on building a secondary rendering api alltogether?
  14. OK, I'm terrible at GUI code, but the page you referenced for the GPU stuff, is basic GPU binding mechanics, so, it looks like your trying to write a gui library that can handle multiple screens, and multiple GPUs. That in and of itself is a simple concept, HOWEVER, I think the FIRST thing you should be working on, is building an API to display to the second screen. and get that working. THEN work on the UI elements that you want to be able to use, such as windows, text fields, ect. OR, get your UI API done, and THEN work on getting multiple GPUs and Screens functioning, and then implement it into your new GUI API. I think diving headlong into both at once will bring you nothing but headaches. My first suggestion is the one I more suggest, mainly because if you build that first, you can get the GUI built on top of it, rather than needing to retrofit. Since You would want to be able to have functions setup such as print2("Hello") to print Hello to the second screen or something of that sort. In a sense, what you want to do, has to be done at the lowest level of programming in OpenComputers. Meaning to make coding it easier in the long run, you need to get real comfortable with the normal apis for writing to the screen, and then essentially duplicate them to write to other screens... because OpenOS doesn't functionally have this capability on its own, there are no APIs in place to handle it. I would love to see you succeed. Because this would be great to have an API for working with multiple screens. But I definately feel that this is a massive undertaking, especially if you want to have as much freedom in using the second screen as the first screen. The error in your screen shot, I think is referring to your code here, on line 180 of your api "self.targetGpu.setResolution(self.xMax, self.yMax)" in the biginning of your api, you defined xMax and yMax as nil. but in this function it wants them to be a number, in fact it NEEDS them to be a number because that is supposed to be the resolution for your screen or window or what have you. and if the x and y of that window are nil, it will error out.
  15. Was wondering if this was still being worked on? It's been a while since I last poked my head in, but would be great to have some apis to work with it beyond just the simple viewer to view images.
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