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  1. Well you can, just edit the programs code. Lua doesnt get compiled, so its wide open to see. Just read through the code, and rename the buttons that you need to.
  2. Nano machines are very lucksack on what abilities you can get. But it sounds like you might have too quickly activated/deactivated a flag. since the nanos can only accept one commands every second or two. One of your flags may have appeared as off in the program, but actually have still been on. By default the safe number of On flags, is 2. if you have 3 on, even if none of the flags actually have an effect, you will take damage. I fired up my program on an updated install, and still works fine for me. Give it a second or so between changing flags, I'm pretty derp when it comes to coding in lua, and while I can do some things, this program is very poorly optimized. And there really isn't any built in failsafe to check if a command went through properly or not. reinstall nano's and try again. I lucked out on my second use of nanos and basically became invincible.
  3. Really simple, but a great start. I would at the minimum change this so that the server program when booted for the first time, asks for the password you want, encrypts it. and stores the encrypted password in a file.
  4. I would, but they would be useless to anyone other than me, in my current world, with my current set of nany machines. Nanomachines are randomized, so upon ingesting them, the different abilities you can get are completely random. For example, If I activate flag 5, and flag 7 I get Night Vision, Absorption, and Fire Protection. Someone else, may just get, water breathing or or haste. So it's best to test out what you can get and be careful. Instant damage is also a potential effect, and that can be a bit deadly. I had good resources to work with
  5. Simplified html, or something of that nature would likely be best, but the idea of hosted lua scripts is nice too.
  6. I haven't been here in a long while, mostly because life, the universe, and everything has been getting in the way of fun. Also, I'm usually an eternal lurker, but hey today I have a small contribution, As I have been playing I wanted a gui interface to easily turn on and off the different nanomachine flags. So I built a small application to do it. Right now it is super basic, but I hope to flesh it out a bit more and give it proper displays ect, so I dont have to do things as janky as I did here. Long story short, I'm bad at lua/coding/scripting in general, so its a little hamfisted and could prolly be streamlined a lot, As some basic prerequisites, it needs a computer or tablet with a teir 2 graphics card, and a wireless card. I used Dustpuppies gui api found here: It was really helpful, and made setting up an interface really simple. Screenshot below~ Pastebinlink: https://pastebin.com/wrxi0726 Buttons that say on, turn flags on, buttons that say off turn flags off. super simple nonsense. arguments~ you can launch the file with the argument '-s' and this will skip a 'loading' screen I coded into it. The loading screen, is just a visual representation of the program turn off all nanomachine flags one by one. since nanomachines will only respond to commands once every second or so. I did this as I am still learning and figureing things out with network messages, and sending is easier than receiving for me, lol and telling the nanos to turn everything off was easier than asking the nanos whats turned on, and setting the buttons up to match it at launch. Mainly because I am dense, and it's going to take a little time to work things out and hammer it into my mind how to do this. Thanks for taking a look at my nonsense. If you have any suggestions, or contributions, please, speak up. D: seriously I wont learn exactly how terrible I am at this without your help, and in turn wont get any better. I made this because I wanted to, and the only nanomachine control app I was able to find was just a text based type thigns application. [though that application has been helpful in setting this up and will likely be helpful in continuing work on this program. As I believe every nanomachine function is in use by it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gl3zGcTh67w that's the program. I picked apart to learn how to do this and stuff. D
  7. Make sure the processor is set to Lua 5.2 I noticed it doesnt boot right when running on 5.3 shift right click while holding the processor to switch between architectures. Yea a lot of the applications are still in russian I asked about it on his youtube page, he said he would work on it and post them up soon. hopefully he does. He's made a lot of really well done videos about the OS and other things showcasing MineOS and its features, he speaks insanely fast and in russian in all of them, so I have no clue what hes saying but he sounds good saying it at least LOL.
  8. Is an interesting Graphical Shell, functional at least, I like that it has libraries for images ect... I'd love to see something like this wrapping around plan9k with its threading and such. Could possibly get a lot more speed out of it. Was able to get it loaded on an openOS 1.6 machine, but I had to drop back down to Lua 5.2 to actually use the OS. Kind of a shame, I rely on lua 5.3 for some of the other applications I run. Hope you stay with it, I love that you have a VK client, even if im not russian and couldnt use that social media site if I wanted, its really cool that its there. UPDATE: I do not know if it is related to this GUI, but I'll update my post here, after installing MineOS Eventually I started to notice more lag on my game. At first I thought it was due to just the os being more intensive, but I dont think thats the issue as I can have another machine render images in sequence for psuedo animation in a loop without any performance hit..... after a lot of tearing apart my modpack [a modded Resonant Rise 3 pack] I found other errors that I though might be it, but after resolving those I found out the problem was being caused by the server I had setup. Nothing would be going wrong untill I placed the Hard Drive that had MineOS on it in the server and placed it in the rack. I tried this with other hard drives and other installs just to be sure, but only this hdd is giving me the problem. After installing MineOS on another HDD I've found that it is indeed MineOS causing the issue, but a third install minus applications reduced the problem. So, just a warning to others... ._. installing ALL the apps may cause you some problems. World crashing problems. Perhaps there is a file/folder threshold before these issues start, or perhaps I'm just a lucky guy and only I'm getting these issues. [Reference: OC v1.6.0.6 Beta4]
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