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Found 10 results

  1. I have been stuck on this particular issue for around two years and I finally think it's time I ask for help. I have been trying to get a computer to control more than one I/O block at a time. I put down a creative computer case in my test world and link two I/O blocks up to it with cables. The I/O blocks work correctly if they are attached alone, and using an undressed call will usually end up controlling one of them once they are both attached. However, nothing I have tried will control the blocks separately. I am willing to try anything up to (but not including) chalking out a pentagram on
  2. Well i wanna make a program witch is a os that is more better than openos So... i wanna say that i don't really know how to program so i need your help... Questions of mine How can i make startup programs/alias. Can i use custom apis? Or just better ones? Could i change the edit program? (How?) How can i add buttons? (Guis, Desktops, etc.) How can i make a installer? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please submit your answers in *Submit Here* I hope you will enjoy my os. still going on with the aterno
  3. Vaetalus

    RC Arguments

    I've been trying to create a few arguments for a GUI I've been working on, and trying to use the RC script's complimentary cfg system to do so, and thus have a list with 4 items in it, so my rc.cfg looks as thus: enabled = {"startup"} startup = {} startup[col0] = 0xFF9200 startup[col1] = 0xFF6D00 startup[col2] = 0x000000 startup[col3] = 0xFFFFC0 My problem is that when I actually go to my startup.lua program I don't actually understand how to access these arguments, and looking in the example.lua has yet to avail me of any answers as to how it actually works, could s
  4. I am trying to write a login program and have put it into the /boot directory but I get this error: /lib/tools/boot.lua:71: /lib/term.lua:104: attempt to compare nil to number Here is my Code: local io = require("io") local term = require("term") term.clear() while true do io.write("Password:") pass = io.read() if pass == "pass" then print("Welcome!") break else print("Try again") end end I am new to lua so I have no idea what this error is telling me. Can someone please help.
  5. ghost1257


    Hey I am writing a program and has of right now I am using event.pullMultiple because it is used to control my fluid nuclear reactors. It can shut them off and turn them on and also out puts data but I am having trouble getting it to update automatic without hitting a button on the keyboard. Without losing function of the program I can get code on here later if need be. Thanks
  6. Hello all, I have used ComputerCraft for some time now, and have made a windowed, multitasking operating system supporting infinite programs running side by side. Each one is updated if it is active and paused while inactive. I deceided to port my OS to Open Computers, but realized that OC doesn't have any Window API or term.redirect functions unless I am blind. I have tested a few multitasking functions but have no idea where to start programming windows. Any help would be appreciated.
  7. Is there any way for a program to detect a world reload and turn itself off. I know it is a feature, but for this particular program I would like the computer to be non-persistent. Thanks!
  8. So, I've built a few programs here and there for OpenComputers (using the FTB - Beyond modpack) and I got curious about the drones. Started fiddling with them and quickly realized I was over my head. I've watched some tutorials here and there, read some posts from every corner of the internet and can not, for the life of me get the drone to do anything. Are there any tutorials anywhere on the internet that are up to date? Thanks in advance!
  9. Hello guys, my question is... can I "mount" the file system of my in-game pc to an ftp server or to a cloud? Or can I say that every time when i save changes to a file in the filesystem it saves this changes to the "real" filesystem? Well... then I can mount this real Folder an edit it in VS But then it must load into the game... but how can i do that? When these realy not works... can i clone and push Git repositorys in OC or in the OpenOS? And when that, how? Thanks, yout Panakotta00 P.S. yes I know that i can write something like that with the internetcard... but I will
  10. Hi there, I am currently implementing a JavaScript Architecture (based on J2V8) for OC and now I am stuck at implementing "component.methods(string)" because in Java I see Machine.methods(), which would give me what I want, but wants either a Value or an Environment object and I do not see a way of getting either of these by the component address. As I do not know Scala I am also not able to look up how it is done in the LUA implementation because I simply do not understand that code.
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