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Found 3 results

  1. I have been stuck on this particular issue for around two years and I finally think it's time I ask for help. I have been trying to get a computer to control more than one I/O block at a time. I put down a creative computer case in my test world and link two I/O blocks up to it with cables. The I/O blocks work correctly if they are attached alone, and using an undressed call will usually end up controlling one of them once they are both attached. However, nothing I have tried will control the blocks separately. I am willing to try anything up to (but not including) chalking out a pentagram on my floor and lighting candles... please help! Here is the (cleanest) iteration of the several different things I have tried: Code Example.txt I have also tried directly coping some code that DID work for another user, but to no avail: Code Example 2.txt I always will get an error as if the setOutput was spelled incorrectly, or that the initial calls at the beginning were "not tables". I know a little about java/lua and I used to be a heavy CC user, but this one has me stumped. sincerely, the XBuidler Edit: if anyone knows how to get the actual code clippings into the comment (and not these silly download links) I will switch them up.
  2. Well i wanna make a program witch is a os that is more better than openos So... i wanna say that i don't really know how to program so i need your help... Questions of mine How can i make startup programs/alias. Can i use custom apis? Or just better ones? Could i change the edit program? (How?) How can i add buttons? (Guis, Desktops, etc.) How can i make a installer? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please submit your answers in *Submit Here* I hope you will enjoy my os. still going on with the aternos server. I buyed a server a long time but people still not buying for my stock so i needed to shutdown untill i make enough money to pay to the server. Submit your vote! Help me with those questions please
  3. Vaetalus

    RC Arguments

    I've been trying to create a few arguments for a GUI I've been working on, and trying to use the RC script's complimentary cfg system to do so, and thus have a list with 4 items in it, so my rc.cfg looks as thus: enabled = {"startup"} startup = {} startup[col0] = 0xFF9200 startup[col1] = 0xFF6D00 startup[col2] = 0x000000 startup[col3] = 0xFFFFC0 My problem is that when I actually go to my startup.lua program I don't actually understand how to access these arguments, and looking in the example.lua has yet to avail me of any answers as to how it actually works, could someone please explain it to me in layman's terms
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