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  1. ghost1257


    ok Thank you
  2. ghost1257


    Hey I am writing a program and has of right now I am using event.pullMultiple because it is used to control my fluid nuclear reactors. It can shut them off and turn them on and also out puts data but I am having trouble getting it to update automatic without hitting a button on the keyboard. Without losing function of the program I can get code on here later if need be. Thanks
  3. Hi I tried out the code but keep throwing a red flag and saying no primary CESU and I even tried the MFSU and did the same thing how do I fix this. I am using the adaptor also. Also what is the redstone function for?
  4. Hey, guys, I am just wondering how do I get the actual storage to show up I got the other graphs but that one won't show up. I am using industrial craft 2. please help I am just using the code above
  5. I did that but im just going to forget about that right now and now I would like help with coding redstone into programs if you know how?
  6. I tried your code and got this Unrecoverable error /lib/tools/boot.lua:71: /lib/term.lua:72: attempt to compare nil with number
  7. I still dont understand what that has to do with my program?
  8. OK how does the Libs work I'm new to this whole Lua coding.
  9. No that didn't work I got this error Unrecoverable error /lib/tools/boot.lua:71: /lib/term.lua:72: attempt to compare nil with number
  10. No my code works I just want to be able to run before the shell runs.
  11. Hi I am trying to make a log in screen to my computers where you would set up a password and then enter it at boot up and then it would go to the shell but can not figure out how to get it to work? Please Help here is my code. repeat io.write("Please enter Password") answer= io.read() if answer == "1257" then io.write ("welcome back\n") break elseif answer ~= "1257" then io.write("\n try again \n") end until answer == 1257
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