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  1. To duck symbo ban him How to duck adorable girl? Minus her reputation
  2. Hello guys i am Symbo i know this is a simple tutorial but the fact that idk programming well let's talk about it! Now the programming language as named LUA is a programming language that is very easy to learn! Let's get start with an explication of what you sould start with. Now whos like me that dosen't know programming well your here to learn some. You sould go ahead and get ComputerCraft and learn CC's lua because it's the same but some apis are modified because OC uses direct lua. This is the most inpersive concept of learning lua without learning the apis. First of all i am not a programmer i will not teach you lua, it's your opinion if you want to learn lua or not. Now the fact that lua is easy to learn you sould first learn ComputerCraft... well heres some apis that will actualy help you programming some programs term.clear() term.setCursorPos(X, Y) print("STRING") Now those are some basic stuff. CC has basic lua so you will learn much much basics from CC, If you do that then you can learn OC because if you know CC already then it wil lbe 5x more easier to learn because only some apis are changed from the basic lua. The stuff you don't need at CC is components, components are the basic stuff you start with and they are optional for OC (Open Computers) Now you sould learn CC first and then OC because it will be very very easy to learn DIRECT LUA I recommend lua 5.3 because lua 5.2 is not even doing good anymore. Now if you wanna change the cpu to lua 5.3 then just brick right click in air and you will see in chat what type of lua you changed. Now replay if you want i will try replaying to the replay you did so if this makes no sense then i will call your replays comments. Now let's start with some basic stuff that people are very lazy to do Well the first stuff is learning, people whos lazy dosen't even have time to learn but they have to make thier programs. But what if programming languages was about explaining what the program does Like While the program is open then Open the other program. end Well this is not how it works. People stop being lazy reading and start learning! - Post end -
  3. thanks . first of all how did you just did that.. ?
  4. can i get a link of a opencomputers emulator? first of all CC is ComputerCraft if CC was OC then i would quit lua forever dude... well cc and oc are good mods but if dan200 and sangar worked togheter then cc and oc will be in one mod and cc would be more better but dan200 decides what to do. Else... sangar will still make the newest videos.
  5. I will go on cc... really.. is very boring... .
  6. first of all stop comenting on my topic ur useless and you even like to yourself because you want likes also first of all the others are more useful then u. Also skid i wanted to say someone not people stupid skid. We don't forget of First of all install OpenOS incase something happens in installation so you don't get instant BOSD
  7. because i need to program it so i need to install openos open the disk /mnt/*DISKID/HDDID* is more easier installing a openos and create ur own os but i could create a custom installer if you want like to press a button and instantly install
  8. Due to the fact that i really do not know how to program... i really want someone to teach me. I am not a lazy guy to learn from youtube but i really don't like being alone and looking at a video that honestly in my mind makes no sense Anyone that really wants to help me just go ahead and join this with oc on. LuaMastersAPI1.aternos.me I still wanna gather money for my server so this is why i use a free server hosting. Join it and please teach me some lua apis and stuff i know it uses direct lua but i want people to teach me. Is very boring to look at videos, who has this ploblem just ask someone to teach you. I reccoment a really good programmer (MasterPro, GoodProgrammer). Replay to this in Quote so i can see.
  9. first of all your not my mom and ik what a os is. A os is what i use to chat right now! So please shut up and stop acting like my mom
  10. Hello dude thanks for helping me out!

    I given you a bonus on my CO r n
    Everyone said your a good person knowing how to help people.

    Thanks a lot

    - Java/Symbo

  11. First of all i wanna make a simple developing os for easier programming, you can have like a custom programming gui, i don't know how to make a editor for it like MineOS does and also i know mineos for a long time but still. I just wanna develop them by just a install like on a disk code all the stuff i need then what the player gotta do First 1. Install OpenOS (very easy just insert a openos operating system disk in the disk drive or rater that in your computer if you use a tier 3 or a creative case) 2. Install OPPM (Incase something goes wrong you can use OPPM to open the specified package so it can actualy resolve the ploblem) 3. Install the DEVOS (Includes LUA programming for beginners. Also is requierd like any computer a lua bios *This is optional for any computer*) and thanks! I really appriciate what people does like Zen1th helped me. Well i wish i could give a bonus to Zen because he helped me a lot. He deserves something like this for *FREE* Also i will send him a pastebin on IRC (connect to #ocserver1) DM me also you will get free OP @Zen1th Thanks a lot of who helped me like Zen did. Not like those that said... no. And they did not read that i already learned how to install a os and i just typed basicly to include the fact that i never learned the last few months. (I mean after 1 - 2 years of using it).
  12. Well i wanna make a program witch is a os that is more better than openos So... i wanna say that i don't really know how to program so i need your help... Questions of mine How can i make startup programs/alias. Can i use custom apis? Or just better ones? Could i change the edit program? (How?) How can i add buttons? (Guis, Desktops, etc.) How can i make a installer? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please submit your answers in *Submit Here* I hope you will enjoy my os. still going on with the aternos server. I buyed a server a long time but people still not buying for my stock so i needed to shutdown untill i make enough money to pay to the server. Submit your vote! Help me with those questions please
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