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  1. I updated it! The new version can be found at https://raw.githubusercontent.com/OpenPrograms/AdorableCatgirl-Programs/master/uncpio/uncpio.lua
  2. dear god this was painful to get working Zorya NEO Zorya has returned! Yeah, I finally did it. I finally updated Zorya. With this major upgrade, the game has completely changed. Zorya is now much more modular. Configurations are no longer static JSON files. They're now Lua scripts. Modules are also now compressed and the entire thing loads from an initial ram filesystem. I've also included utilities for configuring and managing your Zorya NEO install. Here's a rundown of the features of Zorya NEO: Multithreading - For when you want to do a lot in the bootloader. Netw
  3. i don't see how the DNS would help but have fun making it, shouldn't be too hard.
  4. Hmm? Did you flash a RomFS image to an EEPROM card first?
  5. Wow, isn't it annoying to write EEPROMs? Don't you hate how messy they are? Well, I have the utility for you! LuaComp! LuaComp A general purpose Lua preprocessor and minifier. Building To build, either execute luapreproc or luacomp on src/init.lua luapreproc Execute luapreproc init.lua ../luacomp.lua luacomp Execute luacomp init.lua -xO ../luacomp.lua NOTE: Do not use a minifier, it breaks argparse! How-To Merging Lua source files -- myfile.lua local my_lib = {} function my_lib.hello_world() print("Hello, w
  6. OpenSolidState for Minecraft 1.12.2 ____________________________________________________ Source Code and builds can be found on Github. Note: Requires Forgelin. General Purpose (E)EPROMs? Have you ever wanted fast storage? How about wanting to boot PsychOS 2 on a uC? Well, now you can! There are two main variants: The card and the drive. The Card! The Drive! Tiers: Tier 1 - Manually erased EPROM, erased with the assembler. 64KiB Tier 2 - Electronically erased! Still 64KiB Tier 3 - Bigger E
  7. Update: Zorya v2/Zorya NEO progress can be found here. Don't expect it to be released anytime soon, though.
  8. *His Also wot Edit: Just noticed this thread was in showcase. Probably shouldn't be in showcase.
  9. (Again, shoot me) Zorya v1.2.0 Zorya has been updated once again! What does it bring this time? Bugfixes Knowledge that this should be some of the last 1.x releases, I swear. v2 is coming. Cleaned up codebase some. Now you can get virtual device drivers! (000_vdev) Pointless addition to support patch versions.
  10. CC is a great place to start out with Minecraft computers, since you don't need to worry about a BIOS or OS.
  11. Ah, you're calling me a script kiddie. I mean, I could help out if I could understand you better and if you understood what you're getting into if you want to make an OS.
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