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  1. Update: Zorya v2/Zorya NEO progress can be found here. Don't expect it to be released anytime soon, though.
  2. *His Also wot Edit: Just noticed this thread was in showcase. Probably shouldn't be in showcase.
  3. (Again, shoot me) Zorya v1.2.0 Zorya has been updated once again! What does it bring this time? Bugfixes Knowledge that this should be some of the last 1.x releases, I swear. v2 is coming. Cleaned up codebase some. Now you can get virtual device drivers! (000_vdev) Pointless addition to support patch versions.
  4. CC is a great place to start out with Minecraft computers, since you don't need to worry about a BIOS or OS.
  5. Ah, you're calling me a script kiddie. I mean, I could help out if I could understand you better and if you understood what you're getting into if you want to make an OS.
  6. If you wanted to make your own OS, you should really make it in an external editor (Like ST3 or Notepad++) and download it to the computer, or, better yet, test it in an OpenComputers VM like ocvm (Linux) or OCEmu (basically any desktop OS afaict). Anyways, it would mean you wouldn't need to install OpenOS, you could just download your files to the HDD using the OpenOS boot floppy and reboot to it.
  7. do you want to make an ass out or yourself? this is how you make an ass out of yourself. Also, what? Like, what do you mean you want people to teach you but you don't want to look at videos? If videos are a problem, then google is your friend. Lua ain't too hard to learn. also holy duck it's hard to decipher what the hell you're saying
  8. Have you ever wanted to encrypt something but couldn't afford a T2 data card? Well, look no further than icekey-lua and Igloo! Low Level: IceKey IceKey is the low level library. It's no RSA, but it should work for most purposes in OC. If you want to learn more about ICE, click here. Useful if you want to do more with the block cipher, rather than just encrypting files or whatnot. It can be found here. High Level: Igloo Igloo is the high level library, great for encrypting/decrypting files. Automatically uses a CBC and padding. It can be found here. PRs welcome!
  9. You never executed the loaded function on init.lua:13. Also, look at your print function in boot.lua. It won't work. You need to define w, h, cx, and cy outside of the "if not gpu then ... end" block.
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