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Found 5 results

  1. uncpio is a rather simple binary CPIO extractor (File begins with 0x71C7 or 0xC771, made with cpio -oHbin). To acquire uncpio, run pastebin get YbrVjRwa /bin/uncpio.lua To use, make the directory you'll be extracting your CPIO archive to, cd into it, then run uncpio path/to/your/file.cpio And it will extract to the current directory. Currently only works in OpenOS, as far as I know.
  2. Wow, isn't it annoying to write EEPROMs? Don't you hate how messy they are? Well, I have the utility for you! LuaComp! LuaComp A general purpose Lua preprocessor and minifier. Building To build, either execute luapreproc or luacomp on src/init.lua luapreproc Execute luapreproc init.lua ../luacomp.lua luacomp Execute luacomp init.lua -xO ../luacomp.lua NOTE: Do not use a minifier, it breaks argparse! How-To Merging Lua source files -- myfile.lua local my_lib = {} function my_lib.hello_world() print("Hello, w
  3. Hi, are you tired of your mundane minions? do you have a s@$# ton of drones and have no idea what to do with them? are you tired of havi- you know what here's the code for your Drone Army (I don't know what else to say to convince you that this is a program worth playing with): Le client.lua (this goes in your tablet): local component = require("component") local event = require("event") local serialization= require("serialization") local computer= require("computer") local modem = component.modem modem.open(2412
  4. MPT - Minecraft Packaging Tool is another package manager goal of which is to simplify program development, and unify other package managers. WEB Interface: http://mpt.magik6k.net/ Installation: wget http://mpt.magik6k.net/api/file/mpt/usr/bin/mpt.lua /tmp/mpt.lua /tmp/mpt -S mpt rm /tmp/mpt.lua Usage: mpt -S package1 --Installs package with dependencies mpt -R package --Remove package mpt -u --Upgrade all packages mpt -v --More output mpt -h --help Web-IDE GitHub: https://github.com/magik6k/MPT2
  5. Magik6k

    DNS System

    DOMAIN NAME SYSTEM Yep. This one works much like real one - but it's a little simpler. Basic system setup/configuration/howto/whatever The most important part of every global DNS system are root-server. In real life there are 13 of these, but for Minecraft one server should be enough(ofc. you can have more root-servers). To be able to use DNS system the client must know at least one root server. Now let's say we want few domains in our system: example.org. sub.example.org. populardomain.org. Now we create example network of 3 servers, with addresses addr1, addr2, addr3 The
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