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Found 5 results

  1. Good evening, I’m looking for someone to check me out from my reactor and from my turbines. I found a program except it’s under the computercraft mods. So the person would have to be able to do the same thing under the words open computer The aim is to have a computer per turbine and reactor, to store the information and to return it to a computer that will act as an on-board computer I will make available the sources and the final result. http://pastebin.com/gLjm5kDk http://pastebin.com/GdW56aND The program used to control the reactor is the same except that the v
  2. So... I'm back...you know radars are expensive... that makes radar upgrades for each drone more expensive...which defeats the purpose of having a dispensable army. This is my attempt at fixing this issue: Instead of having each of your drone fly around with equipment worth half of the US military budget, why not have a single radar and a computer to tell the swarm where to buzz around?. Here's the new stuff that you need: a Waypoint block named "yeet" -- or something else if you want, just don't forget to change it in the code Radar block --from computronics a computer
  3. Hi, are you tired of your mundane minions? do you have a s@$# ton of drones and have no idea what to do with them? are you tired of havi- you know what here's the code for your Drone Army (I don't know what else to say to convince you that this is a program worth playing with): Le client.lua (this goes in your tablet): local component = require("component") local event = require("event") local serialization= require("serialization") local computer= require("computer") local modem = component.modem modem.open(2412
  4. This is just a placeholder post, I'm still working on making programs worth sharing here on the forum. I will edit this post as I make new programs worth sharing.
  5. Hi! I've been working on programs for OpenComputers. Any programs I want public will be released at my program repository on github. Right not, there is no programs, but in the future there will be more. Repository: https://github.com/lucian2004/lucian2004-s-OpenComputers-Programs GitHub Name: lucian2004
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