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  1. And yes, I read the manual. it said that I have to use a wrench to rotate/rescale it. It wont work for me
  2. When I try and combine multiple holograms to to the same map, it wont work. It only uses 1 projector and the other one does nothing. I'm trying to do this: http://i.gyazo.com/aeeb0326ccc543cdb810acab18172001.png (without the black background unless that is an unfixable glitch). I've tried connecting 2 projectors to 1 computer and starting geo2holo, but it wont work. I checked the wiki, and it said there is a way to expand the size, but im not sure if it ment in configuration or in the actual game.
  3. There. I changed the CPU Data a bit and the computers seem to be faster. Thanks
  4. Hi! I've been working on programs for OpenComputers. Any programs I want public will be released at my program repository on github. Right not, there is no programs, but in the future there will be more. Repository: https://github.com/lucian2004/lucian2004-s-OpenComputers-Programs GitHub Name: lucian2004
  5. local component = require("compenent") local computer = require("computer") print("TheCodeIsALie") os.sleep(1) computer.beep(2000) computer.beep(1000) error("This Is a Horrible Program!")
  6. The size of a regular hologram is 9 blocks wide, and 9 blocks long. Is there any way to incease the size of the hologram? (not the block, but the projection.)
  7. That looks amazing! Nice use of OC and debug cards.
  8. Dos editing the config actually change the speed of the computer, or does it just chang the data value?
  9. I think OpenComputers is a great mod itself, but it needs more stuff and some improvements. Here's what I Think needs to be added/improved. (LOTS of Reading!) ***SERVER SYSTEM ENHANCEMENTS/CHANGES*** 1. When linking multiple servers via cable, then wiring it to a screen, numerous graphical glitches occur. This is because every server is trying to overlap eachother on the screen. I think that you should add a completely different screen, a screen that can control an entire server room in one console. For example: A terminal that, upon typing a command, turns on every server that is linked together. Or just computers in general. A system that can process commands within multiple systems without graphical gltiching/spazzing. 2. Detection of bad servers. Currently, if a server crashes (aka "Unrecoverable Error") then it just turns off. This is not very helpful as it seems like it is already off and it does not indicate that it actually failed. You should add a system that. upon a crash, instead of a shutdown, the server light goes red to indicate a failure. This is a problem because I made a server room, but for some reason, at random times, my servers will crash randomly. (I am still figuring out why) so that would help out greatly to tell me which serevers are off and which failed. 3. Large Server Racks. Nothing important, but I think it will be cool if you add large server racks. I understand you could just stack 2 server racks to make it large, but making a 2-black high server rack would ease up some issues with controlling both near eachother. ***RAM IMPROVEMENTS/ADDITIONS*** 1. Tier 4 RAM. This would be nice because it would help processing speed and load speeds of the computers. For example, when running geo2holo, on tier 1 RAM cards, it is horribly slow, but on tier 3.5 RAM cards, it is still pretty slow. Tire 4, and possibly even tier 5 would be pretty cool. 2. More RAM Slots. A normal computer today has 4 RAM slots. And just like my previous suggestion, this would increase performance of the computer. If you can't/dont make the tire 4/5 RAM cards, adding 2 extra slots would be fine too. You could double the current max RAM by doing that, greatly improving performance and flexability of memory allocation. ***STORAGE ADDITIONS*** 1. CD/ROM's. Having disks would be nice, as most computers today barely use floppy drives anymore. It would also increase the storage space that you would have. Imagine you as a super-programmer (whatever that is) and you filled up 5 floppy drives. You'd have to carry around 5 different floppy drives with different stuff in it which takes up inventory space and makes it harder to find things. With CD/ROM's, you could fit all of that into a sorted disk and only have one inventory slot allocated.
  10. Playing around with some Computers

  11. Hi. I am new to OpenComputers. I've been testing and love the mod. There is one question that i've had the entire time i've played. When using a creative computer, you have 2 memory slots. I've put in 2 tier 3.5 RAM Cards. My total memory was 2048k RAM (as shown when computer is booted up). I was wondering if there is ANY possible way to add more RAM to the computer? I know it is possible to increase to more than 2048k RAM on a SERVER, but what about a creative computer? Is there any possible way to increase the RAM?
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