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Found 4 results

  1. Hello i am currently trying to download files from github (and yes i know about wget) and i need to know if they exist or not (making a list of all existing files is not feasible, because there is not enough space on the disk for the list). I tried multiple things: 1. wget and filesystem.size always gave a length of 0 even for existing files 2. copying wget in my own program and setting a flag if there is a chunk works ... but not with every file (all files that exist have the same structure and length) and i need all of the existing ones them Now i tried to do it myself with internet.request() but i only get 4 files (also the empty ones) then 6 fail and 4 succeed again(see test.txt t = True and f = False). This is because of to many open connections and i do not know how to close them. The internet.close() from the wiki dose not work for some reason. (attempt to call nil) How can i detect if the file exists and close the connection after the download? test.txt: tttttffffffffttttffffffttttffffffttttffffffttttffffffttttffffffttttffffffttttfffffft internet.lua: local c = require("component") local internet = require("internet") local f = io.open("test.txt", "wb") imax = 0 xmax = 75 ymax = 180 zmax = 87 line = "" link = "https://raw.githubusercontent.com/LordNocturnus/sf-" folder = "/master/" pos = 0 i = 0 while i <= imax do xb = pos while xb <= xmax do yb = 0 while yb <= ymax do zb = 0 while zb <= zmax do print(xb,yb,zb) file = tostring(xb) .. "-" .. tostring(yb) .. "-" .. tostring(zb) .. ".mb3d" status, user = pcall(internet.request ,link .. tostring(i) .. folder .. file) print(status) print(user) -- for i,v in pairs(user) do -- print(i,v) -- end if status then line = line .. "t" else line = line .. "f" end -- internet.close() -- f = io.open(file, "wb") -- for chunk in user do -- print(chunk) -- f:write(chunk) -- end -- f:close() -- fs.remove("home/" .. file) zb = zb+1 end yb = yb+1 end xb = xb+1 end i = i+1 end f:write(line) f:close()
  2. Hello Guys, I need some help setting up my development Environment for open computers 1.10, I want to make some updates to the OC-Src and did them, but i cannot launch due missing mods for compiling. Can somebody tell me how to compile the 1.10 version of OC with forge, gradle, intellij I would be grateful if somebody can help me 28Smiles
  3. Hi, I want to start coding some programs in OC but i'm facing questions i would like to solve before really writing. 1) IDE I usually write in NotePad++ for simple Lua programs, but i'm thinking, there must be a better way to do it for code completion, etc. I already checked this wiki but i want to see your personal opinions and reasons. 2) Project Management I chose to use Git/GitHub for source management and i wish to have one repo for each libraries, programs, etc. In this way, i could easily have independent releases, and this will force me to thinking in modular and reusable manner. But this will also greatly increase the amount of repo and will messed up my github account with a bunch of relative projects (OC lua) side by side with potentials other projects. So i'm searching a way to have all the pros of multiple repositories whitout the con of the spread. Like one big repo container with multiple real repo in it. The best compromise i found is the use of an organization for that. But i ask because i must miss something easier. 3) OC librairies To have access in libraries, we use 'require', ok. But how it works? Is there a specific directory on the in-game computer for libraries storage? And if not how OC knows where to search? If i want multiple instances of one library on a computer for example : myLib(v1.0.0) and myLib(v2.0.0) used by two different programs but not the same version. how can i handle this? Thanks for your answers and suggestions!
  4. Hi! I've been working on programs for OpenComputers. Any programs I want public will be released at my program repository on github. Right not, there is no programs, but in the future there will be more. Repository: https://github.com/lucian2004/lucian2004-s-OpenComputers-Programs GitHub Name: lucian2004
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