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Found 5 results

  1. OCU Package Manager Open Computers minecraft mod package manager for community driven development Demo Installing wget -f https://raw.githubusercontent.com/0x77dev/ocu/dist/get.lua /tmp/ocu-get && cd /tmp && ocu-get paste following into OpenOS Terminal Example ocu install 0x77dev/ocu-example@master Updating ocu update Creating own package ocu will execute install.lua file at repo root, and provides toolchain called ocu-lib Example install.lua local ____ocu_2Dlib = require("ocu-lib") local getGitHubFileUrl = ____oc
  2. Hello i am currently trying to download files from github (and yes i know about wget) and i need to know if they exist or not (making a list of all existing files is not feasible, because there is not enough space on the disk for the list). I tried multiple things: 1. wget and filesystem.size always gave a length of 0 even for existing files 2. copying wget in my own program and setting a flag if there is a chunk works ... but not with every file (all files that exist have the same structure and length) and i need all of the existing ones them Now i tried to do it myse
  3. Hello Guys, I need some help setting up my development Environment for open computers 1.10, I want to make some updates to the OC-Src and did them, but i cannot launch due missing mods for compiling. Can somebody tell me how to compile the 1.10 version of OC with forge, gradle, intellij I would be grateful if somebody can help me 28Smiles
  4. Hi, I want to start coding some programs in OC but i'm facing questions i would like to solve before really writing. 1) IDE I usually write in NotePad++ for simple Lua programs, but i'm thinking, there must be a better way to do it for code completion, etc. I already checked this wiki but i want to see your personal opinions and reasons. 2) Project Management I chose to use Git/GitHub for source management and i wish to have one repo for each libraries, programs, etc. In this way, i could easily have independent releases, and this will force me to thinking in modular and reusable manner. Bu
  5. Hi! I've been working on programs for OpenComputers. Any programs I want public will be released at my program repository on github. Right not, there is no programs, but in the future there will be more. Repository: https://github.com/lucian2004/lucian2004-s-OpenComputers-Programs GitHub Name: lucian2004
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