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Found 10 results

  1. 1) Install 0.7.1: http://pastebin.com/LPb4FEv4 0.7.0: http://pastebin.com/2kG4V3tB 0.6.0: http://pastebin.com/bR33cXDU You can use internet card, and command: pastebin get LPb4FEv4 holo 2) What do you need a) Diamond Screen and Graphics card (for good resolution). Beginning from version 0.7.0 you can use a golden GPU card. Diamond processor (just faster; before OC 1.4 it's not important) c) 2 Golden memory planks. d) Internet card (to get program from pastebin) e) Hologram projector (to preview your creation) f) other parts, any levels
  2. I present you my first version of a hologram api. so first of all, yes I know the hologram already has an component api well documented. but I extended a bit upon this. First and for all, I found the 48*48*32 voxels a bit low... so thats what this api does. it will give you the option to combine 2,3,4,n hologram projectors and access them as if it where one. so how to use this api? just download the files and save them on your pc. github link to files (you only need the /usr/lib/hpu.lua for the basic functionality) then add the next requirement to your script in n
  3. HI, so I've made two programs aimed at measuring server ticks per second (TPS). One is as monitor based program and the other is designed to display on a T2 hologram. The Github address are https://github.com/ATastyPeanut/OpenComputers-Minecraft-Lua/tree/master/Ticks-Second-Tools the TPSBaseRaw can also be accessed from Pastebin at http://pastebin.com/t73SikXu Below is the standalone measure its name is OC-TPS-Check.lua The bars change color based on what the estimated TPS is, a TPS of 10 and below is red, 10 and up is and increasing Hue. Below is the Hologram based
  4. I have noticed there are virtually no detailed and well explaining hologram posts to be found, yet here I am struggling with the thing, so... My question is, how do they work?
  5. Hi i am hoping that someone can tell me how to program the hologram to work with the oc tier 2 i made the tier 2 computer and parts its loaded the os and i have managed to get it to pick up the hologram component by placing the hologram ontop of the geolyzer however i dont know what to do from there on any help will be much appreciated thank you
  6. hello my name is john, i have one computer hooked up to a hologram and another computer -100 blocks hooked up to a geolyzer. i want to take the output from the geolyzer and run it thru the hologram projector wirelessly, as if the geolyzer and hologram projector were hooked up to the same computer. my second question is i would like my robot to actually move without having to enter in every single movement from the gui... i would like to write a program but i have no idea the commands or syntax to get it to work.
  7. When I try and combine multiple holograms to to the same map, it wont work. It only uses 1 projector and the other one does nothing. I'm trying to do this: http://i.gyazo.com/aeeb0326ccc543cdb810acab18172001.png (without the black background unless that is an unfixable glitch). I've tried connecting 2 projectors to 1 computer and starting geo2holo, but it wont work. I checked the wiki, and it said there is a way to expand the size, but im not sure if it ment in configuration or in the actual game.
  8. The size of a regular hologram is 9 blocks wide, and 9 blocks long. Is there any way to incease the size of the hologram? (not the block, but the projection.)
  9. In case people were actively not looking at the original thread - i.e. saw it previously and had tuned out... I've just released an application of it, which you can download from the old thread: http://oc.cil.li/index.php?/topic/266-libpngimage-a-preliminary-library-for-decoding-encoding-png-images/#entry1045 basically allows you to display your own/ or anyone's skin in a hologram... if you try and get Notch's skin, it shows a picture of Bill Gates, weird that* * no it doesn't but it'd be funny if it did.
  10. If you've never done this before, you'll love it... i hope Back in the 80s, at school, we had the wonderful Acorn [who went on to become ARM] "BBC" Machines... the BBC Model A and B... later superseded by the BBC Master series machines [of which I have two here in my flat, whoo get me and my retro stuff ] amazing machines for their time, a gazillion and one external output ports for connecting analogue devices and parallel processors n stuff. anyway, one of the wonderful things about the BBC Basic was the often missed VDU command, which could be used in certain graphical modes to
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