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Found 6 results

  1. Demo in video: https://youtu.be/p_ytIJhMRqc Minimum robot specs: Computer Case (Tier 2) CPU (Tier 1) Memory (Tier 1.5) EEPROM (LUA embedded) Graphics Card (Tier 1) Hard Disk Drive (Tier 1) or Disk Drive and (after assembly) Floppy Disk which the HDD or FD has LUA and mine.lua program in it Keyboard Screen (Tier 1) Inventory Upgrade Geolyzer Mining tool: Iron pickaxe Program usage: mine <facing> <depth> When the robot can't dig down anymore, the robot will ignore the depth and go up. Tips: When the robot is running, don't peek down. When the robot g
  2. I present you a program for a robot that allows you to mine ore without going down into the caves. Robot, using a geolyzer, can find and mine ore. All features are not yet implemented, so I ask you to test and inform me about a bugs. Requirements: Computer case (tier II or III) Inventory Upgrade (more the better) Inventory Controller Upgrade Hard Disk Drive EEPROM with Lua BIOS Geolyzer RAM (tier I or higher) CPU (any) Hover Upgrade (tier I) Diamond pickaxe or equivalent tool Optional: Crafting
  3. Hi! I have been working on a program for a few days on and off. But I kind of hit a wall on what I should do to make it work. It's supposed to be a program that scans the environment through a geolyzer installed inside a tablet, and thereafter sends the scan data through a linking card to a stationary computer with a OpenGlasses' terminal. It will then go through each entry and check its value to determine whenever or not it's an ore, a liquid or if it's indestructible.The tablet program will ask for the player's location and how a large area it should scan, then asks if the p
  4. Hello, I did a small program to scan the world with a geolyzer and output a surface map on a hologram projector. It makes multiple scans to get rid of the noise as much as possible, but it takes way too long. From the documentation: Does anyone of you knows what the optional parameters do? Maybe I can use them to only scan what will be visible on the hologram and make faster scans.
  5. hello my name is john, i have one computer hooked up to a hologram and another computer -100 blocks hooked up to a geolyzer. i want to take the output from the geolyzer and run it thru the hologram projector wirelessly, as if the geolyzer and hologram projector were hooked up to the same computer. my second question is i would like my robot to actually move without having to enter in every single movement from the gui... i would like to write a program but i have no idea the commands or syntax to get it to work.
  6. So I started using OpenComputers today and was playing around with different stuff. Now I wanted to try the Geolyzer, but I can't get it to work. If I use component.geolyzer, it returns nil. I can get it with componen.getPrimary("geolyzer"). But if I use geolyzer.scan, it return nil again. Can someone please help me and tell me what I am doing wrong? It would be very appreciated! Here is a screenshot of what I tried:
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