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  1. Hi I ran into the problem showing up here: I made a issue suggestion report here explaining the problem. But due to the mod being focused more to later versions of Minecraft it might be better to make an addon instead. I haven't modded Minecraft that much and simply only made a few mods to create items and items in use with Baubles API. But I kind of got stuck right away when adding a new module: ModuleFacade.java package net.simon.tiscovers.items; import li.cil.tis3d.api.machine.Casing; import li.cil.tis3d.api.machine.Face; import li.cil.tis3d.api.machine.
  2. Hi! I have two screens and two graphics cards on my server, I want it to use one of them every time I boot the computer. As it is right now it chooses one of the two graphics cards randomly whenever I boot and binding them or changing the primary component with rc doesn't seem to fix the issue. Right now I simply spam click the power button until it selects the right monitor.
  3. I had an idea to use 3D models to make a nice transition between my wall and the floor, but as all 3D models all have in common is that they usually become a bit darker than their original counterpart. I have tried a bunch of solutions to fix this; giving it a light level, placing a light source behind it, changing the tint. You guys got any tips I could try to possibly fix this issue? Otherwise, I will have to do another solution other than 3D prints.
  4. Hi! Been working on a Control Station for my Robot. It has most of the essential features done; movements, scanning, interactions, etc. But I have reached a stage when it's mostly optimizations which are left to do, one of them is power usage. The Robot has a battery tier 3 upgrade installed, but as it is now it can still only run for about 20 minutes before it runs out of power and shuts down. This is not ideal due to not be able to remotely turning on a computer directly and needs either a Player or other Robot interaction to turn it back on again. Components are a good culprit in
  5. A component that either can be installed inside of a Robot/Drone (possibly in its own slot) or be right-clicked on a computer case will execute the code that was put on the EEPROM during the crafting when pressing the power button. The crafting recipe should contain a Capacitor as an extra power cell for the component to function even if the local machine runs out of power. This could be useful when using a headless Robot/Drone if you want to save its state or want to send a signal it has been forced shutdown, can be a lifesaver in some regards. It would also be neat if it had a boolean s
  6. Ok, I got it setup after your diagram. Here is a picture of it from above: Edit* I saw now the Extender needs the Relays to be connected, removed the two cables on the sides of the Power Distributor and placed one cable in the middle of the Relays.
  7. Hi! I'm working on a "Main control station" to control my various Robots around the world without having to go there myself. I have been using a Linking Card to send signals to my Robot, but the plan is to use multiple and switch to the one you want to control. Right now I have it installed on my Server but want it in a Relay so I can expand the amount of Linking Cards, but I'm having a hard time getting it to work. I have no idea how to send stuff from it to the Robot. When I send from the Robot to the Server it just flashes indicating it has received a signal, but no signals are fired i
  8. You were right with doing it inside a threat would mess stuff up. After I registered it inside of the main loop it worked as I wanted. And I'll keep in mind to use the Term Libray from now on.
  9. Hi! I am working on a long distance robot control program. I have a Geolyzer and Linked Card installed inside of it for getting an image of the robot's surroundings and then sends the data to my control station where the mod OpenGlasses draws blocks for an illustration. I got it working when I simply registered a event.listen() at the start of the program, but it is kind of an inconvenience if I want other kinds of signals from the robot. So my idea was to only have one registered when it's waiting for the scan data and when it's done it should unregister it. But this new approach doesn't
  10. Thank you! This works fine! Had no idea you could have parenthesis in the NBT tag like that!
  11. Hi! I have some questions about how to get OpenComputers' items with NBT through commands. I would like to give players the OpenOS Floppy Disk when they run a command block, but when I'm trying to give the floppy any of the OC attributes I'm getting an error: Data tag parsing failed: Expected '}' but got ':' at: {oc:data:<--[HERE] This is the command I'm currently using: /give @p opencomputers:storage 1 1 {oc:data:{oc:fs.label:"openos"}, display:{Name:"OpenOS (Operating System)"}}
  12. Hello everyone! Direwo... eh, not quite right. Well, OpenGlasses for 1.12 is out! And I noticed there were no public button API for it, so I made one myself! I have a few functions built-in to make it easier to change stuff, but it was created with simplicity in mind. So if you simply just initialize a button and bind a function to it, it won't do any fancy stuff except for activating the function when you press it, so you have to add your own functionality to it: But with a little bit of extra code: Ok, not that big a difference, you guys are probab
  13. Hi! I have been working on a program for a few days on and off. But I kind of hit a wall on what I should do to make it work. It's supposed to be a program that scans the environment through a geolyzer installed inside a tablet, and thereafter sends the scan data through a linking card to a stationary computer with a OpenGlasses' terminal. It will then go through each entry and check its value to determine whenever or not it's an ore, a liquid or if it's indestructible.The tablet program will ask for the player's location and how a large area it should scan, then asks if the p
  14. Yeah, I had already rebooted the computer with the program on it. I eventually gave up for the day, next day I began working on it again. And hold and behold, it works! Maybe it solved itself when I restarted the game (restarted my computer). I hadn't restarted the game at all that day, so that could have been the problem. I highly doubt it was because of my computer and simply the game. I have to keep that in mind in the future to restart my game once in a while so I don't go nuts over stuff like this. I made this library because I couldn't find any myself. I thought of shari
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