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Found 12 results

  1. There was no IRC library for OpenComputers, so I've made one. Here's a demo bot that uses it: local com = require("component") local event = require("event") local thread = require("thread") local gpu = com.gpu local irc = require("irc") local events = irc.events local env = setmetatable({ irc = irc, events = events, }, {__index = _G}) local client = irc.builder() :connection { host = "irc.esper.net:6667", throttling = { maxDelay = 2, maxThroughput = 5, }, } :auth { nickname = "oc-finger-irc", username = "fingercomp", realname = "OpenComput
  2. I wrote this simple library for saving and loading tables from files as I needed such functionality for my program. (Useful for saving program settings between reboots.) Requirements: OpenOS Documentation: load(string: path) Returns the table stored in given path. save(table, string: path) Saves the table in a file located in path local serialization = require("serialization") local tableToFile = {} function tableToFile.load(location) --returns a table stored in a file. local tableFile = assert(io.open(location)) return serialization.unserialize(tableFile:read("*all"))
  3. Hello everyone! Direwo... eh, not quite right. Well, OpenGlasses for 1.12 is out! And I noticed there were no public button API for it, so I made one myself! I have a few functions built-in to make it easier to change stuff, but it was created with simplicity in mind. So if you simply just initialize a button and bind a function to it, it won't do any fancy stuff except for activating the function when you press it, so you have to add your own functionality to it: But with a little bit of extra code: Ok, not that big a difference, you guys are probab
  4. Suppose you are creating some monitoring program: tank monitor, energy monitor or whatever. It should print how much energy (or fluid) is stored, draw a progress bar and a few histograms with different update intervals (1 second, 30 seconds, 1 minute and 10 minutes). I don't think printing will cause any programs, so I'll skip it. But what about progress bars and histograms? Well, it isn't not rocket science, of course. But not a really easy thing either. Anyway, a few months ago I've written a small library that makes it easy to draw histograms and progress bars, called "charts". In
  5. While updating my WarpDrive mod preloaded LUA scripts, I've noted a few issues. Issue #1: As of OC 1.7.10-1.6.0-beta.1, autorun.lua scripts provided by my mod were automatically executed. As of OC 1.7.10-1.6.2, the same scripts are no longer loaded when starting the computer. However, they'll run if I break/place my block. From a LUA console, filesystem autorun is reported as enabled (filesystem.isAutorunEnabled() returns true). If I "install" them, they are copied in / but still won't autorun. Same goes if I copy them in /home. How are we supposed to have autorun now with Op
  6. Changelog: First and foremost, yes, this is a port of DW20's button API from ComputerCraft. Why do his? Because his is a rather simple API and it provided a challenge, at least for me, to learn more about OC. When I did the port, it is more or less a direct port, so any limitations, or bugs (if any) were present in it, are still there. The only change I made to his api is that I made the button flash delay configurable from your script so you shouldn't have to edit the API itself to change it. Now, for some of the issues I noticed from this API running on OC: 1. It does fully wo
  7. Hi, I want to start coding some programs in OC but i'm facing questions i would like to solve before really writing. 1) IDE I usually write in NotePad++ for simple Lua programs, but i'm thinking, there must be a better way to do it for code completion, etc. I already checked this wiki but i want to see your personal opinions and reasons. 2) Project Management I chose to use Git/GitHub for source management and i wish to have one repo for each libraries, programs, etc. In this way, i could easily have independent releases, and this will force me to thinking in modular and reusable manner. Bu
  8. The request-handler is a program to run as a main program on a PC. It holds execution commands from every program that communicates with it. That means I can run multiple programs that run their commands through the request-handler by adding their command and parameters to the request-handler. It also servers as a server for other computers that can send their requests to the server and if that request is allowed it will be processed automatically and the answer is send back. For this I programmed the modem-API that ensures that message networks are received on the target and works together wi
  9. PotatoLib This will be updated as I add new things version(): Returns the version of PotatoLib writeFile(path, data): Writes data to the file located at path readFile(path): Returns the data of the file located at path encode(data): Serializes data decode(data): Unserializes data getModemAddress(): Returns the modem address of the network card in the computer
  10. Introduction We all know the problem: Users - including me - can be quite impatient. This is especially true if a busy program does not give a clue if it is actually doing something. That's where a progress bar is useful. This library - I named it 'auto_progress' - makes it easy to include a nice progress bar into your program. Apart from the progress bar itself you also get a numeric indication and a time to finish estimate. To avoid cluttering the limited screen space it is only activated if your program didn't finish the first 50% within a second. Redrawing is limited to 4 red
  11. So, from what I am understanding this "should" work but I keep getting the the following error: attempt to index local 'test' (a function value) error. here is the "test" (main) file local test = require("testAPI") local term = require("term") term.write("This is NOT from the api!") test.fred("And this is!") And here is the "testAPI.lua" file: local term = require("term") function fred(text) term.write(text) end function george() term.write("should not see this unless george was called!") end and when I run it I get: /# test This is NOT from the API! /test:5: attempt to inde
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