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  1. No you have to run that tool. The tool downloads the latest openOS files from github. Installing your pc with the floppy disk again just updates you to the files the currenly installed mod-version ships, which still contains the regression.
  2. thanks. was worth a try. Sadly this function only works for connecting to a server. but i found the solution: when reading the connected socket you get "" and if the socket is closed then you get nil. This way it should be reliable to get the connection status. Seems like I did not test this enough before.
  3. When using the internet component or internet API I could not find a reliable way to detect a broken socket to an internet adress. Once the connection is broken by the external endpoint, the broken socket can only be detected by writing to the socket, not by reading. This makes writing a good program very difficult as it would be impractical to send a ping every second just to detect if the socket is still alive. Is there any possibility I did not see? Or is none implemented?
  4. None of my turbines has energy stored, only my enderio capacitors. (except if the capacitors are full, of course) Typical energy consumption: 500kRF/t but to tes the system I always restart with empty capacitors or higher output Reactor: it is a 15x15x7 active reactor, capable of outputting 50B/t All turbines are activated, conduits are no problem because I use tesseracts, they have no transfer limit. Oh and btw: setting the steamtarget manually does not seem to work. I always get an error. My steamtarget seems to be ok but the reactor is not being controlled to output that ma
  5. This is really awesome but it has some problems: I'm using one active reactor (max output 50B/t) and 8 Turbines. So the steamtarget is 16B/t which is correct. But your controller calibrates the reactor to output 12B/t... I'm using some external power storage. So when power is left in the turbines your controller stops them. Sadly it does not activate them if the power is gone.. Just one turbine is being run (spin down, spin up), i don't understand what that one turbine should be doing..
  6. I tried to program a shop-system in OC with the help of enderio, TE and AE storage system. It works like this: one player has his OC-PC and can use that to access the OC-Server in the Shop to buy/sell things. The items are being send/received with a tesseract that belongs to the shop owner. In the shop the system is distributed on 4 systems. I add a few pictures on my github: https://github.com/kevinkk525/OC-tools/issues/1 Sadly the code is not completely done. The shop owner /server part is almost complete and works perfectly. Items can be bought and sold. Just the energy rental is not
  7. The request-handler is a program to run as a main program on a PC. It holds execution commands from every program that communicates with it. That means I can run multiple programs that run their commands through the request-handler by adding their command and parameters to the request-handler. It also servers as a server for other computers that can send their requests to the server and if that request is allowed it will be processed automatically and the answer is send back. For this I programmed the modem-API that ensures that message networks are received on the target and works together wi
  8. Sadly I do not have the time to continue the development of this API. Therefore I would appreciate it a lot if someone would continue the development. I will gladly assist in explaining the code or ideas behind it. As far as I know this is the most advanced GUI-API with unique features that can be expanded to support windows with a little bit of effort. Would be a shame if another GUI project dies while others try to program a new API that will be dead before it is even comparable to this one.. So feel free to clone my github and modify/continue the project or just use parts of the code you
  9. Your code does not look bad but it is probably the 5th try of programming a GUI library. So please have a look at my project: https://oc.cil.li/index.php?/topic/580-gui-api-064beta/ and tell me what you think about it. Currently it is the most advanced GUI library but i don't have time for further development. So if you think my code is a good base for a gui and you are a good programmer, feel free to clone it and continue the development. I will try to assist the development by explaining the code if something is not clear. Would be a shame if we had 5 GUI library attempts but none that i
  10. The ID-Transformation script does work for every building. the screens file not, but you can easily implement it into your original code. I did not want to mess up the original table by adding values. Actually only the ["oc:yaw"].value is important. you could implement that value into your table as an additional variable and then generate the NBT-table during execution like the modified building script already does (partly). i still left way too many information in the screens file. the only value that changes the orientation is ["oc:yaw"].value. x,y,z are dynamically handled by the building
  11. I finished my script to manipulate ids in the building table, it's on my github. I manipulated the building script to use the screens file i generated if it exists, it's on my github too. The screens file is for tier3 screens, if you want to use different tiers you would need to manipulate the screens file. The file is independent of any coordinates, they are added during the building process. The screens are now correctly oriented but that comes with a bug: if you attach a keyboard to the screen it does not work. you have to remove the screen and place a new screen. then attach the keyb
  12. Thanks, i don't know what your program does but mine is almost finished. Going to publish it the next days. was just working on a way to add a way to build the screens with the correct orientation. Actually the code for that part is also almost complete. I just have to fix the screens and run a scan on them, save it as an additional file and modify the original building script. After that the building should have perfectly oriented screens in it. the same method did not work with cases or server racks.. the building is missing keyboards btw... So probably I'll post the code in the next days.
  13. Any chance you will create a new table of the complete area you have in your screenshots? it looks awesome and i just built it in SP but it's just the main building and a few ids are wrong. i'm writing a simple program to replace ids.
  14. Using the forum search sometimes gives incredible answers ;-) http://oc.cil.li/index.php?/topic/682-passworded-boor/?hl=password
  15. Awesome program. Can you release this program on github? I'd like to integrate this program and imageLibrary in my GUI-API but therefore I'd need one feature: Drawing of a specific area of the image And can you add a menu to save the file with a filename? And maybe an exit-button? And i found a bug that should be fixed: as soon as i press any key the program just exits.. I can't insert any char into the image.
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