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Found 6 results

  1. Because I’m tired of installing a bunch of RAID blocks that also take up space, when there is a server rack in which it would be quite possible to insert something like this, for the sake of convenience and saving space around the PC or monitor. This idea seems pretty good to me
  2. Tablet, upgraded with "wall mount" upgrade should be freely attachable to wall. Like you shift-rmb and then press "attach" and voila, tablet is placed on whatever you watched on. Now you can work with it like with static computer. To remove it, simply mine it or again shift-RMB and press "detach" and tablet will be removed from the wall
  3. In OpenComputers we currently have a simple highly abstracted networking model. We do have ports, thankfully, but besides that the model is highly abstracted and thusly underpowered. The first suggestion, is remove the abstraction on network communication in the first place. Allow this to be configured in the mod preferences file, but have it enabled by default. By default, there is no “hardware addresses”. A cable is just that, a cable. The only API by the mod is “broadcast and receive”. In the OS provided by the game by default could still have the same API as now. The different is it’d
  4. I know that OpenComputers has 3D Printers. I really like them but what I always wanted is a printer that can print text onto paper. There would be 3 tier's of ink. Black and white, Grayscale, and full color. It will use a simple printing API also. I would be really happy if OC added this! EDIT: It would also be nice if they could print images
  5. some time i need to test my program, before place down low tier computer or a microcontroller to run the program. And in this case i need to place an high tier pc, for best view of the screen , more fast etc.. Or maybe some time i need only a temporary computer for some test, or reading methods from some mod etc.. I think a good addition is a some sort of temporary computer block. A laptop: you need the component like a tablet, the device have limited battery only rechargeable on recharger or other non handy place, have limited hardware, but could have good screen and good graphi
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